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China Electronic first Street Survey: merchants say a new iPhone makes only 10 yuan

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Recently, "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily" reporter came to "China Electronic first Street" Shenzhen Huaqiang Bei Shi to visit the new model many times.AppleThe sales market and price changes, in this more than 10 meters wide, more than 200 meters long pedestrian street gathered on both sides of more than a dozen large and small electronic markets, filled with no less than 10 Apple experience stores, Apple maintenance service stores and hundreds of Apple suppliers, has also been used as a vane of Chinese electronic communications to witness the rapid popularity of generation after generation of products and fell silent. Using this as an observation window, you may be able to peek into the most real apple from the depths.Mobile phoneThe status quo.

"A new oneI only made 10 yuan. "

In September, Huaqiang North, the air is still filled with endless heat; in contrast, there does not seem to be a boom in the iPhone 11 series, although sales are not as cold as expected.

In recent years, with the rise of the Internet and the development of logistics, the flow of retail investors in Huaqiang North has long been evacuated. Today, the main groups who come to buy goods are large and small Apple dealerships or Taobao stores, because wholesale from Huaqiang North will be more important than Apple's official website oJingDongE-commerce platforms such as "cheaper".

"there have been a lot of people asking about the price recently, and this time Apple 11 is more popular than expected." A Chaoshan businessman on the first floor of the Seger electronics market told reporters, "I have booked more than 10 sets myself, the market is general, can only be said to be better than last year, but certainly not the best time (Apple)."


Photo: North Seger Square, Hua Qiang; source: photo by Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily.

Regarding the price, a Huaqiang North Apple Experience Store or Maintenance Store has not further updated the official price despite the words "spot booking" accepting the iPhone 11 series on its front.


Photo: Hua Qiang North Apple experience Store; source: Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily.

It was not until the 19th that the iPhone11 series took the price list that it began to flow out of businesses large and small in the Seger electronics market, but each offer was uneven. Take iPhone11 64G as an example, the general quotation of black, red and white is lower than that of the official website, which is slightly profitable; the premium of the new color and dark green of the popular style is tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan, but it is also much cheaper than the 700 yuan reported in the media.

Overall, taking Hua Qiang north to pick up the goods will indeed be more cost-effective than the market.


Fig. IPhone11 series quotation form for Hua Qiang north merchant; source: supplied by Hua Qiang north merchant

The aforementioned boss of Chaoshan introduced the ordering process to reporters, "If you advance a deposit of 500-1000 yuan in advance, you can send it on behalf of the 19th and take it on the 20th, but the quotation is the reference price of the order, the specific price is on the 20th day of sale, and the difference is not refunded."

Today, the iPhone 11 series has been officially launched, and the reporter confirmed from several small distributors of Huaqiang North China. At present, the relevant quotation has not changed, but there will be a certain price reduction space in the future according to the experience of previous years.

It is worth mentioning that for the reporter's stop inquiries, a number of Saige mouth owners appear rather "Buddha ", neither introduce new products, nor strive for customers. At their three - foot counter, they didn't see a leaflet, poster, or quotation list about apple's new machine. Instead, it was cluttered with mine machines, walkie - talkies and intelligence. educationRobots, drones, projectors, translators and other popular goods. The new iPhone, is just a small part of their tens of millions of businesses, "sell at the same time" and "sell along the belt".


Tu [Huaqiangbei peddler stall]; Source: Photographed by Kechuang Ban Daily

A Chaoshan Liu surname supplier told reporters that this is because if the main iPhone new aircraft, the market price is basically transparent, there is no profit. "the profit of its own mobile phone is really not high, mainly depends on running; besides, selling apples is actually not as profitable as it used to be, and a new apple actually makes only 10 yuan. Can you get 200 at a time? If you can make this 10 yuan and don't make you, when you pick up the goods directly with the company. "

Half Street Resale“Huawei Cell phone

Who once thought that Hua Qiangbei used to be the world of apples.

"Huaqiangbei has always had an'Apple'complex, and many people live by selling the iPhone," Xu, who has been in Huaqiangbei for more than a decade, told reporters.

But with the rise of domestic mobile phone sales and falling prices, Apple and other former "high-end phones" used to sell prices have also been greatly suppressed, merchants are generally facing the risk of meagre profits and unsalable inventory. "in the past two years, not only has Apple's new machine business been difficult, but second-hand Macintosh has had a hard time."

Reporters noted that Huaqiang North had five or six well-known digital malls. At present, only Saige and Huaqiang sell second-hand apple machines. Yuanwang and Mingtong Mansion, once famous for selling refurbished Apple phones, have been transformed into a cosmetic mall.

In sharp contrast to Apple's decline in dominance, the domestic mobile phone giant Huami OV is rising rapidly in the north of Huaqiang.

On both sides of Huaqiang North Pedestrian Street, there are many Apple Experience Stores and Apple Maintenance Stores.Super Flagship Store, Huawei Authorized Experience Store,millet Home.

Photo Hua Qiang Beihua for domestic mobile phone stores are numerous; source: "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily" photo

In addition to brand licensors, there are also a large number of small vendors in the Siegel telecommunications market and electronic market, displaying and selling "Huami OV" mobile phones together with Apple mobile phones in their own cabinets or windows. In their stalls, promotional posters of mobile phone brands such as Huawei and OPPO are dramatically hung.

A number of Hua Qiang North merchants told reporters that Hua Qiang North used to be full of apples, but now it is full of Huawei. "the former Shenzhen Huaqiang North was dominated by Apple, but now it seems to have become Huawei's. Huawei is selling more well than Apple in Huaqiang North, and half of the street is selling in China. "

Today is the launch of the iPhone 11 series. Huawei also officially launched and opened the pre-sale Mate30 mobile phone on the same day. It will officially open on September 26 in Huawei Mall and online authorized e-commerce platform, Huawei authorized experience store and offline authorized retailers. At that time, more new trends may come from Huaqiangbei.

Huawei's Mate 20 X (5G) phones are said to have been sold out at a number of agent stores and operators in Huaqiang North as soon as they were sold out in August, resulting in stores still in stock turning into Lao Huang Bull, demanding a price increase to get a spot increase of up to 700 yuan.

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