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In the more than 200 days after the transformation of Tencent 930, Tencent Cloud and even the entire CSIG, from organizational collaboration to business processes, to people, change is everywhere.

Text: "China Entrepreneur" reporter Cui Peng

Editor: Wang Fangjie

Image source: respondent

At the moment when the Panda live broadcast is about to go bankrupt, Tang Daosheng knows that if Tencent Cloud continues to provide services for it, the cost will not be recovered. The bandwidth and server resources that are constantly being consumed will eventually become a number on the financial statement, written under the accounts receivable.

Serving different customers, managing different contracts, even financial management, management of receivables and payables, and how to motivate sales are all things that should not be considered when doing To C business, but as the president of Tencent CSIG. Tang Daosheng, now needs daily attention.

The To B and To C businesses are very different, and no one will deny this.

Therefore, when Tencent promoted the 930 revolution in 2018 and established CSIG to specialize in the industrial Internet business, many people felt that it would not do well, the reason is genetic. In the 20 years of development of Tencent, it has always been around the layout of the consumer Internet. The social, gaming and entertainment businesses are fruitful, so that a company with a typical To C gene can do To B business, in the eyes of many people. It's like getting a whale to pick a peach from the tree.

But Tencent is determined to fully embrace the industrial Internet. The first thing it has to do is to eliminate this noise.

"Chinese Entrepreneur" heard a lot of rebuttal voices from Tencent. For example, Tencent President Liu Chiping responded in a tit-for-tat manner: "Many people say that we only have the genes of To C, and there is no To B gene. I don't believe this, you Looking at the successful species in evolution, not the kind of genes that have evolved from the beginning. ”

Another example is Qiu Yuepeng, president of Tencent Cloud, who said in an exclusive interview with “Chinese Entrepreneur”: “It cannot be said that Tencent is a company with no To B experience at all. We cannot define us like this. ”

When it comes to the topic of Tencent To B, it is very difficult to circumvent Qiu Yuepeng. The Tencent veteran has led the team to do B-side business for many years. In the face of outside doubts, Qiu Yuepeng is relatively indifferent, “We (Tencent Cloud) can go to today, certainly have their own strategies and methods”.


Tencent Cloud President Qiu Yuepeng

From 2014, Tencent officially announced that cloud services began to calculate. In the past five years, Tencent Cloud's revenue has grown more than 20 times. Looking back on the past development path of Tencent Cloud, it started with Tencent's dominant field games, and then entered the O2O field related to Tencent's ecology, followed by video and live broadcast. From the results, in addition to the rapidly cooling O2O, Tencent Cloud is in the leading position in the game and video fields.

What is the strategy and method that Qiu Yuepeng said? The story at the beginning of the article is either one. The ending of the story is that Tencent Cloud has been quite a live broadcast of the panda.

“To build trust, or to adhere to certain principles to do the right thing” & ldquo; “not everything is so careable, this is not the mentality of the To B business.” Tang Daosheng said to the "Chinese Entrepreneur".

Of course, when people repeatedly chew this case, even Panda Live is also thanking Tencent Cloud for the farewell letter, things will become a bit more complicated, just like those accounts receivable will become advertising fees. However, according to Qiu Yuepeng, there are still many examples of this in Tencent. The only difference is that the panda live broadcast will be very popular.

We are Qiu Yuepeng who met at the 37th floor of Tencent Building. Frankly speaking, the manager of this technical background is not a good interviewee. He is not able to talk, but it is better than the legendary saying. many. At this time, more than 200 days have passed since Tencent“930 adjustment.

For Tencent Cloud, in these 200 days, change is everywhere, from organizational collaboration to business processes to people. If Tencent Cloud is a natural To B business, then what Tang Daosheng and Qiu Yuepeng have to do is to strengthen its genes.

The opportunity is there. In the past two years, the cloud service market has changed suddenly. The leading AWS encountered a strong challenge from Microsoft. The old company Oracle has withdrawn from China. Tencent Cloud became the fastest growing cloud service provider in Asia in 2018, ranking second in the market in China. Synergy Research data) is getting closer to the leader Alibaba Cloud.

“You have a new table with different chips. The rules of this table are different, so everyone has a chance. & quoquo; Qiu Yuepeng said.

Code farmer turned into a salesman


At the beginning of May, Ma Huateng and Wang Jianlin appeared together at Fengke Wanda Plaza in Beijing.

