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Explain why Windows 10 has so many problems for former Microsoft employees who have worked for Microsoft for 15 years

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The construction of the operating system is so complex:

Used to beMicrosoftJerry Berg, who has been working for 15 years, recently released a video review detailing the testing process of Microsoft's previous version of the operating system team.

Microsoft has a very large testing team, which is divided into many different branches, each branch has a number of different groups and so on.

Such a detailed division can ensure that all functional modules are fully tested, at least every new function can be tested with sufficient manpower.

These sub-test teams meet every day to discuss the testing of new functions and merge the relevant functions and code only when there are no problems.

It is worth noting that everyone on the test team needs to use the latest test version, which is installed on the physical machine as the main daily system of the test team.

Jerry was a member of the Windows XP~10 development team

Establishment of specialized laboratories for important places:

Jerry Berger also mentioned that the original Microsoft testing team was dedicated to such things asIntel ,A special laboratory was set up to test CPU/GPU.

These specialized laboratories are used to test whether new builds or functional modules are compatible with important hardware such as processors and graphics cards or have performance problems.

The test teams responsible for these laboratories will also be docked with the manufacturers, so the test teams can quickly identify and develop solutions if they find any problems.

After the development team fix the problem, it will be handed over to the test team for testing, and after the test team passes the test, the code of the repair scheme will be merged into the main thread.

Then Nadela took office and abolished the entire testing team.

From 2014 to 2015, former Microsoft CEO Ballmer announced his retirement and left Microsoft, followed by Satya Nadella to succeed Ballmer as Microsoft's new CEO.

When he took office, Nadela announced a massive restructuring of Microsoft, and Nadela put forward the slogan "Mobile is the first cloud", that is, desktop platform is no longer the focus.

During the reorganization process, Nadella abolished the entire test team of the operating system, followed by Windows 10 Xbox/ Windows Phone merger.

After merging, that is, the hardware of each platform uses the same Windows 10 kernel, each version needs to take into account PC, mobile devices and game platforms.

Of course, as you know, in the end, WindowsPhone, or Windows 10 Mobile, was powerless, and Microsoft gave up mobile completely.

Now Microsoft relies on automated testing:

Hiring a live team to test is a difficult decision for large commercial software development companies because labor costs can cost a lot of money.

So now many software developers rely on automated testing system, Microsoft is the same way, Microsoft now mainly depends on automation and automation.virtual machine Test and so on.

However, virtual machine testing does not seem to achieve the same test results as physical machines, let alone compared with Microsoft's original large and meticulous manual test team.

This is also one of the main reasons why Windows 10 problems occur frequently nowadays. Defects or omissions in virtual machine testing make it impossible to detect potential problems in time.

Windows Insider doesn't seem to make much sense:

In the video review, Jerry Berg also discussed the Windows 10 test project, which simply did not help Microsoft solve too many problems.

The main reason is that most beta users do not take the initiative to feedback to Microsoft when they encounter problems, of course, even the final results of feedback to Microsoft may not be answered.

The main reason for this is the dump log, which keeps recording various situations and generates extremely large dump logs for analysis while the system is running.

However, the actual situation is that the dump log records its details only when the system crashes, and other "minor problems" systems do not log the dump log.

Complete dump logs are quite large, maybe tens of gigabytes, hundreds of gigabytes or at the TB level. Obviously, most users do not have such a large amount of space to store.

That is, even if users take the initiative to feed back to Microsoft and provide dump logs, what they actually provide is only some fragments, not the full running log of the entire operating system.

There are also difficulties for Microsoft engineers to sort out the problems through fragment logs. Over time, Windows 10 has accumulated more and more feedback.

Microsoft engineers may then give up selectively in the face of so many problems, as is the case with Windows 10 1809 missing file feedback.

As Microsoft engineers respond less and less to user feedback, this in turn reduces the incentive of beta users to give up and continue to feed back to Microsoft.

The official version of the user actually became a mouse.

Blue dot previously joked that the beta users belong to rats, the official users belong to mice, and the commercial users belong to the real official version.

Geriberg said the versions now received by official users are actually helping Microsoft test, and these official users have essentially become Microsoft test users.

In the past, Microsoft pushed new versions in large quantities and quickly. Jerry Berg said that Microsoft could upgrade 1/4 of the world's devices in a very short time at its peak.

But later, frequent problems led Microsoft to adjust its strategy to slow down the push speed of the new version, using batch push while collecting telemetry data.

So up to now, there are still users who haven't received Windows 10 Version 1903 updates, because Microsoft is not ready to fully cover the new version.

Windows 10 is always watching you:

In the video review, Jerry Berg also mentioned the privacy issue of windows 10, which had previously collected a large amount of data for investigation by EU regulators.

Geriberg said that even now Microsoft will continue to collect all kinds of data from users, but the most important thing is to monitor the operation of the device through telemetry.

Of course, frankly speaking, this does not mean that Microsoft intentionally collects information for advertising or other purposes, because Microsoft aims to collect potential operational failures.

No test team Microsoft engineers can only rely on built-in telemetry systems, from the user boot to run third-party software Microsoft will focus on the operation of the system.

If potential problems are found, these logs will be automatically uploaded to Microsoft.[计] serveAnalyse to help Microsoft development team determine where to fix.

At the end of the day, for the Windows 10 development team, it is now difficult for a skillful woman to cook without rice, and no tester can only find his own way to solve the test problem.

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