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Xiaomi Product Director, Science Mobile Phone Calculator, the whole line of "death" reasons

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IT House September 3rd News IT House reported yesterday that it uses its own calculator to calculate on OPPO, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and other smart phones.“10%+10%”At the time, the result is 0.11 instead of 0.2. This eye seems to be a bug, but the end result is the logic of the calculator processing the operator symbol.

Meizu Huahailiang's explanation is that “this topic has caused a lot of discussion. In fact, it is not a right or wrong problem in essence. We only consider more and increase the humanized algorithm judgment. 10%+10%=0.11 This is the foreign use logic, and the domestic arithmetic logic is 10%+10%=0.2, so we made different algorithm judgments for firmware in different regions. ”

Just now, Xiaomi Product Director @MIUI Fan issued a "mobile phone calculator full line of death end stickers", detailed science and why the calculator will appear such calculation results.

The following is the full text of "Mobile phone calculator full line of death end stickers":

In view of the large number of social suspense caused by the calculator's percent sign yesterday, 10%+10% actually = 0.11, which is the distortion of the code or the loss of education, let me uncover the truth for everyone.

Looking at some articles for a few hundred words did not make the truth too clear. In view of the super-inductive + simplistic expression = the embodiment of intelligence, I try to explain the principle of operation in one sentence. Take 8+10% as an example, why = 8.8 instead of 8.1? Read together: 8 yuan, plus 10% tip, a total of 8.8 yuan.

The above is the calculation logic of the current global standard, but there is another question that everyone doubts: Why is the calculation logic so designed? So this became a historical thinking question.

The earliest electronic calculators did not have a %, which was added later. As a follow-up improvement, it must solve the common pain points in the computing scene, and it is not brain damage. I speculate that it is likely that Westerners calculate common scenarios such as discounts, tips, and interest.

How much is the goods 560 yuan, 20% OFF (20% off)? 560-20%=448!

The employer deposits 2,800 yuan, with an annual interest rate of 6%. What is the total amount of principal and interest? 2800+6%=2968!

Is it easy to use it all at once? But, why do I add a “calculation scene for Westerners” in front of me? Because I think that for the Chinese with excess computing power, very few people will think and enter this way.

Cargo 560, the two achievements are 560*0.8=448; 2800,6% annual interest rate is 2800*1.06=2968. That's it! I saved a step directly (the Chinese are so good, what can I do)

Therefore, the pain points solved by the percent key, the Chinese are not very useful, and they don't think so much (this is why some people are bored today to try 10%+10%). But for many comrades in the West, this thing can really save lives.

Finally, let me talk about what MIUI thinks.

In fact, we changed it to 10%+10%=0.2 before, which is why some users have a scientific calculator=0.2, which is a residual old version, but decided to follow the global standard.

Because the Chinese are not going to use this % (we will enter 0.1 instead of 10%, with the conversion), so the change behavior will bring little benefit to domestic users, and some people who are used to % usage will collapse. Comprehensive consideration or selection of the unified use.

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