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Charging Master has already appeared Charging Evaluation of Meizu Note 9

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Xiaobian thought that in March this year, Meizu had launched a thousand yuan machine, Meizu Note 9. Its processor and camera configuration are very similar to 16Xs. Would he charge colored eggs the same way? The Charger Head Network found this Meizu Note9 and brought you the charging test of this mobile phone.

I. Opening the box

Meizu Note9 packages are very concise, pure white sky and earth cover cartons, with blue note9 printed on the front and MEIZU LOGO on the side.

The back of the box is a sticker with full technical parameters, and the lower right corner has a circular reflective anti-counterfeiting label. We got this machine version of 6GB RAM 64GB ROM. There is a hint that only the original charger can be used, but the 16Xs we tested last time have supported the fast-charging protocol such as QC, PD and so on. Does this configuration similar note support these charging protocols? Then look down.

A list of all the items in the package. In addition to mobile phones, there is a 0920 charger, a USB-A to USB-C charger, instructions, card pins.

The original USB-A port charger, white piano paint shell, with light gray "MEIZU" LOGO printed on the front.

Charger bottom screen printing:

Model: UP0920

Input: 100-240V-50-60 Hz 0.5A

Output: 5V/2A, 9V/2A

Manufacturer: Dongguan Aohai Technology Co., Ltd.

The UP0920 charger is tested by the Power-Z FL001S meter, which is identical with the same type charger attached to previous mobile phones, and only supports PE fast charging.

The size of the mobile phone is about 153.1 × 74.4 × 8.65mm, the weight is about 169.7g, the width of the left and right borders is about 3.1mm, the width of the lower edge frame is about the full screen of 5.35m.LCD water droplets, the screen size is about 6.2inches, and the resolution is 2244 × 1080. Compared with the previous "water droplets", the water droplets of Meizu Note9 are smaller, the top of the front camera is a semi-hidden receiver, there is an indicator light hidden on the left, and the breathing light will be on when there is a message.

The bottom from left to right is the speaker, USB-C interface, microphone and 3.5mm headphone hole. More and more mobile phones are abandoning 3.5mm headphone holes, which may have become a common practice, while the Meizu Note9 is still retained.

The frame of Meizu Note9 is made of plastic chrome-plated material, which has a very metallic texture. However, none of the rims has been injected into the antenna belt, which exposes the essence of its plastic. The volume adjustment keys and power supply keys of the mobile phone are all set on the right side.

The back of Meizu Note9 is made of plastic material. Officials claim that the back of the mobile phone is made of high-brightness porcelain stack, which improves the texture. The mobile phone uses a post-fingerprint identifier, but it does not use the popular screen fingerprint. Fortunately, the recognition speed is very fast.

II. Testing

1. Compatibility testing

Meizu 16Xs, which uses the same processor, has been confirmed by the editor that it supports charging protocols such as PD and QC. What about Note9 with similar configuration? Let's look at compatibility testing.

UseApple61W PD charger (A1882) charges Meizu Note9. This Apple charger only supports PD fast charging. The instrument shows the current charging voltage is 8.93V, current is 1.81A, power is 16.23W, and the Meizu Note9 supports PD fast charging.

Use QC-only Fast ChargingmilletWhen QC3.0 charger charges Meizu Note9, the current voltage is 8.43V, current is 1.85A and power is 15.63W. It seems that Meizu Note9 also supports QC fast charging.

The Meizu Noe9 is charged with a hammer 18W QC4 charger (CD106), which supports QC4 fast charging (compatible with USB PD 3.0 PPS fast charging QC 3.0 quick charging), the current charging voltage of the Meizu Noe9 is 8.52 V, the current is 1.83 A, the power is 15.31W, and the quick charging is started.

While using the hammer 18W QC4 charger to charge the Meizu Note9, the upper computer is used to monitor the charging protocol. It is found that the charging voltage is switching at 0.02V, which accords with the fast charging characteristics of PPS. Meizu Note9 handshakes the PPS charging protocol when using chargers that support the PD3.0,PPS,QC protocol.

