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Executives intensive "missing" Lenovo high-profile publicity "300 million Shenzhen factory" fire

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Subsequently, Lenovo CFO Huang Weiming said in an interview with US media CNBC, "We are fully capable of transferring some countries affected by (tariff policy), such as China's production lines, to countries that are not affected by tariffs."

These two remarks, especially Huang Weiming's remarks, made the network public opinion boil, and the social network and information platform all showed a trend. Lenovo Group, which just released “revenue for the first time to break through 50 billion US dollars” and “turning losses into profit”, immediately fell into the biggest public opinion crisis since the “5G voting gate”.

First, "moving out of China" caused a negative review

On May 23, the earnings call was just over. Lenovo CFO Huang Weiming mentioned in the interview with US media CNBC that the factory was “moved out of China” to avoid the impact of the US tariff increase. The original English text is as follows:

(We are fully capable of transferring some of the countries affected by tariff policies, such as China's production lines, to countries that are not affected by tariffs.)

Such remarks have angered some of the public who are currently sensitive to a series of events. In a short period of time, a large number of netizens poured into Lenovo's Weibo WeChat, and Lenovo officially responded urgently.

(Under Lenovo's official public account, the operator responded to questions from readers who “moved out of China”.)

This is not the first time for Lenovo's public relations. In fact, since May 6th publicly published the article "Keep thinking, youth is not old", after responding to Lenovo's various negative events, Lenovo PR began to change the past " The style of grievances and sorrows began to "fire" in the commentary area to the questioning netizens.

Since then, Huang Weiming publicly apologized, saying that he "inaccurate expressions lead to misunderstanding", but Lenovo official did not respond to the company's possible future actions, neither Weibo nor WeChat to forward and declare an apology. . Netizens also did not buy this clarification, indicating that his statement is clear and there is no misunderstanding.

(Len Weiming, Lenovo CFO publicly clarified and apologized)

In fact, Lenovo is preparing to invest a large sum of money in the country. On the second day of Huang Weiming’s loss, Lenovo also announced that it will invest $300 million in the construction of a Shenzhen manufacturing base in China.

On May 24th, the official micro-signal of Lenovo Group released "Bet China's Zhizhi! Lenovo's 300 million US dollars to build a Shenzhen manufacturing base." Sohu Technology looked through the circle of friends and saw that many Lenovo public relations personnel had forwarded the article.

Second, Lenovo executives have repeatedly published "inappropriate remarks"

Earlier, Lenovo executives have repeatedly been condemned by Internet public opinion for "inappropriate speech."

On November 29, 2018, Yang Yuanqing was questioned by the media: "Are you a Chinese company or a US company? Jumping around in the past ten years." Yang Yuanqing immediately replied that "we are a global company rooted in China."

Subsequently, Yang Yuanqing “hesitated” for a while and replied: “We hope to be able to take it globally and use it globally. So we don’t just have a team we have developed in China, we also have very many R&D personnel in the US.”

Yang Yuanqing’s hesitation gave reasons for public opinion. It’s not a reaction at a time, it’s what executives often do when answering questions. But the question is, why do people make such questions?

This has to mention that Yang Yuanqing was once "out of context" by foreign media. Yang Yuanqing responded in an interview with the British media "The Inquirer": We are not a Chinese company, we're a global company (we are not Chinese companies, we are global companies). This report also explains why Lenovo has not received such aHuaweiThe same crisis as ZTE. For a time, public opinion was awkward, although later Yang Yuanqing and PR responded that this was "Lost in Translation" and "we want to be an inclusive global company," but in contrast, PepsiCo was asked similarly. The answer to the question is: "We're an American company but also a global one (we are not only a US company but also a global company.)

(The Inquirer's report on Yang Yuanqing, the title shows, Lenovo CEO: We are not Chinese companies, but multinational companies)

Third, the "5G voting gate" has affected so far

After the "5G voting gate" incident broke out, Lenovo's image was greatly damaged.

Yang Yuanqing once said, "It was originally a vote on technical standards. It was hard to be a patriotic topic in two years. Well! Patriotism, you can't stand the test! But the problem is, if you really put the technical standards on it. Patriotic label, can it still be unimpeded in the international market?"

In the "5G voting gate" incident, Lenovo's public relations strategy was questioned. According to reports, in the once chaotic situation, Liu Chuanzhi, the chairman of Legend Holdings, even personally went to the meeting and took the team of Legend Holdings to the Lenovo Group.

Since then, Liu Chuanzhi's "swearing to win the Lenovo honors defense war" has achieved a certain degree of effect. In his conversation with Ren Zhengfei, Ren Zhengfei said that "Lenovo has no problem in the voting process of the 5G standard."

However, Lenovo’s image has not been fully recovered. Since then, Lenovo has been tagged by some netizens and continues to this day. Under the information about Lenovo, the comments of netizens are mostly negative.

In the incident of "Association Suddenly Huawei" on May 19th, although the follow-up was apologized by the "creator", Lenovo's response also caused a lot of controversy. The root cause is the labeling of netizens' impressions of Lenovo.

(Lenovo recalls users questioning)

In fact, inappropriate expressions in special periods will also be attacked by public opinion in other countries. Untimely "real" or "reasonable" can cause trouble in the United States.

GM closed an Ohio assembly plant in March this year. Trump personally visited the factory, pressured the CEO, and tweeted Twitter. He used a series of actions to say that "GM is disappointing the United States" and asked GM to "must The same is true in the context of China.

At present, the executives of Lenovo Group may not be able to make correct judgments and attach great importance to the current public opinion situation.

Text | Sohu Technology Yin Lina

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