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Expectation of Li Nan's Running out of Meizu: How a Small Mobile Phone Company Comes to the End

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Tencent News "Potential" Wang Pan Puxiang

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In early July, a number of people familiar with Li Nan disclosed to Tencent's "Potential" that Li Nan would leave the Meizu, Li Nan's personal office has become a meeting room for everyone. However, Tencent's "Potential" testified to Li Nan himself, which he denied. A few days later, a new source said that Li Nan would leave his post. Tencent's "Point" called again to inquire, but he refused to accept it.

Li Nan first published his main article "Does the iPhone Have a Design Philosophy?" 》 Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu, was recognized by Meizu. He joined Meizu in 2012. He became the most important senior manager of Meizu besides Huang Zhang because of the introduction of Ali investment. He also had a gambling agreement with Ali, and had to make the brand volume of Meizu Blue. Because Meizu and Meizu Blue did not anticipate, and Meizu's narrower and narrower life now. Store space and run away.

Introducing Ali and Gambling Agreement

One day before the Spring Festival in 2014, the Meizu broke out the biggest crisis since its founding.

The reason why Meizu employees have left their jobs in succession is that at the moment when startups in the north are willing to share considerable shares with the core management of the team, Huang Zhang is unwilling to share shares with senior managers, and he only wants to pay high salaries to his subordinates.

When he heard that Bai Yongxiang, co-founder and president, was leaving, Huang Zhang was shocked. He began to wake up and compromise, promising to share 20% of his shares with executives and employees.

The full release of the demon's yellow chapter quickly took action. On February 8,2014, in the first nine of the year, the Yellow Seal called the Meizu's hundreds of backbones to meet, saying that he returned from Mars,

To think of the change of the Meizu, first of all, we need to introduce the investor and quickly make the Meizu. and the yellow chapter as a

From this moment on, Li Nan found his own place to use. He began to run all over the country to finance the Meizu people. He first met hundreds of institutions and almost swept all the financial investors who could invest tens of millions of RMB.

Li Nan disclosed that Shen Nanpeng of Sequoia Capital had talked about it at that time. Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fuxing Group, also had an interest in investing in Meizu, but he had not seen it for time reasons. Later, Meizu's internal discussion held that financial investment was not particularly beneficial, so they preferred to take strategic investment.

When the choice of strategic investment was made, Meizu held three cards. At that time, the main intentions to invest in Meizu were: Jingdong Katencent, Alibaba and 360. But Jingdong hasn't seen it all the time. I hope that Jingdong can persuade Tencent and there's no following.

However, 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi is very interested in this matter, he flew to Zhuhai Meizu Headquarters in late 2014 to discuss with Huang Zhang personally. Zhou Hongzhu and Huang Zhang had a very speculative conversation, and they were very close to the conversation. At that time, Wang Jian and Jigang, the senior executives of Ali, found that Ali was going to be kicked out, ran over to pat their breasts and say they wanted to throw.

In February 2015, Meizu announced that Alibaba would invest $590 million in Meizu. Li Nan became a great minister beside Huang Zhang. However, what the two sides have not announced is that Meizu has also signed a gambling agreement with Ali, which requires Meizu's shipments.

Aircraft-sea Tactics and Farewell to Small and Beautiful

From the moment Ali was introduced, Meizu had to adjust itself and began to catch up with the outlet of millet.

Because Meizu's pricing determines that it is difficult to increase shipments on a large scale in the short term, under the leadership of Li Nan, Meizu can be said to have put forward a

Thereafter, Meizu followed Huawei millet to enter the high-end mobile phone market and launched PRO brand. So far, the sub-brand positioning of Meizu mobile phone has been clear, Meizu Blue is a good young product in the market of 1000 yuan, MX is the middle end of super high performance-price ratio, and PRO is the high-end brand defined by it.

The company that pursues perfection and independence has disappeared. Instead, it has to follow the whole product line, write-off volume, performance, profit and return to the business world.

In the year from August 2014 to August 2015, Meizu released a total of eight models. This means that, on average, every other month and a half, Meizu invites singers or bands to High once in Beijing National Convention Center/Beijing Performing Arts Center.

Throughout 2015, under the leadership of Bai Yongxiang and Li Nan, Meizu benefited from the tactics of airplane and sea, and shipments increased substantially. The total annual sales exceeded 20 million units, an increase of 350% over the same period last year.

Li Nan announced that Meizu would control its sales growth in 2016, with a target sales of 25 million units, an increase of only 25% compared with a 350% surge in 2015.

Unfulfilled IPO Goals

In early 2016, Huang Zhang appeared at the annual meeting of the company to deliver a New year speech, he said that the 2015 Meizu sales of more than 20 million units, and put forward the company's goals for 2016

However, in 2016, the Meizu held more than a dozen public meetings, and eventually sold only 22 million mobile phones throughout the year, which did not meet the standard.

In terms of the competitive environment, in 2016, OPPO, vivo, Huawei, Jinli and other manufacturers with strong offline channels grew rapidly, while the Internet mobile phone companies represented by millet and Meizu faced tremendous pressure, and millet shipments increased and decreased. In 2017, this trend is likely to continue to strengthen, so the pressures facing millet Meizu people can be imagined.

Under all kinds of circumstances, the Meizu needs to be right.

Li Nan said in January 2017 that Meizu will no longer be a conference company in 2017, but will reduce its products and focus more on them. Later, Huang Zhang announced that he would return to the mountains to build the Meizu's 15th anniversary dream machine, while Li Nan, who had previously dominated the tactics of aircraft and sea, was facing marginalization.

In the summer of 2017, Li Nan's status had been replaced by Yang Zhe who had joined Meizu, but it was precisely because of this that she was able to preserve her status. Because Bai Yongxiang dominated the Pro 7 back screen cell phone, which was considered a huge failure, Li Nan seldom participated. Later, after Pro 7 far failed to meet market expectations, Bai Yongxiang, who had the main responsibility, was directly overhead, Yang Zhe was marginalized a few months later, and Li Nan again stood in the center of the stage.

Over the past five years, the global market share of mobile phones has been increasingly concentrated on top manufacturers, and Meizu in the middle is facing the same pressure.

Due to the saturation of the mobile phone market in 2016 and 2017, the competition between large factories is becoming more and more fierce. The technical strength of photography and other aspects has increasingly determined the quality of a mobile phone, and the living space of small factories is becoming more and more limited.

In 2018, Hammer and 360 mobile phones can no longer continue to do mobile phone business. Meizu barely holds up until now, but for a long time no heavy products have been released, and the offline channels of cooperation have long been separated. It is difficult for the company to revive. In this context, Li Nan's departure may be only a matter of time.

Next stop at Chao Brand Store?

Li Nan said in his departure statement that in the future, he will certainly gather young consumers to become a real brand.

In fact, Li Nan has always been optimistic about Opening Ceremony's Tide Store model. At one time, he wanted to replicate the millet ecological chain model, but within the Meizu, four teams failed to do so. Later, he planned to open an offline shop with Meilan, but instead of investing in the millet ecosystem chain and opening a millet home, he wanted to make the original version of the millet home, the Tide Store model of Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony was originally founded in New York by two alumni from the University of California, Berkeley. It sells good things they've picked up from around the world. With their outstanding taste, it quickly attracts all kinds of tide stars. Now it has become a famous gathering place of tide signs.

Although the news of the off-line shop was once confirmed by him, he did not have to open such an offline store, Li Nan also took his undoing dream to leave the Meizu, after all, did not get through the company.

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