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Dismantling small household appliances: The original vibration with mobile phones is a principle

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It's the vibration it brings when it's installed on the motherboard of a mobile phone.

The principle of vibration is very simple, just like the absence of leaves.FanIn the same way, the motor rotates at high speed inside the mobile phone by using cam (eccentric hammer device). During this process, the cam will move around and produce centrifugal force. The direction of centrifugal force will change with the rotation of the cam. At the same time, the rapid change of centrifugal force will cause the whole motor to jitter rapidly, and eventually drive the mobile phone to vibrate.


The Principle of Mobile Phone Vibration

This eccentric hammer technology seems simple, in fact, it has been applied in many household appliances, and there are many very high-end household appliances. The main function of eccentric hammer motor is to produce vibration, and the household appliances working by vibration are basically using this technology or principle, especially in the field of health protection, this technology is widely used!

Net Red Cleaner: Amplified Mobile Vibration Motor

First of all, the net red facial cleanser is indispensable for girls, such as LUNA facial cleanser. According to the feedback from the girls who used it, this is a very magical facial cleanser.CosmetologyThe instrument, through high frequency vibration, can bring a very deep cleaning effect to the face. And its vibration mode mainly comes from eccentric hammer motor!


Truna dismantles the machine

For this reason, we have also dismantled the LUNA cleanser for thousands of yuan. In fact, the internal structure is very simple. A control motherboard, a battery and an eccentric hammer motor are all of it. Seeing this structure, I wonder if you would like to pay for the 1000 yuan net red product?

Vibration massager: Don't think it's crooked. I'm talking about the massager that massages the cervical spine.

After looking at the working principle and structure of LUNA, have you learned how to draw inferences from one another? That's right. In fact, the vibration massager often used at home works the same way! The following thrive hand-held massager can be said to be a Japanese Internet Red product, although you may have seen it.


Giant eccentric hammer motor in massage bar

But don't think so! In Japan, thrive hand massager is a genuine massager, which is divided into medical devices. In Riya, it is interpreted as a light hand-held vibration massager with a guide to the use of waist and shoulder massage. It is said that this massager can be used to massage shoulder, neck and waist, which can effectively relieve the pain of these parts, especially for falling pillow. Effect. To tell you the truth, this product, like LUNA, looks very simple in structure, but the price is still conscientious, equivalent to about 170 yuan RMB!

Electricity of ordinary vibrationtoothbrushDon't buy similar principle, please choose sonic vibration products

Electric toothbrush has become a powerful tool to protect people's oral health. Compared with traditional toothbrush brushing, acoustic vibration toothbrush can greatly improve the overall cleaning effect of teeth by wiggling the brush bristles through tens of thousands of vibrations.


The mechanism of a domestic electric toothbrush

But it is worth noting that the acoustic electric toothbrush is not because the toothbrush can produce sound waves, but because the vibration generated by the built-in motor drives the effect of the brush bristle swing. This is actually not as magical as the propaganda, and the ordinary vibration electric toothbrush generally can not achieve the effect of sound waves! The low-end electric toothbrush dismantled in the figure above has a very obvious structure. It has a hollow cup motor with an eccentric hammer. The centrifugal vibration generated by the rotation of the motor drives the vibration of the brush head. This ordinary electric toothbrush is not recommended for purchase. The main problem is that the swing amplitude and vibration frequency of the brush are not high, and the vibration of the handle is relatively large, the noise is relatively large, and the whole brush head is not recommended. The experience is general, but the price is relatively cheap.



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