In the past two years, Ma Huateng has almost become the spokesperson of Tencent's walking. The bus code business has been on the line, and he experienced the scene; Tencent signed a contract with the head company, and he appeared with a smile in the back row of the ceremony; he spared no effort for his own major conference occasions. Business platform.

At the beginning of May, Ma Huateng and Wang Jianlin appeared together at Fengke Wanda Plaza in Beijing, where the WeChat payment “Smart Business Circle” solution pilot square, led by Tencent Smart Retail Strategy, spanned four BGs within Tencent ( Resources and capabilities of the business group).

These changes have not only occurred in the "Little Horse", many of the styles of Tencent executives have begun to change in the past year. In the past, they focused on products and often played the role of code farmers and product managers. Now they are more like salesmen on the front line, seize every opportunity to promote Tencent to customers.

The customer is a new word for Tencent. “Before doing To C products is a user, but now to do To B's business, you need to communicate with customers to understand their needs. & rdquo; Tang Daosheng said. The high-frequency words that are now hanging on his lips are no longer "young and QQ", but "customers". A very intuitive change is that colleagues found that Tang Daosheng had more time wearing a suit. He told China Entrepreneur that he spent a lot of time visiting customers in the past six months, understanding customer needs, and then making internal adjustments to ensure good service. client.

In the early years, Tang Daosheng worked in database research and development and testing in Oracle. He also managed the R&D team in the software company. He should understand the needs of the enterprise. Even so, in the process of frequent customer visits, he found that many places are different from the original ideas.


Tang Daosheng, President of Tencent CSIG

The To B business has a complex process, a long chain, a large number of customers, and different needs. Tang Daosheng realizes that “Tencent's internal processes need to be changed greatly”.

The department that changed the most quickly was Tencent Cloud. Qiu Yuepeng joined Tencent in 2002. He was one of the early members of this company. He was responsible for the technical work of many QQ businesses and was the technical leader of SNG (social network business group). Tencent Cloud hatched inside SNG. However, he and Tang Daosheng, who was in charge of SNG at the time, played an important role in the growth of Tencent Cloud.

This technical man is now facing many new challenges. He has to assume the role of the team's number one sales, let himself leave the familiar office, go out to see a variety of customers, and frequently speak in public, representing Tencent Cloud.

“Coby (Qi Yuepeng English name) has been adapting to role changes a long time ago. & rdquo; Qiu Yuepeng an old colleague commented.

After he took over Tencent Cloud, he realized the importance of sales. In internal communication, he said, “To B’s big customers need to visit, just talk about it, we have to build a sales team ourselves. If there is no sales, customers will not Knowing what you are doing, your people have never appeared to me, they are all coming to me, I will not choose you, because I can't understand you. ”

On the competitor's side, thanks to Dr. Wang Jian's vision and persistence, Alibaba Cloud has started ahead of schedule and has many years of first-mover advantage. Once many technical infrastructures of enterprise-level customers are set up, the possibility of replacement is very low. Tencent Cloud’s sales pressure has been in a high position for the past few years, and it is desperate to catch up with Alibaba Cloud in front.

Tencent Cloud needs a differentiated case that makes it difficult for opponents to copy in the short term.

The government business was designated as the strategic level of Tencent Cloud, although Wang Jingtian, vice president of Tencent's government cloud and president of Digital Guangdong, said frankly to the "Chinese entrepreneurs" that the government informationization business is difficult to make profits for a long time. However, on the one hand, Tencent has a sense of mission of “scientific and good”, on the other hand, digital government can promote government and business interaction, “many companies are also willing to ride a car”.

But dealing with Internet companies and government agencies is a process full of cognitive and conceptual differences, like two strange rivers merging in one place, constantly colliding and merging.

The communication friction in the R&D process is constant, but Qiu Yuepeng does not want to flicker too much, “Draw a cake for the customer, and finally you can't deliver it. After the end of the day, (the customer) will not do business with you in the future”.

What really makes Tencent win the trust of its customers is the “Guangdong Province” project that supports the construction of digital government in Guangdong Province. This government service mini-program was launched in May 2018 and covers social security, household registration documents, transportation and legal services.

“In this project, the Guangdong Provincial Government has made great determination and has taken on many risks. ” Wang Jingtian told China Entrepreneur.


