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China Electronic Commerce Semi-annual Bulletin in 2019: China's online shopping for nearly 4 trillion yuan in the first five months

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"China Electronic Commerce Semi-annual Bulletin 2019": Consumer Market Upgrading Electronic Commerce Growth Top

In 2019, e-commerce is still the main force of consumption growth.In the first five months of this year, China's total online retail sales reached 3.86 trillion yuan, accounting for more than one fifth of the total retail sales of social consumer goods.Thanks to the traffic effect of social e-commerce, e-commerce users continue to increase.By December 2018, the number of online shopping users in China had reached 610 million, and the penetration rate of online shopping had exceeded 70%.The huge network purchasing power also supports the strong growth of cross-border e-commerce. In 2018, China's total import and export of cross-border e-commerce commodities increased by 50%. The rising Chinese market has provided a new growth point for world trade.

In the first five months of this year,The total amount of online retail sales in China has increased by 595 billion yuan over the same period of last year, calculated by 610 million online purchasing users, with an average of 45 yuan more per person per week.China's total online retail sales grew 17.8% year-on-year, for the first time below 20%. The growth rate of China's e-commerce retail market has been lower than the global growth rate. After a period of rapid growth, China's e-commerce market is moving towards a more mature and high-quality development.

Too hard! After 90s, instead of buying anti-shampoo, they buy wigs

After 00, anti-aging began.

After November 11, June 18 has become a day for major ecommerce companies to compete for the big cake of the industry in the middle of the year.

stayJD.COMPlatform, the performance of household appliances is very eye-catching. Starting from today's zero point, the category of household appliances on Jingdong Platform has broken through the 1 billion yuan mark in only 2 minutes and 36 seconds.Air conditionerCategories exceeded 100 million yuan in just seven seconds.

There is also a dark horse in household appliances, that is, kitchen waste disposal. Sales of kitchen waste disposal units rose 251 percent during the June 18 period, which is inseparable from the garbage sorting system we are promoting. Shanghai, which is the first to implement compulsory sorting of waste, jumped from fifth to first place on the list of sales of kitchen waste processors. In the future, with the comprehensive progress of garbage classification, the products related to garbage classification are also expected to become popular styles.

By combing the data of e-commerce in these years vertically, we can find some people's consumption habits and even restore their life trajectories. For example, since the first 90 years, a large number of anti-shampoos have been purchased. Hair generator has become their new favorite last year, and this year wig has become the keyword of post-90s search. People of different age groups also have different shopping habits. For example, 25% of anti-aging products on the Internet were bought after 00 this year, much earlier than other age groups when they began to buy anti-aging products.

Now buying vegetables and fresh products online has become a habit, and e-commerce is not only working on the sales end and logistics level. At JD.D.'s hydro-vegetable plant, hydro vegetables were particularly welcomed by consumers during the period of``6. 18'' , with turnover increasing by 5.4 times year-on-year. But it's not cheap. 200 grams of 9 is worth$24.75 a kilogram, which can count as high-end vegetables. However, with the in-depth transformation of the agricultural supply chain by e-commerce, such high-quality vegetables will be more people-friendly, and the freedom of fruits and vegetables will not be a problem.

More than a month in advance, 11 seconds were emptied!

"Abnormal Spicy"Hot PotDid you grab Taste Toothpaste?

In recent years, taking e-commerce as a breakthrough, many old domestic goods have become new, realizing the reverse attack. This year's ``6. 18'' , the promotion of the old goods and goods is more varied, play across the world.

Reporter Wen Peiya:Toothpaste is an indispensable necessity in our daily life. In the past, it was relatively fresh fruit flavor. During the "June 18" this year, Leng Youling, an 80-year-old Chongqing brand, also played with new tricks and launched its own cross-border products, hot pot toothpaste for the first time. This toothpaste introduces three spicy degrees, namely slightly spicy, moderately spicy, perverted spicy.

The product was pre-sold 4,000 pieces on April 30, and was sold out in half a day. It was sold 200 pieces on May 10, and was sold out in 11 seconds.

Consumer Chen Shuang:At first it would be strange how something totally unrelated like hot pot and toothpaste could be combined and bought with curiosity, which was quite acceptable.

Chen Hua, Marketing Minister of Chongqing Dengkang Dental Care Products Co., Ltd.We want to highlight the cross-border scene and connect it with consumers through hot pot toothpaste.

In addition to the active transformation of old brands, traditional crafts are also constantly innovating. The traditional cloisonne crafts have been completely new-built. The semi-package Cloisonne Crafts are applied in daily consumer goods.During the period of``6. 18'' , the sales volume was 10 times higher than the daily sales.

Zhu Jingyou, curator of Chinese and foreign enamel galleries:This is a traditional cloisonne craft, the price is 4000-5000 yuan. To launch such a half-pack design, it only needs more than one hundred consumers to buy it.

