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You haven’t played a brand new version of Windows 10, how many operations do you know?

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1, night mode

It’s all in 9102, and I’ve found that there are still small partners who are using third-party Blu-ray software. "Night mode" is a Blu-ray function that comes with Win10, which can quickly remove the screen blue light.

In addition to the custom Blu-ray intensity, Win10 also allows users to freely set the open and close mode. There are two types of opening and closing modes, one is to open and close at a fixed time, and the other is to automatically open and close according to the sunrise and sunset time of the current location.

Day mode vs night mode

2, calendar

I often have a small friend to ask which calendar is best for Win10? In fact, Win10's built-in calendar is already very useful.

The first experience of Win10 calendar for ordinary users is the calendar panel in the lower right corner of the desktop, yes! It is actually part of the Win10 calendar.

Although the area is small, the functions provided are quite a bit. Festivals, solar terms, lunar calendars... Anything that should be displayed can be seen in this panel. And its most powerful place is to display all current to-do items.

Lower right corner calendar panel

Click on the schedule or "+" to go to the full version of the calendar, the full version of the calendar provides similar functionality to third-party software.

For example, you can add a schedule here, set an independent or default reminder time for your schedule, and support schedule grouping to distinguish the user's work and life. In addition, you can check the weather in recent days to arrange travel.

Full calendar

In addition, the Win10 calendar has a special feature, which is to add a game reminder. Click on "Add Calendar" in the lower left corner, then check the events you are interested in. By the date of the match, the Win10 calendar will automatically remind you of your attention!

Add a sports event schedule

3, automatic finishing hard drive

The current hard drive is a one-click finishing, click on it or let a lot of people feel trouble!

In fact, Win10 itself has built in an automatic cleanup function, just go to "Settings" → "System" → "Storage", open the "Storage Awareness" on the right, and then configure the automatic cleaning frequency. At a fixed time, Win10 will automatically clear the junk files in the above location.

Automatically clean the hard disk

If you are using a solid state drive, you can also check "Automatically optimize drives" under "Optimize Drives". It guarantees that your hard drive works at its best anytime, anywhere!

Automatically optimize the drive

4, A computer content is copied to the B computer

Copying the contents of A computer to B computer seems to have many solutions, QQ, WeChat, U disk, FTP..., but in fact, a simpler method is to use the "cloud clipboard" in Win10.

Specific method: Click “Settings” → “System” → “Clipboard” to open “Clipboard History” and “Cross Device Synchronization”.

When content is copied to the clipboard, Win10 will automatically sync the content to the cloud. The common understanding is that you press Ctrl+C on the A computer, and then paste it on the B computer by Ctrl+V.

Cross-device sync clipboard

5, inactive window can also use the wheel

In normal mode, the mouse wheel is only valid for the current window, but Win10 has a setting that allows your wheel to manipulate inactive windows at the same time.

This feature is located in Settings → Devices → Mouse and opens “When I hover over the inactive window” to experience it. If you are still using third-party software to do this, it's better to unload it.

Inactive windows can also use the scroll wheel

6, use a computer to send text messages

In the eyes of Win10,Mobile phoneIt is actually a small difference between a screen and a PC.

"Your mobile phone" is a gadget specially used to link PC and mobile phone. You can send SMS messages on the PC side, receive mobile phone call notifications on the PC side, view SMS WeChat on the PC side, and browse and delete mobile phones on the PC side. photo.

In short, its biggest feature is that there is no boundary between the mobile phone and the PC. Unfortunately, this feature has not been opened to the mainland for the time being, wait patiently!

PC mobile phone linkage

7, the film is more durable

HDR is a feature in the Apps panel that, when turned on, allows the video to automatically play in high-dynamic (HDR) mode (commonly understood to be richer in detail).

However, this function has certain requirements for the display. The old computer will definitely not work. If you are using a new computer, open this switch and try it. I believe there will be a good experience.

HDRvs normal mode

8, the game live

Live game isXboxOne of the features, including game screenshots, video, live video.

Press the shortcut key Win+G, you can clearly see several panels, the panel here can be retained or closed as needed, or you can specify whether to display in the foreground.

Because it is a function of Win10, the actual video effect is quite good, with low resource consumption and high definition. And it will automatically detect your computer, if the hardware configuration does not meet the live broadcast requirements, it will not be able to start.

Live game

9, sandbox

"Sandbox" can be simply understood as one that comes with Win10.virtual machineIf an .exe file is unsure of security, the easiest way is to put it in the sandbox and "test" it.

By default, you can't find this feature in Win10, we need to use "programs and features" → "start or close"WindowsThe function "installs it manually.

And this feature also needs to start the processor virtualization (HT) technology in the BIOS, the technical party may wish to try.

Win10 built-in "virtual machine"

10, the phone screen is projected onto the computer

Many small partners who use video will use third-party tools to record screens for mobile phones. In fact, Win10 can also achieve similar operations.

The specific method is: open "Settings" → "System" → "Project to this computer" on the computer side, and select "Wireless display" or "Multi-screen interaction" on the mobile terminal. After a while, the interface on the mobile phone is automatically projected into the computer, and the fluency is high.

Project the phone screen onto your computer

11. Have you tried the U mode of the input method?

When encountering uncommon words, many people first think of third-party input methods. In fact, everyone often ignores the input method that comes with Win10. This Win10 comes withMicrosoftPinyin has become very powerful after N iterations.

