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The secret of the gas station explosion: it's scarier than playing with a cell phone.

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The answer isThe probability is extremely low.

Why is it that playing with mobile phones can explode gas stations?

Because in the process of using mobile phones, especially on the Internet and on the phone,The intensity of radio waves emitted by mobile phones is higher than that in standby mode.The radio wave is transmitted by radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Radio frequency is the radio frequency current, it is a short form of high frequency alternating electromagnetic wave. According to the antenna theory, the high frequency current in the antenna circuit will induce the excitation of electromagnetic waves, and the conductor of the antenna circuit will also accept the electromagnetic waves and convert them into high frequency current.

In this conversion process, the antenna receiver openings will be generated.Radio Frequency SparkThis is an arc discharge phenomenon.

And basically all objects in the gas station can receive this electromagnetic wave.If the machine encounters metal rust or poor contact with the circuit, it is also prone to generate radio frequency sparks.。 If the spark time is longer than 2 milliseconds (0.0002 seconds) and the discharge energy is 6 milliwatts, the ignition requirement will be met.

You might ask: Is it like lighting a cigarette when I call at a gas station?

That's not so exaggerated, because there's one more condition to ignite gasoline in the air:Gasoline can be released to a certain concentration (neither too high nor too low))

The main component of gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons. The main components are aliphatic hydrocarbons and naphthenic hydrocarbons containing 5 to 12 carbon atoms, and a certain amount of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Liquid gasoline is very volatile, and the volume of volatilized gasoline can be increased by 630 times. Generally speaking, the mixture of volatile gasoline and air can only spontaneously ignite under high temperature and pressure, which is impossible in such an open space as a gas station. Therefore, gasoline combustion needs ignition sources, such as open flame or electric spark.

What's the concentration of gasoline to start a fire? This requires a so-calledExplosion limitConcept. Generally speaking, the explosion limit means that the explosion limit is acceptable.GasVolume concentration range of explosion of mixture with air in open fire.

The explosion limit has two minimum and maximum limits:

1. When it is less than the minimum limit, there is excessive air cooling, and the flame can not be spread when it loses temperature.

2. When it is larger than the maximum limit, the excessive combustible gas will not burn sufficiently, nor will it react violently.

So only between these two limits can flame spread.

And the explosion limit of gasoline is generally as follows1.4%-7.6%So the concentration of gasoline in the air can only be ignited and exploded in this range, but nowThe concentration of gasoline in the air of most gas stations is far below this standard.

Our mobile phones are no longer the button press of the past, with less mechanical structure and less chance of poor contact.Unflattened car engines, aging car lines are the potential dangers.

There have been experiments conducted by foreign media "rumor terminators", which have placed a mobile phone in a closed space filled with explosive oil, dialed the phone, and no explosion occurred.

So at present, no case of fire at gas stations reported in China has been found to be caused by dialing mobile phones. There is only theoretical possibility of oil and gas explosion caused by mobile phones at gas stations. We need not worry too much, but it is better to abide by the rules.

What happened to those gas station explosions on TV?

In fact, the biggest culprit of the gas station explosion isStatic electricityIt can be said that 70% of the world's gas station accidents are caused by it.

It is believed that static electricity is familiar to everyone, especially the frequent visitors in winter. It comes from the friction of various materials around us. Its energy is much stronger than the electromagnetic wave emitted by the telephone, and the instantaneous voltage can reach 20,000 volts.

Jiangsu Satellite TV once used electrostatic generator to simulate the reaction of electrostatic strike on cotton coated with ether. When the electrostatic generator was rotated, the flames shot up. Ether is flammable and explosive, similar to gasoline in chemical properties.

Speaking of static electricity, you may have seen such news two days ago.Four people died in a major fire at a car repair shop. The reason for the fire was that the car's gasoline was poured into the plastic bucket and static electricity was encountered, which ignited the whole house.

Because the plastic barrel is made of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and other polymer insulation materials. The gasoline is flammable and explosive. The gasoline in plastic barrel is filled, poured out or vibrated.Gasoline rubs against plastic barrel walls, causing static electricity

Practice has proved that when gasoline is filled in a 125-liter plastic bucket and poured out, the potential difference of more than 2,000 volts may be produced when the flow rate of gasoline is large and the flow rate is fast.