Tencent knows cloud computing data center

Due to the open data interface and the effect of capital use, the entire team has been involved with the pressure during the project operation. Fortunately, the results have made all parties satisfied, "Guangdong Province" has tens of millions of real-name registered users, about one in every 12 Guangdong people use it. In the 2018 provincial-level digital government index ranking, Guangdong's capacity index ranked first in the country.

The effect of the model project is immediate. After Guangdong Province won the first place in the country last year, Tencent received more and more requests from local governments and ministries and commissions. “Booming”, they all came to the door and hoped to cooperate with Tencent to promote digital government construction.

In the early winter of December 2018, Tencent won the “National Affairs” project, its full name is “China Government Service Platform”, which is the first national government service service program in China. Digital Guangdong Company sent more than 20 employees. Going north to Beijing, Tencent sent project management personnel to the General Office of the State Council and various ministries and commissions to dock.

This project has been raised to a very high position within Tencent Cloud and Digital Guangdong, and it is necessary to give people resources and resources. In just three months, “China's government service platform” completed development and started grayscale testing around the Spring Festival, which is far more efficient than traditional projects.

In June, “China Government Service Platform” was officially launched for trial operation. It has access to 1.66 million government service guides from 46 State Council departments and 32 local governments to provide users with enquiries, payment, and application for documents. A number of convenient services.

Similar demonstration effects are not limited to government affairs, but also financial and retail businesses.

At present, four of China's top five banks (CCB, ABC, Bank of Communications and Bank of China) have become Tencent Financial Cloud customers, and PICC also joined the Tencent Cloud customer lineup at the beginning of the year. Tencent Cloud's coverage of head Internet finance companies and licensed consumer finance companies has exceeded 80%.

In the retail sector, Tencent has partnered with more than 20 head retailers in the past year to achieve up to a 10% increase in performance. Among them, the cooperation with Uniqlo generated a conversion rate of more than 3 times the industry average during the event. The scan code purchase with Wal-Mart already has more than 30 million users, reducing Wal-Mart's 50% checkout time.

“ Eat your own dog food”


When an organization grows too large, it always faces the problem of a mountainous hill and a small team culture. If the external environment changes suddenly and the opponents are pressing hard, its response will become sluggish.

The total number of Tencent employees has exceeded 50,000 and is expanding at an average annual increase of 5,000. Among Chinese Internet companies, it is already a giant, and due to the traditional horse racing mechanism, there are many parallel and repeated divisions within Tencent.

Want To B, Tencent needs to finish the internal finishing. In the past, each of BG's BGs generally built products with products as the core. Now Tencent needs to include more external B-side talents and begin to adjust the organizational structure with customers as the core.

According to "Chinese Entrepreneur", CSIG has integrated the channels of its business and unified it into "Industry and Ecology Cooperation Department"; on the sales side, the sales team of Smart Industry and Tencent Cloud has been opened at the basic product level, but There are differences in industry attributes, and sales in the smart industry are more focused on solutions such as retail, travel, medical and automotive.

According to the principle of organizational adjustment and consolidation of similar items, it is foreseeable that CSIG may continue to adjust the sales team in subsequent adjustments, form a unified market, sales and channel team, and consistently face customers and partners.

In addition, Tencent also set up a technical committee at the beginning of the year, under the "open source synergy" and "self-research on the cloud" project team, coordinating the open source and collaboration of internal code to promote business integration on the cloud.

In the To B business market, there is a saying that is widely circulated: & nbsp; eat your own dog food & rdquo;. While convincing external customers to choose Tencent Cloud, it is unreasonable if internal business is not on the cloud.

Self-developed cloud is promoted by TEG (Technical Engineering Group) and CSIG in Tencent. As a company-level strategy, it requires the coordination and support of internal businesses. This logic is not difficult to understand. Alibaba replaced CHU with a technically-developed CTO Zhang Jianfeng. Coordinating Aliyun also has considerations in this regard.

Tencent’s self-study on the cloud is not a process of moving a physical machine to a cloud into a virtual machine in the traditional sense, but using a cloud-native model to develop its business. It is closely related to open source collaboration. Only by building the basic components and the middle-level capabilities can each department use a more unified model at this level.

“In the past, there may be repeated wheel-making. Now we are working together in an open source way. If you want to make a wheel, then everyone will use the same wheel. & quoquo; Qiu Yuepeng said.

