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46 yuan for one time! A record in the US Texas electricity bill, netizens: open air conditioning to bankruptcy

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This summer, the Northern Hemisphere collectively entered the “Barbecue” mode, and the southwestern United States was also afflicted by extreme heat.

This Monday (August 12th),Temperature in Texas, USA reaches 38 degrees CelsiusThe most populous city of Dallas has temperatures exceeding 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 ° C). Under the “three digits” temperature, “the smoke” has also set a historical record for electricity consumption in Texas. Due to insufficient power reserves, the shortage of electricity is serious, 12 daysThe electricity price of the Texas Power Grid once reached $6,537.45/MWh, which is 360 times more than usual!


If this price is converted into RMB,It is about equal to 46.2 yuan per kWh!


It is no wonder that foreign netizens ridiculed that, "If you open the air conditioner for a few hours, I can go bankrupt." ”


It has also been said that his Twitter timeline is full of real-time information about the price of electricity forwarded by various friends.

Texas electricity price record

According to Texas power grid operators, the state's electricity demand reached a record level this Monday, mainly because consumers began to use air conditioners at home to combat the ubiquitous heat wave. On August 12, local time, the temperature in Dallas reached 37.3 ° C. It is expected that the temperature will rise to a higher level on the afternoon of the 13th, and then gradually cool down.

The combination of heat waves and humidity will make Dallas's somatosensory temperature close to 41.7 ° C, and the temperature in Houston will be even higher. In response, the US National Weather Service has opened a hotline to advise the public on summer vacation.

The Texas Electric Reliability Council (ERCOT) is the agency responsible for grid operations in most parts of the state. According to the ERCOT official account, local time on the 12th, 4-5 pm,The grid demand reached 74,531 megawatts (MW), a record.ERCOT also predicts that on August 13th, the total grid demand may reach 75,000 MW. The previous record of the grid's highest demand was recorded at 73,473 megawatts set in September 2018.


An average of one megawatt of electricity can power approximately 1,000 US homes, but can only meet the needs of less than 200 homes during peak demand periods. So on the afternoon of the 12th, according to the data compiled by Bloomberg,The electricity price of the Texas Power Grid soared 36,000%, and the average electricity cost per megawatt hour was as high as $6,537.45.

British power company trader David Hoy said in an interview that the price of Texas electricity has soared and even affected the price of the intercontinental power trading contract. The transmission price of the Intercontinental Power Grid at a central node in Texas rose to about 40 times the usual level.

“This should be the highest price this year. It’s really rare for this level of electricity price to skyrocket.

The power plant is continuously shut down and the power reserve is insufficient.

The local media Houston Chronicle commented that this unprecedented price hike highlighted the huge volatility of the Texas power market.


The local coal-fired power plant in Texas continues to be shut down as profit margins are squeezed by cheap natural gas and renewable energy resources. For several months, Texas grid operators have been warning thatWith the reduction of traditional coal-fired power plants and the increasing demand for electricity, the supply and reserves of Texas are reduced.

Although most Texas power grids have been converted to cheaper and cleaner sources of electricity such as natural gas, solar and wind, it turns outClean energy is sometimes not as “reliable” as traditional coal-fired power.For example, more than 25% of electricity in Texas currently comes from wind power, but the weather with a small amount of wind in August has greatly reduced the capacity of wind power in Texas.

Meteorologist Isaac said in a report: "The overall weather pattern in the near future is almost unchanged, so dry and hot weather and generally fine weather will prevail. & rdquo; This means that wind power is difficult to increase capacity quickly in the next few weeks.


The ERCOT warning said that although the planned power generation in the summer of 2019 exceeded 78,000 megawatts, a very low reserve level may force it to issue an alert to urge customers to save energy. As can be seen from the above figure, after August 16th, the green dotted line representing the expected demand will exceed the orange part (power generation capacity + reserves).This means that Texas may be in a state of power shortage.

ERCOT said that because several generators are going to be decommissioned, the planned reserve margin in the summer of 2019 is 7.4%, which is at a historical low. The reserve margin is the difference between the total available power generation and the predicted peak demand, and the difference is expressed as a percentage of the peak demand.

In the face of severe power shortages, Houston utility company Reliant Energy issued an alert on the evening of the 11th, asking customers to minimize electricity usage between 2pm and 6pm on the 12th and 13th.

The company suggested thatUsers can set the air conditioner to a higher temperature and do not use large equipment such as washing machines, clothes dryers and electric ovens during peak hours.To avoid anti-rolling power outages and voltage shortages.

China's residential electricity prices are at a low level

Unlike the staggering high electricity prices in Texas, China's electricity prices, especially residential electricity prices, are at a low level around the world.


On June 26 this year, some netizens asked on Weibo, "Can the electricity bill be lowered to foreign countries?" & rdquo; In this regard, the SASAC official microblogging "national capital Xiaoxin" has listed data showing that compared with the major countries in the world,China's industrial electricity prices are at a lower-middle level, while residential electricity prices are at a very low level.


According to the 2016 data ranking, China's residential electricity price averages only 8.4 cents/kWh, while the US average is 12.5 cents/kWh. In this extreme case of Texas, the price of electricity soared more than $6.5/kWh, which is amazing!


On March 13, 2019, the Chinese government website published an article entitled "The price of electricity has come down, and enterprises have benefited." The implementation of the quantitative indicators task of the 2018 Government Work Report shows that the general industrial and commercial electricity price is reduced by 10% in 2018.The national average has dropped by more than 8 cents per kWh, a drop of more than 10%.The article also introduced that since 2016, State Grid Co., Ltd. actively participated in and promoted the introduction of price reduction and payment measures, and accumulated various price reduction measures.The annual electricity cost of users is reduced by about 221.7 billion yuan.

Source: Daily Economic News, Bloomberg, Houston Notes, Reuters, Twitter, etc.

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