Meizu Note9 original charger "UP0920" is used to charge the mobile phone, with a voltage of 9.28V, a current of 1.65A and a power of 15.41W. PE fast charging is successfully turned on.

Meizu Note9 is charged by the original charger UP0830 with PE/QC fast charging protocol. The voltage is 6.36V, the current is 1.85A, the power is 11.82W, and the PE fast charging is turned on.

Meizu MX6 original charger "UP1220" with PE fast charging protocol is used to charge Meizu Note9. The voltage is 9.22V, the current is 1.66A, the power is 15.41W, and the PE fast charging is turned on.

Meizu Note9 is charged with the original charger "UP1220S" of Meizu 16th Plus with PE fast charging protocol. The voltage is 9.43V, the current is 1.62A, the power is 15.29W, and the PE fast charging is turned on.

2. Charging Test of 0%~100% Electricity

Through compatibility testing, we know that Meizhu Note9 supports charging protocols such as PE, PD, QC, and the power is about 15W. Can the corresponding charging protocols be triggered all the way? Next, we will use Meizu Note9 original charger, Xiaomi QC charger and Apple 30W PD charger to charge Meizu Note9 mobile phone in the whole range of 0%~100%.

First, let's look at the power change of the original UP0920 charger of Meizu Note9 when it charges the mobile phone. It can be seen from the figure that the power will rise to 15.62W in a straight line soon after charging, and the power shows a gradual upward trend. When charging for 8 minutes, the power fluctuates and falls to 13W. Then the power gradually rises. After charging for 1 hour and 11 minutes with 13W power, it enters the constant voltage stage. The power begins to decline gradually, and the whole charging time is 2. Nine minutes an hour.

Then is the power change of Minmi QC charger charging Meizu Note9 mobile phone. At the beginning of charging, the power rises to 15.3W, then falls back to 12.57W at 7 minutes and fluctuates. Then the power rises continuously, reaching 14W at 1 hour and 5 minutes after charging, and then the power begins to decrease. The whole charging time is 2 hours and 2 minutes.

Finally, the performance of Apple 30W PD charger Charger Note9: 2 minutes and 20 seconds successfully shake hands with the PDprotocol, charge with 15W power, fall back to 12.51W at 11 minutes, then power slowly rises to 13.45W at 1 hour and 10 minutes, and begins to decline. The whole charging time is 2 hours and 6 minutes.

Meizu Note9 supports PE, PD, QC fast charging. After several full charging tests, the maximum power of any fast charging is about 15W, and the performance of charging speed is almost the same. The half-hour charging capacity is about 35%, and the whole charging time is about 2 hours. The power curves of the three fast charging protocols are highly consistent, and common chargers can be used to charge Meizu Note9 fast.

Summary of Charging Head Network

The configuration of the Meizu Noe9 is very similar to that of the 16Xs, and the Qilong 675 SoC 4000 mAh large capacity battery, the 4800 W main camera, the configuration is more balanced. And the original chargers of the two phones are also in full conformity with the USB-A charger of the model UP0920 and the maximum power of 18W. Although the original charger only supports the PE Express, the Meizu also emphasizes on the package that only the original charger is recommended, but it is a very pleasant surprise to support a variety of protocols.

Under the attitude of trying, Xiaobian found Meizu Note9, which went on sale many months ago, to test it. As a result, the phone really supports QC4.0, PD,PPS,PE and other charging protocols. The charging power is about 15W, and it takes two hours to fill the 4000mAh battery. Editor once praised Meizu 16Xs as Meizu charging real flagship, did not expect as early as two months before its release, with the same charging performance of Note9 has been born, Meizu Note9 and Meizu 16Xs can be said to be the most compatible mobile phone in the history of Meizu charging, users can get a good charging speed experience with a fast charger. It is also hoped that manufacturers will no longer be stubborn and will be able to add excellent fast charging protocols to the new machine to bring a better experience for users.

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