Tencent's existing business volume is too large. To switch from the existing mature R&D system to another way, it is not something that can be done in the day and night. It needs the cooperation of various departments.

“Cooperation” is frequently mentioned in the external statements of major executives, and it is becoming the internal tone of Tencent To B. Compared with the integration and unification of the technical system, the cooperation at the business level is landing faster.

For example, after the 930 adjustment, in order to better support the development of Tencent Cloud, TEG transferred IDC (data center) and equipment procurement and supply chain management to CSIG. Lushan, senior executive vice president of Tengxun and president of TEG, has expressed his attitude on many occasions. TEG wants to give CSIG “to help the dead”.

In the early stage, Tencent Cloud has cooperated closely with IEG (interactive entertainment business group). The game is also the earliest field for Tencent Cloud to establish its leading edge. In 2018, PUBGMobile went to sea to give Tencent Cloud the opportunity to polish overseas services. In the past two years, WeChat and Tencent Cloud have been linked frequently. Based on the WeChat applet, WeChat payment and WeChat content platform, we have made many industry solutions to help Tencent Cloud attract many customers.

Liu Chiping said at the Yunnan Conference, “In the past, we relied more on individual products to open up to the outside world. In the future, we will integrate various products and services within the company, and combine the capabilities of external partners.”


Tencent President Liu Chiping

The commander will be ordered, and the three armed forces will use their lives.

Hu Liming, general manager of Tencent Financial Cloud, told China Entrepreneur that after the 930 adjustment, the structure of the entire department was constantly adjusted, and various departments of CSIG were looking for relevant points to create new scenarios and products. For example, Tencent Security has a number of laboratories to do data accumulation. After the restructuring, these laboratories have exported products to the financial cloud in the fields of financial risk control and overseas investment technology.

Wei Wei, general manager of Tencent Cloud International, also told us that Tencent Cloud did not have good synergy in the division of work in the sea business. After the restructuring, the cooperation between overseas and domestic teams was significantly strengthened. Business and architect resources There is integration. At the same time, Tencent Cloud's overseas regions have a unified team strategy. In terms of resource mobilization, where are the key inputs and where the progress is suspended, the overall planning is also clearer.

“We are a combined culture”


Team meeting

In the past 20 years, Tencent has conducted a large-scale organizational restructuring on average 6 to 7 years to meet the requirements of different stages of Internet development.

Qiu Yuepeng said to the "Chinese Entrepreneur", "Every adjustment is like this. At first, everyone will be upset and don't know what happens after adjustment. We (930) spent a lot of time adjusting to communicate with the team, including a lot of internal sharing, so that more people understand what is smart industry. ”

In each adjustment, someone will leave and someone will enter. The constant is that Tencent is always moving forward. However, this adjustment is very big, and Tencent has to face the industrial Internet that most employees are particularly unfamiliar with.

“It may be a lot of things to do before, Tencent’s style of play is not for sale. (But) we have to establish our own sales team, we must also develop partners, and tell us what Tencent can do with us. Qiu Yuepeng has been doing B-side business for many years, and has a clear understanding of the difference between C and B.

In the past two years, Tencent Cloud has recruited a large number of talents familiar with industry and government from outside to build product delivery teams and sales teams. The leaders of the General Office are very concerned about how Tencent Cloud recruits so many people from different cultural backgrounds to integrate into a team.


Tencent cloud team building

If a team does not have a cultural consensus, long-term battle and cohesion will definitely cause problems.

“There are definitely cultural differences and conflicts. I think we are a combination of culture, not a complete sales orientation.” Qiu Yuepeng joked that Tencent is not a company that relies on flickering.

For those new employees from outside, Tencent should explain to them the company's traditional culture on the one hand, and learn and tolerate each other within the team to explore the way of To B.

The integration and reconstruction of team culture is very realistic. In the long-term To C path of Tencent, the user experience is usually placed in the first place, but the situation is different in the B-side business, and customer demand is sometimes more important.

At the end of May, Tencent announced that it was the first company in China to achieve a total network server with more than 1 million servers. These servers are tested on the public network every day. The importance of security protection is self-evident. The need to protect customer data is clearly more important when security and user experience conflict.

Therefore, the first thing to build is a customer-oriented team culture. Take smart retail as an example. In the past year, every time you cooperate with a company, Tencent will send its own team to settle in the other company and use more than four weeks to hand-pick.

