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AMD female director Su Zifeng will leave, want to be the IBM successor? Su Ma rushed

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Source: wccftech, Editor: Xiao Qin, Daming

【新智元导读】According to foreign media reports, AMD CEO Su Zifeng will leave in the fall, go to IBM as the second person, and her ultimate goal is to serve as IBM president and CEO. Not long after the news came out, Su Zifeng gave a clear reply on Twitter: rumors!

AMD CEO Su Zifeng wants to leave, go to IBM to be the second person? Just one of the "explosions" news has caused widespread concern. The news came from a reporter from Wccftech, Usman Pirzada, who said that the article said that he had mastered the "high-level news source", saying that Su Zifeng will quit IBM this fall, become the second person, and eventually replace it. Ginni Rometty is the President and CEO of IBM.

In addition, the article mentions AMD's preparations for finding a successor to the CEO and says that the successor is most likely Rick Bergman, former CEO of Synaptics. There are noses and eyes.

However, after only two hours of this news release, the party Su Zifeng gave a clear reply on Twitter:rumor!data-ratio=0.3776435045317221

“ I declare that this rumor has no facts, I love AMD, and the best things have not yet arrived!

Netizens have breathed a sigh of relief, saying that you can't go to Su Ma. This Twitter message area instantly pops up the atmosphere of AMD Post Bar (manual squint).

  • Light speed clarifies rumors, like!
  • Please, wait until AMD's market share reaches 99% and then go well? At that time you were the queen of the semiconductor world!
  • That's right, stay and then continue to grow AMD, and it's time to buy IBM directly.
  • Don't mess with AMD's embarrassment, we are a family, she is our Su Ma!
  • The AMD EPYC Rome CPU will be released tomorrow, and now it is clear that it is going to do things.

Although Su Ma has denied it, this article has not been withdrawn yet. Pirzada said that he insisted on his views and kept the article to “who wants to see it”.

However, Pirzada also said that he took this issue very carefully considering the stakes. He has written numerous exclusive reports on executive departures, including Raja Koduri (former AMD RTG division head, chief GPU architect), Mike Rayfield (former general manager of AMD RTG division), Jim Anderson (former AMD senior vice president) and Frank Azor (recently Dell joined AMD as the chief game officer), these news were later confirmed.

That's why Pirzada is quite confident. He said, “The source of the news related to this story has a lot of overlap with the previous source, so I am sure enough of these news and I can continue to write it down. ”

He also said that such high-level decisions may change at some point, so it is best to remember this when reading this article.

Let's see how this broke out.

One,The successor has been in place, Su Zifeng wants to take charge of IBM

Su Zifeng’s ambition is to join IBM

Su Zifeng will go down in history as one of the most successful technology company CEOs in history. She reversed AMD's CPU business and made AMD competitive again in the PC market. Although many people think she is the backbone of AMD, she has her own ambitions, and there are many rumors at the top of the company that she plans to leave AMD.

According to my informant, Su Zifeng wants to be the No. 2 position of IBM. Her ultimate goal is to replace Ginni Rometty and become the CEO and president of IBM.

Obviously Su Zifeng has laid the foundation for this transition, we will elaborate on it later. Although I don't know why Su Zifeng would choose IBM among all the companies, I was told that IBM is the place she always wanted to go.

Su Zifeng plans to launch the second-generation AMD EPYC server processor tomorrow (August 7th) under the code name “ROME”, which will be a huge success based on current information. Leaving the company while the company is in good technical and financial condition means that her successor should have been fairly easy for a while until Intel launches an opponent against AMD Zen. However, Su Zifeng is not very satisfied with the existing replacement products within AMD, which is the reason for the latest recruitment.

Rick Bergman is expected to succeed Su Zifeng and become AMD CEO

AMD announced on the morning of August 6 that Rick Bergman, who has been CEO of Synaptics for 8 years, returned to AMD as executive vice president of computing and graphics, responsible for high-performance PC, gaming and semi-custom business. As far as I know, the real reason is that Su Zifeng is ready for a successor to take over the company after she leaves the company. Considering his long experience in AMD and Synaptics, Rick Bergman will be a good candidate, and he is the kind of hard-working talent that the company needs to move forward.

Bergman has over 30 years of industry experience, including key business leadership experience. Previously, he served as President and CEO of Synaptics from October 2011 to March 2019. Synaptics is a leading developer of human interface solutions offering solutions including touch, display, internet of things and biometrics. Prior to that, he held a number of senior management positions at AMD. He served as senior vice president and general manager of AMD's product division from May 2009 to September 2011, and served as a consultant from October 2006 to May 2009. Senior Vice President and General Manager, AMD Graphics Card Products.

During his time at AMD, Bergman was responsible for providing microprocessors and graphics chips to AMD customers of servers, clients, embedded and gaming consoles, and pushing the technology of placing graphics chips and processors on a single piece of silicon. Prior to AMD's acquisition of ATI in 2006, Bergman was senior vice president and general manager of the ATI PC division.

The above is the message I got based on the chronological order. But once again remind readers of the king, such a plan can be changed very quickly. According to my source, Su Zifeng is currently planning to leave in the fall (although it may be postponed until next year, depending on certain factors), after listing in Rome and standing firm throughout the industry. She will give her successor (probably Bergman) 90 days to adjust to the new environment and then leave AMD to take IBM's second position. She has been talking to them for some time, and all the signs indicate that they are going well.

IBM was one of the leading companies in the computer field, but it has been in a slow and steady state of development. Considering that Su Zifeng has long wanted to be the head of IBM, it will be very interesting to see what she will achieve at IBM.

Second, lead AMD's big turn over "Su Ma"

AMD has never had a good day in the past decade or so. From the launch of Intel's Core 2 series in 2006, until AMD introduced the Ryzen series of CPUs in 2017, AMD was almost defeated by the old rival Intel. The stock price plummeted and the company suffered losses in successive years.“Agricultural Enterprise”,"360 degree daily turnaround", "Cartridge Intel, U Second NVIDIA”There are more and more paragraphs about AMD in the market. I said that there is always a word: weak.

Su Zifeng may have taken over the company when AMD was the weakest. When she became CEO of AMD in 2014, the company's CPU market share fell to 10%. In the previous six years, the company's board of directors has changed four CEOs. But she saw hope from this almost "bad mess".

AMD does not lack talented engineers, but also has core intellectual property rights for CPUs and GPUs. These two conditions have become the root of AMD's true turnaround. Su Zifeng launched a major reform and put forward three major goals: to create great products, deepen partnerships, simplify operations, and personally go to the front line to communicate with managers and manufacturers, and to travel to and from Greater China.

Since the release of the Ryzen series of CPUs at the end of 2016, AMD's performance has begun to improve significantly, and its share price has gradually recovered. In the second quarter of 2018, it has turned a profit, and for the first time in more than a decade, it has been successful. "AMD, Yes", and the nickname of "Su Ma", the more nicknamed.

Wccftech Original:Https://wccftech.com/exclusive-lisa-su-considers-a-role-beyond-amd-and-prepares-a-successor/

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