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Li Nan left, Meizu blood loss

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For this matter,Huang Zhang once again made an amazing statement in the Meizu Forum last night: "It is talent that can make money, and it is money to keep losing money.". Although there is no name, but combined with recent rumors, it is difficult to make people associate.

These messages may be the last straw to crush the camel. The mysterious and low-key Li Nan finally acknowledged the fact of leaving the company today:

For Meizu, Li Nan’s departure is a node. As the "Three Musketeers" have left, the glory of Meizu has completely ended.

From joining to leaving, there are two distances to reply

Bai Yongxiang, Yang Yan and Li Nan are the "Three Musketeers" of Meizu. Li Nan is in charge of marketing (and later Charm Blue). Bai Yongxiang, the engineer's background, is in charge of hardware. Designer Yang Yan is working on Flyme. With these in the foreground Support, Huang Zhang was able to be a “carpenter” and “grinding” the products behind the background.

From left to right in the photo are Yang Yan, Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan

Interestingly, Li Nan first joined Meizu, and started with several messages from Huang Zhang in the Meizu community.At that time, Li Nan was the master of Love Fan, authored by the pseudonym "KKK", written by him.iPhoneCan there be a design philosophy? "A text was accidentally earned in the Meizu community, read by Huang Zhang, Huang Zhang immediately praised the article, and said that he would like to invite the author to join Meizu.

You know later, Li Nan really joined Meizu and gradually achieved the position of senior vice president. In a few years, Li Nan changed from a well-proportioned young man to a middle-aged man who was a blessing, and Meizu alsoMilletThe old opponent has become others.

Huang Zhang’s comments in the community are the beginning and end of Li Nan’s story in Meizu. Only, in the past ten years,"Rare talents" have become "costs of losing money."

Li Nan is a fruit powder, or at least agrees with the iPhone's concept of design and user experience, and in China 10 years ago, intelligenceMobile phoneChaos was first opened. At that time, it was only in the Meizu that took out the M9 that I could see a similar pursuit. At that time, Meizu really wanted to make something different.

Once a word of mouth, Meizu M9

Li Nan is mainly responsible for two pieces of content in Meizu. When Meizu and Charm Blue have not yet separated, he is the senior vice president in charge of the marketing of Meizu and Charm Blue. In May 2017, Charm Blue was split, and Li Nan was also the President of Charm Blue.

Charm Blue's positioning is "youth good", which is the positioning of the thousand yuan machine. In addition to mobile phones, Charm Blue will also introduce some peripheral products, including not limited to school bags, umbrellas, magazines, etc. In addition, Li Nan also led the establishment of the pen "Technology" is the content marketing platform of Meizu, which is also the "self-media" of Meizu.

There has always been a ridicule in the industry, this fat manEven breathing is marketingOf course, this is just a teasing, and even a certainty. Li Nan does her best in marketing.

In 2015, Meizu’s cumulative sales exceeded 20 million units, a year-on-year growth rate of 350%, although it was the top three at the time (Millet,Huawei,appleThere are still gaps, but such achievements clearly give Meizu confidence. That year, Meizu began to frantically ask the singer to help out, and lively to make the press conference into a concert, Wang Feng, Deng Ziqi, old wolf, escape plan and so on.

When the marketing budget is sufficient, the concert board is full. When the budget is tight, Li Nan can also complete the cinema conference, and the live broadcast conference will be such a careful thought. Every time Meizu’s invitations are ingenious, bricks, pans, and even sailors, etc. These low-cost propaganda methods can bring a wave of natural flow to the product during the warm-up period. In recent years, Meizu has no way. Pushing large-scale offline advertisements and spokespersons, this kind of "smuggling" has become a typical example of "nan-style" marketing.

Li Nan made his last public appearance. In January of this year, he released Meizu’s “concept machine” and “Meizu Zero” in the form of live broadcast. The $100,000 crowdfunding of this product was only completed 45%, only 29 People support, and they laugh.

Huang Zhang’s evaluation is: This crowdfunding is carried out by the marketing department. The non-porous mobile phone is only a pre-research project of the development department. We have never planned to mass-produce this project.

In short, Li Nan’s career in Meizu has ended. Meizu’s former “Three Musketeers” have left, and even Hong Hansheng, an engineer who has recently been pushed to the forefront, has cancelled the certification and has not updated Weibo for a long time."Old Meizu" officially became history, and the new Meizu, increasingly difficult.

After Li Nan left, people in the industry made a sound.

Luo Yonghao sent a blessing and left a meaningful "should have left":

Former Meizu business development manager, now Huami Technology Vice President Yu Fandi, is also a blog to support Li Nan, and even bombarded Huang Zhang:

But for the current Meizu, personnel turmoil is not the most difficult thing.

Make bricks without straw

In the last glorious period of MP3, Meizu seized it and achieved the annual turnover of one billion, and the first wave of dividends for the development of smart phones was also hit by Meizu. The stable team, together with the unique design ingenuity of Meizu, has made Meizu really have a honeymoon period. When the time returns to four or five years ago, Meizu is an opponent that can be compared with Xiaomi.At least Charm Blue is an online model that can be used with Xiaomi's wrist.

In 2015, Meizu sales reached 20 million for the first time. In terms of product line, it also combed the mid-to-high-end MX, flagship Pro series, and the charm blue series of thousands of machines. Pro 5 is the best machine of Meizu. It is also the last glory. In 2016, Meizu’s sales reached 22 million units, making annual profit, but this figure is lower than the previous forecast of 25 million units.

In this year, in order to boost sales, Meizu began to develop offline channels. Meizu said at the communication meeting that by the end of 2016, Meizu had more than 2,300 certified stores, more than 17,000 image stores, and more than 60,000 images. Sales outlets.

Vigorously developing the offline is the node that Meizu has turned from a prosperous to a weak. In 2018, this number has been reduced to 500.

Meizu is a typical "family business", and Huang Zhang has absolute control over the company.Meizu company also has a so-called "family system". "Global Entrepreneur" has reported that Meizu is still monopolized by Huang Yiren. Huang has many relatives in Meizu. They are in finance, logistics, administration, logistics and even canteens. Is a company named "Yellow".

In the years when Meizu 歪 歪 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , But in 2018, Li Nan experienced the personnel shock of Meizu. Yang Lan’s airborne, Li Nan left the position of vice president of Meizu, and after Yang Hao left a pile of mess, Li Nan was promoted to senior vice president of CMO and market center. Going around and wasting the golden time of the product.

And Huang Zhangshi still maintains "to this day."sweep the floorThe mysterious nature of the 僧 只会 只会 只会 只会 只会 偶尔 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅

For those stories of Lei Jun and Huang Zhang, Huang Zhang summed up as "the villain is in the right way, the story is confusing, why should it be true?" Once, Huang Zhang was the industry leader of Lei Jun’s visit. Although Xiaomi’s competitive environment is not clear, it is better than Meizu.

In contrast, it is embarrassing.

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