During the development of the retail solution, Utopia Labs connected the camera's server to the store's warehouse and was not accessible outside, so the developer wore a mask and continually commissioned it for three days in a dusty warehouse. The final problem was solved, the customer was very satisfied with the results, but the developer got pneumonia.

Even in order to survey the deployment point of a certain camera, a technician got into the hot exhaust passage of the square and was mistakenly locked inside. The temperature was over 40 degrees without the signal of the mobile phone. After more than 20 minutes, he knocked on the door and was cleaned. Find.

“radish cabbage first put in a pot”


When Tencent Cloud first announced its services, it gave itself the most basic infrastructure. Qiu Yuepeng said, “I have repaired the road. Everyone is running on it. Whether you ride or drive, I only manage the road. ”.

In the process of actually running the business, Tencent Cloud found that it is not enough to do the industry Internet only for road repairs in a few years. More and more customers are asking for more complicated demand for Tencent, and only sell a single cloud product, which has been unable to make customers. We are satisfied.

Tencent then adjusted its organizational structure and formed CSIG. In this adjustment, Tencent has redefined the industry Internet track: not only to be an infrastructure provider, but also to participate in industrial upgrading.

This is not a goal that can be achieved for some computing, storage, and network resources. Industry upgrades are a complex process that requires Tencent's ability to accumulate in the product and technology infrastructure and connect users on the C side.

In Tang Daosheng's description, this is called Tencent's “C2B” mode, which is seen by Tencent's top managers as Tencent Cloud's unique advantage in competition.

This model is typical in the smart retail business. Tencent Online helps the physical storefront to carry out digital upgrades, providing payment and advertising capabilities to retailers online, and then connecting online and offline to open C-side users and B-side merchants.

In the field of government affairs, Tencent often needs to put in the operation team to help the relevant departments to improve the attention and user activity of the small program. Tencent's Da Yue Network has helped the “Guangdong Province” to do a lot of work for C-end users.

Qiu Yuepeng told China Entrepreneur that Tencent and its customers talked about cooperation, “not only cloud, payment and advertising, but also cooperation in IP and content”. The demand for Tencent is never just cloud. It is the need for the entire industry to upgrade.


Qiu Yuepeng

The solution given by Tencent is simple & ldquo; rude & quoquo;, put a lot of teams together, & ldquo; radish cabbage do not know how to get, everyone put it in a pot. But instead of simmering, you have to taste a dish, and we will pair it with a combination. Qiu Yuepeng said that the demands of different industries are different. Everyone (businesses) will be put together first, and Tencent will do resource integration and adjustment.

In the interview, Tang Daosheng said that it is not only CSIG that embraces the industrial Internet, but the strategy of the entire company, everyone is involved. Now CSIG exports products and solutions, and many internal businesses are involved, mainly divided into three categories:

The first is the big business segment such as security, which is the basic requirement of cloud service, and the basic ability that customers pay most attention to, and is integrated into CSIG. Secondly, it is the fine business scattered in each BG, such as Tencent map, for many industries. All have an important role, but also integrated into the CSIG; finally, the accumulation of the entire Tencent technical level, because the establishment of the technical committee is gradually integrated. For example, the Blue Whale platform independently developed by Tencent Game Operations and the codec technology of audio and video labs.

The solution that is ultimately recommended by the sales team to the customer may include technical and product support from each of these departments. This is also regarded by Tencent's management as one of the advantages of Tencent Cloud's external competition. It not only provides cloud services, but also provides one-stop solutions to various industries.

In the traditional B2B competition process, the combat effectiveness of the push team is decisive. Both Ali and Huawei are known for their wolfiness in the sales team. Tencent Cloud will inevitably meet with each other after entering the battlefield. The product advantage is not enough to directly bring victory to the competition.

Qiu Yuepeng has his own opinion on this issue. He said: "This is a strategic and tactical issue. In the local battlefield, everyone is still very aggressive, but from a strategic point of view, you are going to be a local battlefield. Victory, or create value for customers in the long run. ”

Let's go back to the story of Panda Live. When it comes to why Tencent Cloud didn't stop, Tang Daosheng said: "How can we make customers have extra trust in you?" This is not only reflected in product quality, service and attitude, but also in what kind of mentality you are dealing with when customers encounter problems. ”

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