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Li Nan: The dream of Meizu in seven years, winning the name of respiratory marketing

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For Li Nan’s departure, Luo Yonghao also said on Weibo that he should have left. It is not easy for all these years. I hope that everything will go smoothly in the future and I look forward to making good products.

Li Nan replied to Luo Yonghao: Thank you.

From engineer to Meizu Vice President

According to public information, Li Nan joined Meizu in 2012. It has been 7 years since then, and it is also an old man of Meizu.

If from the development of the Meizu mobile Internet era, Li Nan is also a witness and participant since the beginning. Prior to joining Meizu, he was an online ERP system architect at NEC (Tokyo, Japan) and a mobile social and game product manager at Monstar-Lab (Tokyo, Japan). He also served as the lead author of a technology blog in China and was thus recognized by Huang Zhang.

The first post after Li Nan joined Meizu was the senior director of Meizu Mobile Internet Development. Since then, he has often voiced on behalf of Meizu. For example, in August 2013, Meizu MX3, which was previously rumored on the Internet, will follow the rumor of the price-performance route and the starting price of 1999 yuan. Li Nan, the senior director of Meizu, is in the micro. Bo said that Meizu MX3 work and materials are first-class, in this case the cost is impossible to achieve 1999 yuan.

September 2013, Meizu MX3Mobile phoneReleased, Li Nan had already introduced the Meizu MX3 mobile phone function as a vice president of Meizu. Then, in November of that year, Mo Cuitian, the vice president of Meizu, who was in charge of marketing and marketing, confirmed that he left the company from Meizu. From the change of role, his successor was Li Nan, who was also responsible for marketing and marketing.

In March 2014, Meizu established a sub-brand pengo technology. It is a content marketing platform under Meizu. The internal code is bg. The goal is to explore the professional reserves of Meizu's R&D, technology and design. Combine with the understanding of this knowledge to create various products and brand content suitable for communication for Meizu. ——At that time, a user with Weibo’s name “Pen Ge Technology” quietly sent a Weibo, with Meizu mobile phones, pens, watches, tablets and glasses appearing in the picture. The most important thing is that there is also a business card printed on it. The name of "Li Nan" is very clearly pointed to Li Nan, vice president of Meizu.

Later, although the official denied that Pengo Technology was Li Nan’s internal entrepreneurial project, there was no doubt that the project was inextricably linked to him – the argument at the time was: Why should he put his name on it? Because he is more famous.

After two years of madness, helmed the charm blue

2014 is a turning point for Meizu.

In February of this year, Huang Zhang announced in the company that “from Mars back to Earth”, that is, out of the mountain;MilletAfter the success of the company, Meizu carried out a series of changes such as expanding the brand and product line, introducing external financing, and starting employee stock ownership. At the brand level, Meizu established a sub-brand - Charm Blue.

So, in the next two years, Meizu went to another extreme and held a press conference frequently. The sales volume increased by 350% from more than 4 million units in 2014 to more than 20 million units in 2015. This figure should be greater than Meizu. The sum of shipments before 2015.

In 2016, Meizu madly held 13 mobile phone conferences. Among them, Li Nan, who is the head of Meizu market and marketing, appeared frequently at the press conference and social media. He was very busy. Some people commented that Li Nan “even breathing is marketing” – and Meizu was in the process of the conference. The "concert" strategy adopted in the game has also become a spit point for Li Nan in Meizu's marketing career.

For example, in mid-2016, Qualcomm sued Meizu Technology, saying that Meizu used 3G/4G related patents but did not pay Qualcomm and rip its skin; Li Nan not only held media communication on behalf of Meizu to explain the matter. Attitude, also wrote an article specifically in Pen Ge Technology: Meizu should also strive for its own interests through the game within the scope permitted by the law and the rules of the game - finally on December 30, 2016, Qualcomm and Meizu announced Patent license agreement.

Throughout 2016, Meizu’s mobile phone sales reached 22 million units and claimed to achieve annual profit. However, in fact, this achievement did not achieve Li Nan's pre-set goal of 25 million units. Compared with Meizu's madness in sales in 2015, Meizu's performance in 2016 did not continue the previous rapid trend.

In May 2017, Huang Zhang re-managed the company and the overall organizational structure of Meizu was reorganized. Li Nan was promoted to Senior Vice President of Meizu Technology and President of Charm Blue Division. The newly established Charm Blue Division includes product planning functions in addition to important functions such as brand, market and sales.

At that time, for the independence of Charm Blue, Li Nan later said in an interview that the frequent release of the charm blue new machine in 2016 has affected the Meizu brand to a certain extent, in order to make Meizu and Charm blue better. Splitting independent operations is the best way.

Going quiet in frequent architectural adjustments

From the second half of 2017 to the first half of 2018, there was a series of twists and turns in Meizu. For example, Meizu Pro 7 failed to declare, Meizu's listing plan was stranded, Yang Lan's coming and going, and Meizu's architecture was adjusted by the end of 2017. Li Nan still served as the president of Charm Blue.

In May 2018, Meizu once again made structural adjustments; the original Meizu and Charm Blue independent business units merged together again; Meizu established a sales center and market center, the market center was led by Yang Lan, and the sales center was Li Nan, Li Nan At the same time, he is the role of Meizu CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) – it is worth mentioning that in this architectural change, Bai Yongxiang’s name has disappeared.

In August 2018, Li Nan appeared on the stage to release Meizu 16, a product created by Meizu Huangzhang. According to Li Nan’s statement in Weibo today, after the phone, he actually began to fade out from Meizu.

It is worth mentioning that on November 19, 2018, shortly after Xiaomi released the 2018 Q3 financial report and announced the brand and related imaging technology of Mito mobile phone, Li Nan expressed his opinion on the knowledge that the future mobile phone industry will It was a big group + sub-brand war, and the market-independent brand did not have a good chance - but he quickly deleted the news.

Since then, Li Nan began to reduce the external sound volume of Meizu executives; and in the Meizu 16s conference in April 2019 and the Meizu 16Xs conference in May, Li Nan did not show up.

Now in July, with a paper statement by Li Nan, everything has settled.

For Li Nan’s departure, the Meizu official has not issued a statement. However, it is worth mentioning that yesterday (July 17), in response to the rumors of Li Nan’s departure, Huang Zhang responded that:

For the company, it is the talents who can make money. The money that is losing money is the cost. In the past few years, Meizu’s rough development has used losses to change the scale. When the capital tide receded, the management committee including Meizu including me had to change the company strategy. . Stalls and losses are inevitable in the process of change, including the launch of some of the younger and more backbones of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. We are all mortals, self-expansion is the devil.

In a sense, this point can also be used as an interpretation of Li Nan’s departure from Meizu.

However, when Bai Yongxiang, Li Nan and other Meizu old ministers left the Meizu company, I don’t know what Meizu’s founder Huang Zhang would think. And Meizu, where will it go?

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