In addition to some of the usual features of third-party input methods, we can also use it to achieve uncommon word input.

For example, the word "焱" is generally difficult to fix with traditional input, but in the Win10 version of WeChat Pinyin, just enter the string "u" + "huohuohuo"!

Powerful built-in input method

In addition, Win10's built-in input method can also implement a lot of special character input, which is very similar to the third-party input method.

12, colorful mouse

Many people don't know, in fact, Win10's mouse is also able to change colors arbitrarily. Look tired of white + black, change your mouse color. You will find that the world of the mouse can be so colorful!

Colorful mouse

13, weak mode

Win10 comes with a special color mode called "color filter". Although it contains the word "filter", this product is actually not related to the photo. It is originally intended for users with weak color or color blindness. A special color mode.

Win10 color filter

After entering the filter, you can see a lot of color modes associated with it. Here we want to popularize it. In fact, the weak people are not invisible in color. They are just not distinguishing one or several colors.

In the range of the weak, the "red-green" color is the most relatively large.

In fact, the main function of this function of Win10 is to help the weak users to distinguish similar colors by adjusting the output intensity of different colors, instead of medical color correction, just use the filter type that matches their color obstacles. .

14, free screenshots

Win10 integrates a very useful screenshot function. Whenever you want to take a screenshot, just press the shortcut key Win+Shift+S, the screenshot panel will appear automatically on the screen.

By default, the system pops up a "rectangle screenshot", but you can also select other screenshot types (such as window screenshots, full-screen screenshots, custom screenshots) by mouse.

After the capture is complete, the screenshot will be automatically copied to the clipboard and pasted directly to the place you need to use it.

Win10 built-in screenshots

15, virtual desktop

Many people have used virtual desktop software, a desktop to do chat, a desktop to do presentations, and it is easy to do not.

In fact, Win10 also has a built-in virtual desktop function. The new desktop is generated by the taskbar → “task view”, and then the switch between “desktop” is realized by Win+←/→.

Win10 allows applications to "cross" virtual desktop displays, or to be limited to their own virtual desktops.

Win10 virtual desktop

16, near sharing

If you don't have a USB flash drive at hand and need to transfer files between computers, you can take advantage of this feature.

"Recent sharing" is a short-distance file sharing service in Win10. As long as the sharing parties support Bluetooth or WIFI, you can transfer files to the other party by right-clicking → Sharing.

After the other party agrees, the peer-to-peer transmission mechanism will be established automatically. The only problem is that the Bluetooth transfer rate is not high, the file transfer is slow, and some files are undeliverable.

Near sharing

Receiver prompt

17, leaving the office to automatically lock the screen

Exiting the office automatic lock screen is actually the most popular explanation of a "dynamic lock" function in Win10. As long as your computer is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter, you can open "Settings" → "Accounts" → "Login Options", check " Allow Windows to automatically lock the device when you leave" to enable the dynamic lock feature.

Simply put, you can set your phone to pair with your office computer. When you leave the computer for a distance (such as at your office door), Win10 automatically thinks you are away from the computer, thus automatically locking the screen to prevent others from Stealing.

Dynamic locks allow you to automatically lock when you leave your computer

18, timeline

The “timeline” is actually a large history panel. In addition to the regular functions of the history panel, you can also see the history of other devices that are the same as the account bound to the current Windows Live account.

If you store your files in the cloud, you can use this feature to continue interrupting work from any device.

The method of calling up the "timeline" is very simple. Click on the taskbar "Task View" or press the shortcut key Win+Tab. In addition, it is also a shortcut shortcut for the virtual desktop.


19. God mode

The "God Mode" originally originated from Win7, which is actually a full version of the control panel. Simply put, you can find all the settings in Windows here.

God mode

To enable God mode, you need to create a new blank folder, then right click on the folder and rename it "God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.". After the carriage return, the folder will change to a control panel. After double-clicking on it, the effect of the above image will appear.

Win10 brings together all the settings and sorts them according to the task category. And what we have to do is just double-click to open it.

20, excellent performance mode

Many people know that Win10 actually contains multiple power modes. For example, if it is set to "high performance" mode, it can maximize the potential of the system.

In fact, in addition to this "high performance", Win10 also hides another level of power mode, called "excellent performance mode."

Performance model

The performance model is not a public feature, we need to manually open it through PowerShell.

To do this, start Windows PowerShell as an administrator and enter the code "powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61". After the carriage return, the superior performance mode can appear in the power options.

The "excellent performance" mode is more efficient than "high performance", but the requirements for computer hardware are also high, and performance can be clearly felt on high-end computers.

Although the actual situation depends largely on the actual configuration of the terminal computer, for many Win10 enthusiasts, this is definitely a worthwhile function.

21, right click start menu

The Win10 start menu has gradually become familiar to everyone, but in fact behind it, it also "hidden" another simple version of the "start menu."

Right click on the Start button and you will see a powerful startup list. In this list, there are many system-like tools like Disk Management, Event Viewer, and Windows PowerShell.

Compared to the standard start menu, the hidden menu is more concise on the interface, while the function is more inclined to set the class operation.

Right click menu

Written at the end

Well, this is the small set of Win10 built-in "Sao" operation summarized in Xiaobian, is not very powerful.

In fact, compared to performance, Win10's changes in functionality are even more powerful, so that many third-party software has been "robbed" by the limelight. Ok, let's get these Win10 "Sao" operations mentioned today! Just try your mouse and try it.

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