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Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi: China is not the leading country in Internet, computer, mobile phone and high-speed railway.

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Liu Chuanzhi pointed out that China's Internet services, computers,Mobile phoneHow did it come into being that some projects, such as high-speed rail and military fields, are in the leading position in the world? This is the crystallization of our Chinese people's intelligence, diligence, modesty and eagerness to learn. Openness has given us the opportunity to learn.

The following is the full text of the speech:

Liu Chuanzhi: Leaders, entrepreneurs and comrades, our original intention and mission is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and revival for the Chinese nation. But if you don't know history, what China used to be like, what it was like to be miserable, what it was like to be poor, there will be no motivation for happiness and no blood for the revival of the Chinese nation. It's a cliche, but it has to be said.

I was a stranger during the Anti-Japanese War, and I did experience countless storms, so what I said was from the heart. In 1931, when Lao Chiang Kai-shek did not fire a single shot, the Northeast was lost. From the current Harvard revelation point of view, Chiang Kai-shek did not want to fight, but could not fight. What shall I do? Then we will act as a wronged and disciplined person, and let the international community criticize justice. By 1937, when the Songhu Anti-Japanese War was over, Chiang Kai-shek was determined to fight and mobilized all the elites, but after that he was defeated. Then 800 soldiers were left in the four-line warehouse in Shanghai and they had to stick to it for three days. Why? Three days later, there will be an international conference and we will show it to the international community. We Chinese are fighting. We are fighting. If we lose the war, we will be whipped. Should we show it to others and ask others to comment on merit? This is a Chinese man. Can he take this baggage?

My father-in-law is from Hunan. I once chatted with him and asked him what was the most impressive thing he had experienced in his life. "It was in 1942 that the Japanese caught it," he said. But he escaped, and a young man with him was shot, caught back and said he had picked up a big tendon. When I talked to me, I was thrilled to hear the details. I couldn't help but spray blood. But now, I think they dared not even spray air. What did they spray? The country is such a mess.

We must persist in reform and opening up. Today, we have the confidence to say that we have a big market. How did China get its market position? In 1978, we had people, and China had a population of 1.1 billion at that time, but there was no market. Why? If someone has no money and no purchasing power, it will not be a market. That was when people took money and we worked hard to sell things to foreigners to earn ten dollars. We earned a dime, but just rolling like that, the snowball grew bigger and bigger.

First we learn to be workers, then we learn to be line directors, then we learn to be factory directors, and then we learn to manage enterprises. That's how little people start to have some money, the government starts to have some tax revenue, and we gradually start to have a market base. Today, we have formed the world's largest market for hundreds of millions of middle-income people.

Our market is open. Today we are not really a powerful country in science and technology, but we are not a weak country in science and technology. China's Internet services, computers, mobile phones, high-speed rail and some other projects in the military field all occupy the leading position in the world. How did this come about? This is the crystallization of our Chinese people's intelligence, diligence, modesty and eagerness to learn. Openness has given us the opportunity to learn. Our foundation is very weak now, and it will appear when we meet the test. Therefore, we should keep calm and study modestly, integrate into the world's scientific and technological society more actively, broaden our minds and enhance our strength, and make scientific and technological contributions to the community of human destiny.

Looking back on history, the earliest opening-up was financed by foreigners and financed by Chinese people. This "resource" includes not only human resources, hard work and so on, but also environmental and ecological resources. Today, 40 years later, the Chinese people continue to resolutely walk away from the road of liberalization, but what we need to complement each other is not only resources, but also multiple factors. Firstly, we have a huge market, secondly, we have the foundation of manufacturing industry, thirdly, we have advanced technology and talents in some fields, and fourthly, we also have funds. Our funds are not easy to come by. They are not only the crystallization of sweat of generations in China, but also the exchange of green mountains and waters with our environmental resources. Therefore, we should make good use of these funds to generate more funds and use them to repair our green mountains and waters.

A month ago, I visited Luxembourg with a delegation of entrepreneurs from Zhongguancun, Beijing, because Lenovo Holdings bought 90% of Luxembourg International Bank from Qatar's fund. The Luxembourg government owns 10% and met me for the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. This is a high-quality bank with very low financing costs and stable profits, but it needs room for development. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg said: "I believe few people in China know that the Chinese bought Luxembourg's bank, but in Luxembourg, almost no one knows that the Chinese bought our 100." Banks with a long history." Now Luxembourg is an international financial centre. There are about 200 banks gathering in Luxembourg. First, there are sanctions imposed on Switzerland. Second, Luxembourg has become an international financial centre because of the problem of Britain leaving Europe.

The management of the Bank of Luxembourg is very satisfied with us, and indeed with our shareholders. They inspected us for two years. As shareholders, we were very satisfied. We pursued them painstakingly for two and a half years. This is a real complementary cooperation. Through this visit, entrepreneurs in Zhongguancun were very happy that they needed low-cost capital to go to sea. Of course, the most important thing is for every customer. Every household can get through the European Central Bank's inspection, but there is no doubt that the Chinese enterprises that go all the way to the world must have a lot of good companies that can withstand strict inspections.

I just want to take this example to say that in any field, today's Chinese enterprises can go international, and can be closely integrated with the world "you have me, I have you". What we need is time, down-to-earth action, and doing our own thing well. As long as we persist in doing so, it won't take long. I believe that it will be difficult for those representatives of the extreme forces to appear today in a ferocious and arrogant manner, and they can only sit at the negotiating table on an equal footing.

People often say, "Opportunities only give prepared people." After so many things, I want to say, "Opportunities only give powerful people". Now the world has the taste of gunpowder and the shadow of sword and lightsaber. Although China has made great progress, it is still in the ranks of developing countries after all. What is the future world like? What about China in the future? To be honest, I don't know. But I know for sure that you, the young entrepreneurs of China, will play an important role in China's future and the future of the world.

"A generation has the responsibility of a generation". Keep the initiative, shoulder the mission, seek happiness for the Chinese people and revitalize the Chinese nation. This stick you continue to rely on you. China's history is watching you, future generations of China are watching you, and today it is your turn to blossom.

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