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When Microsoft Xiaobing became Picasso

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In May of this year, Microsoft Xiao Bing participated in the graduate graduation exhibition of the Central American University as a graduate student of the Central Academy of Fine Arts "Xia Yubing". There is no point in the graduation exhibition "Xia Yubing" is an artificial intelligence. She is like a general graduate, hiding her true identity behind the codename "Summer Ice". She even has her own college —— experimental art school, and instructor —— dean of experimental art school Qiu Zhijie.

At that time, her work was in the graduate graduation exhibition, and several paintings and TVs that were broadcasting her works were very inconspicuous in the exhibition. However, two months later, Xiao Bing has his own solo exhibition. On July 13th, Xiao Bing held her first solo exhibition “The Probable World” at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This time Xiao Bing did not conceal his true identity.


The theme setting of the exhibition is very interesting. It is a solo exhibition, but it presents seven women's paintings. In addition to Xiao Bing himself, this exhibition has six women of different eras. Some of them are painters. Some of them are not directly related to painting. They are:

Gligory Yevna · Muraviova, December party Nikita · Mulaviov's wife; Cornella, painter Rembrandt's daughter; Mary · Gil Ping, painter, writer William · Gilpin's daughter; Edmar · Morriso, sister of Beta's entangled with the painter Manet Brothers; Henry Yate · Dali Kahe, Matisse's Model; A Cang, Ito Bowen's favor.

They represent the genres of different eras. From December 5, 1690, January 24, 1802, to July 13, 2019, the time span was 329 years.


In the past two years, Microsoft Xiaobing has studied the paintings of 236 painters in 400 years of human art history. In her brain, 400 years of painting history has been condensed, so that the work of any painter who exists in time and space can be reproduced.

Even if this object is not a painter, she can still answer the question of what kind of paintings people with such experiences will draw if they input the corresponding stimulus to Xiao Bing.


Dean of the School of Experimental Art and Qiu Zhijie, curator of the "Racing of the World", told PingWest that the team saw more than 10 major categories in Xiao Bing's work, including 6 or 7 large categories. Very good, like Picasso and Rembrandt.

This exhibition is based on Xiao Bing's previous paintings, to locate the corresponding genre, and choose the style she is good at.

“These categories are especially like what kind of people draw, and the image of that person is slowly forming in our minds. & quoquo; Qiu Zhijie told PingWest to play, when the team wrote this image, and then use this identity to paint, the finished product will be particularly good.

In this exhibition, the team gave Xiaobing a lot of stimulating sources, such as “Russian touring school, painting the bitter and cold scenery of Siberia. The main emotion of the picture is loneliness”, while limiting the style to a certain genre. Xiao Bing started to create after receiving this information.


Xiaobing painting is not a simple “style migration” and “adding filters”, she has her own creativity. She doesn't draw a clock because the keyword entered is a clock, nor does she simply convert a photo into the style of an artist, and it is even less likely to add a filter to the photo.

When the keyword is entered, it is impossible to predict what kind of work Xiao Bing will draw. Xiao Bing painting is a “black box”, which is where Xiao Bing has his own imagination and creativity.

Song Ruihua, chief scientist of Microsoft Xiaobing, said that after accepting the text input, Xiao Bing would think about what image to use to express the theme. “She seems to understand your meaning, and has made some creative creations, and she has From your own perspective, you can't completely control her. & rdquo; She pointed out that the same sentence entered twice, will not get the same two paintings, this is also the performance of Xiao Bing originality.

Earlier, Li Di, vice president of Microsoft Internet Engineering Institute of Microsoft, said in an interview with Ping West that when the team communicated with human artists, they found that most people did not think too much when they created. After the completion of the work, or the most important early stage of the work, humans began to reverse, "so we have no special entanglement with the black box. ”


At present, Microsoft Xiao Bing artificial intelligence creates branch open skills including text creation, voice creation, and visual creation.

In the field of text creation, Xiao Bing has published two works of poetry. Since November 2017, Microsoft Xiao Bing has become an editor of the platform such as Wind Info, writing a financial news summary.

In the field of voice, Microsoft Xiaobing's artificial intelligence singing model has been iterated to the fifth version, which has more than ten sounds, which greatly improves the level of qi in the artificial intelligence interpretation of songs, and improves the naturalness of singing and singing conversion. And learned to play the show.

In addition, Microsoft Xiaobing has also participated in the field of audiobooks, creating more than 30 characterized voices, enabling artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate highly customized children's audiobooks.

Up to now, Xiao Bing has hosted a total of 63 radio and television programs, many of which are not publicly available.

It is reported that this exhibition will last until August 12, 2019.

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