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Vivo Qin Fei: All 5G mobile phones can be used in the next year.

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In fact, this news has already been heard for them, and it does not affect the pace of the established product of vivo.

Consumers are worried mainly because 5G will be listed in the second half of this year.Mobile phone,apart fromHuaweiIt is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong X50 5G baseband chip. At present, Xiaolong X50 only supports NSA networking. The Xiaolong X55 supporting NSA and SA, according to the news released by Qualcomm, will not be listed on the terminal at the end of this year. This means that most of the 5G mobile phones listed this year will only support NSA single mode.

NSA 5G mobile phone does not affect the use

In Qin Fei's view, this kind of worry for consumers is actually superfluous. He told Phoenix.com and other media that 3GPP (the organization that sets the 5G network standard) has developed two 5G standards: NSA and SA. Operators and communications companies at home and abroad mostly chose NSAs in the early days. In China, operators and governments have long been optimistic about SA.

Simply put, the NSA is a 5G network that integrates the current 4G base station and network architecture deployment. The SA is a 5G independent networking. The former uses a 4G base station to install a 5G base station, and the network construction speed is fast, and the latter needs to rebuild the 5G base station and the back end 5G network for a long time.

Among them, the NSA's 5G standard came out earlier. The reason is that if 5G wants to get on the fast, it has to rely on the 4G network to add a new 5G base station and a new air interface to quickly bring the rate up. “Many overseas operators agree with this route to rapidly develop users or develop traffic,” Qin Fei said.

Although SA is a long-term optimistic networking method for Chinese operators, this 5G network needs a gradual progress from establishment to true maturity and will go through a long period of time. Therefore, Qin Fei believes that the existing large-scale NSA solution will continue to be used, so that all NSA single-mode 5G mobile phones launched this year will be used normally in the next year and even in the next ten years.

On the other hand, the current 18 overseas operators are all building NSA networks, and they are also selling NSA single-mode 5G mobile phones. In this scenario, overseas users need to roam access to 5G in China, and they must also consider whether two network modes are built.

"You bought the carrier's products. He stopped without telling the consumers. It is a huge illegal act based on the "China Telecom Law." Just like the PHS said that the withdrawal of the network has been removed for many years, once it is fully withdrawn. If you buy a PHS person, you can complain to him and you can get a lot of compensation." Qin Fei further added.

In short, NSA and SA are both 5G standards developed by 3GPP, but they are just two choices made by different application scenarios and business development roads. And for the user, the 5G mobile experience using the NSA mode is no different from the SA experience.

Qin Fei said frankly that for mobile phone manufacturers, the mobile phone RF challenge of NSA is actually even bigger. He gave a simple example. When the NSA 5G mobile phone lock screen is not in use, it is attached to the 4G base station. The 4G base station has been optimized by the operator for so many years, and the coverage is very good. The better the coverage means the more power saving.

"SA goes out to build a network. One is impossible to build so densely. The second is that the initial optimization is not so good. There are always various kinds of holes. Once you have a mobile phone terminal, you will continue to search and float back and forth. A network coverage is not that completebeautifulSA is definitely not as good as NSA mobile phone standby, power consumption will only be higher," Qin Fei said.

Vivo's first 5G mobile phone will be launched next month

It is understood that the iQOO 5G version of vivo currently has 5C certification for 5G products, which will be available in August this year. Qin Fei revealed that vivo will release more than one 5G mobile phone this year, and will surprise everyone in terms of price. He said that the speed of 5G terminals of vivo is now more than 1Gbps, and the standby situation, signal stability and heat index are basically the same as the actual 4G mobile phones.

In addition, at the end of June this year, vivo also announced a "5G neighboring program", allowing consumers to "experience 5G mobile phones at home". Vivo will build a 5G experience zone in the first batch of offline stores in cities where 5G networks are open, so that users without 5G mobile phones can enter the store or experience 5G networks at their doorsteps.

For vivo, in addition to doing mobile phones, it is still a platform company. Vivo believes that to achieve 5G services, the main body must be 5G smart phones, but not only limited to the 5G mobile phone itself, but should be the "5G mobile phone + smart ecology" system. Facing the 5G era that has already arrived, vivo has proposed the hardware product development strategy of “one main and three auxiliary” and the system strategy of building the AI ​​connection system platform capability.

In the future, vivo will provide users with a more extreme 5G upgrade experience through 5G mobile phones, AR glasses, watches, headsets and other wearable devices, and realize passive service to active service upgrade through intelligent AI platform.

Although the operator has not announced the commercial 5G tariff package, since the official release of the 5G license on June 6, consumers' attention to 5G mobile phones has never been higher. Nowadays, the three major operations have already announced the list of the first batch of cities that open 5G networks. The first batch of 8 5G mobile phones have also obtained 3C certification, and 5G mobile phone commercials have begun to enter the countdown stage.

For the sales of 5G mobile phones this year, Qin Fei expects at least several million to ten million. "According to the current pricing of future products and the fact that consumers are coming from the store, it is very easy to sell 10 million yuan," Qin Fei said.

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