This year "6. 18" compared with previous years, the domestic brand presents the product quality, the operation digitization, the marketing rejuvenation characteristic.

Liu Hui, Chief Data Officer of Beijing East University Data Research Institute:This year, when searching for domestic products, consumers often use the brand plus model search mode, that is, before he orders to buy, he has clearly known what he wants to buy.

Zhu Keli, Executive Director of the New Economic Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council:More and more of our old brand products, through the creation of Wenchuang's IP, including the platform's enabling, have superimposed the birth of its new brand.

China E-commerce "Mid-term College Entrance Examination"! How will the future change when growth reaches its peak?

Every year "6. 18", all kinds of ecommerce companies will do their best to launch their own promotional activities. This day has also become an important time node for e-commerce to compete for the consumer market after November 11. So, in this year's "midterm exam", what kind of new record will China's consumption set? What is the performance of Chinese ecommerce?

Tonight, CCTV Finance and Economics Channel launched a special report "China E-Commerce Semi-annual Report 2019", inviting Li Yongjian, Director of Internet Economics Research Department, Institute of Finance and Economics Strategies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Through authoritative expert analysis, professional data release, multi-site wiring, and a front-line survey of domestic and international markets, this paper combs the new bright spots and new trends emerging in China's e-commerce industry in the first half of the year.

Where are the E-commerce changes in the first half of this year?

Li Yongjian: Electronic Commerce Sales Promote Consumption Growth

Li Yongjian, Director of Internet Economics Research Department, Institute of Financial Strategies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:From January to May, e-commerce sales amounted to 3.86 trillion yuan. What do you think of this figure? As I said earlier, there are about 600 million people in the country who buy things online. In January-May, they bought 6400 yuan per capita. Last year, they only spent 5800 yuan, and they spent more.

In addition, the figure of 3.86 trillion yuan is equivalent to that of the whole year in 2005, and now it has exceeded it in five months, which is quite impressive from another point of view. From the point of view of the overall consumption growth, from January to May, it grew by 1.22 trillion yuan, 560 billion yuan, nearly half of which was driven by e-commerce. Just now, consumption has become the driving force of growth, and e-commerce really plays a great role in it.

Li Yongjian: E-Commerce's Increasing Living Service E-Commerce's Growth Slows

Li Yongjian, Director of Internet Economics Research Department, Institute of Financial Strategies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:The growth rate of e-commerce did come down in the first half of the year, but considering that it was growing at the level of 9 trillion yuan last year, the growth rate is low, but it is still a great achievement.

We should see that the penetration of e-commerce is wider. In 2018, the number of e-commerce users increased by 67 million, and everyone's consumption increased. At the same time, we see more and more new forms of business. From the perspective of consumers, the original shopping may be cheap and convenient, but now we pay more attention to brand and quality. Why so many old brands have developed many new ways of playing online in the first half of this year, which shows that the old brands are welcomed by everyone. This kind of connection with daily life is closer, and it is also an obvious trend.

What will be the future of "high quality" e-commerce?

In the first half of 2019, the network breaks through the limitations of urban and rural e-commerce and wakes up the rural market

As of December 2018, the scale of rural netizens in China was 222 million, an increase of 12.91 million compared with the end of 2017, with an annual growth rate of 6.2%.

From the perspective of rural online shopping market, the proportion of household appliances, furniture, clothing, shoes and other basic necessities of life is higher than that of the city, which fully demonstrates the carrying capacity of rural e-commerce, especially large appliances, and the purchasing power of farmers'friends far exceeds that of urban residents. Villagers'demand for high-tech products is increasing, and urban people's enthusiasm for rural local goods is also increasing. Short video platform marketing means, so that more high-quality specialties become net red, out of the mountains.

Li Yongjian: E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Promotes the Development of the Whole Industry Chain and Brand Building

Li Yongjian, Director of Internet Economics Research Department, Institute of Financial Strategies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:What is the long-term mechanism of e-commerce poverty alleviation? We can see some signs this year.

Firstly, the government's support system for e-commerce poverty alleviation has been gradually improved. Almost 90% of poor counties have entered e-commerce rural demonstration sites, and the government's support is very strong.

Second, there are many new forms of e-commerce poverty alleviation, such as short videos, such as live broadcasting, such as reverse customization, which greatly enrich the means of e-commerce poverty alleviation.

The third aspect is also the biggest change this year. After so many years of e-commerce poverty alleviation, agricultural products in poor areas, or some products, have formed brand. Its brand building is an important basis for the long-term development of commercial poverty alleviation in the future. Our poverty alleviation agricultural products are not standardized, no brand, and people dare not buy them.

Fourthly, the industrial chain in many poor areas is gradually taking shape, which is divided into two parts: one is based on e-commerce industry, that is, one-stop service including packaging and express delivery; the other is based on product industry chain in poor areas, which is to say, which products are suitable for online sales, rather than waiting to be sold online. These are far-reaching changes for the future.



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