When the accumulated charge reaches a certain value, it may generate electrostatic sparks, ignite gasoline or gasoline-air mixture, and cause combustion or explosion.So for safety, don't use plastic barrels for gasoline.

There are two most dangerous areas in the gas station, where the concentration of oil-gas mixture is very high. One isSurrounding the breathing valve of an underground tank extending out of the groundWhen the oil is poured into the underground tank, the high concentration of oil and gas will be squeezed out from the breathing valve of the tank, thus forming a dangerous area.

The other isAround the filling portWhen refueling a car, the oil and gas molecules in the tank will be squeezed out, thus forming a dangerous zone, which has a high concentration of oil and gas mixture.

Obviously, the woman driver, after finishing her clothes, approached the gasoline port. The resulting static electricity ignited the gasoline port and caused the accident.

Now many gas stations have introduced self-service refueling mode, the owners only need to deal with a refueling card, you can start your own refueling. But Qiuzhenjun found that few people would go to their own refueling. If you want to refuel by yourself, the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Discharge before refueling

The harm of static electricity has been taken into account in the design of self-service tankers. Therefore, there is a place for discharging on the tankers. However, after asking for a circle, it is found that more than half of the drivers do not know.

So before you start refueling, you must first touch the one next to the oil gun.Electrostatic ReleaserEliminate static electricity from your body.

On the tankerMetal keyboardIt is in direct contact with the ground. Before refueling, the car owner needs to input his own refueling information on the keyboard. This process is also to release static electricity. This is why the car owner will not have a fire when refueling for the first time. She discharges the fuel information through the output before refueling.

2. Do not return when refueling.

When refueling, it is strongly discouraged to drill back into the truck for two reasons: just in case.Fuel Gun Falling from Fuel TankBecause people can't solve it in time when they are not around, it causes fuel waste and environmental pollution.

In addition,There are many chemical fibers in the carIs a large "production base" of static electricity, if you return to the car when refueling, it will make the body be appended with static electricity again, there is a hidden danger of safety. Therefore, it is best for us not to return to the car in the process of refueling, to prevent static electricity from being brought back to us again, and to suggest that everyone should always hold the refueling gun when refueling.

The woman car owner in the picture above is because she returns to the car during the refueling process and tidies up her clothes after getting off the car. During the constant friction process, static electricity is added, so the fire happens at the moment of touching the refueling gun.

3, when refueling, the oil gun will be as deep as possible into the tank mouth.

This is the highest oil and gas concentration link, we must be very cautious. When refueling, the oil gun will be as deep as possible into the tank mouth, which can also reduce the volatile gasoline vapor in the refueling process and reduce the ignition medium from the source.

The fire broke out above because the static electricity on the hand of the female owner contacted the volatile gasoline steam through the refueling gun, thus igniting the gasoline steam. Therefore, we should try our best to penetrate the fuel gun into the tank port to reduce the hidden danger of safety when refueling.

4. Pull the oil gun out after filling up and waiting for no oil left.

Many owners are used to pulling the gun out immediately after adding fuel, but at this time there are residual oil droplets on the head of the gun. If the gun is pulled out immediately, it will not only cause waste, but also the remaining oil droplets may drop into the car to pollute the car, and more importantly, it may further increase the hidden danger of fire. So we should wait a moment after filling up the oil,Pull the gun out after the residual oil droplets on the head of the gun are completely gone.In case of an accident.

Summary of Qiuzhenjun

Safety is no small matter, the accident in Shenzhen maintenance shop two days ago also reminded many people in the life of static electricity can not be ignored, safety details must be paid attention to, especially in gas stations such as public places with flammable substances.

Although the probability of gas station explosion caused by telephone calls is very small, it is better to avoid using them as far as possible.

You're having a good time playing with your cell phone, and maybe the refueling staff and the driver next to you are scared to death. Self-help refueling should be followed."Touch first, hold well, insert deeply and pull slowly"The eight-character truth, be careful to drive for ten thousand years, ask the truth to wish all the old drivers safe in and out ~

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