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12306: Railway Standby Ticket Purchase Service Expanded to All Passenger Trains

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(Original title: Railway standby ticket service extended to all passenger trains)

China Railway

The function of standby ticket purchase is that the railway department adheres to the development idea of taking the people as the center, and provides more safe and convenient ticket purchase services for passengers, which is also conducive to mastering the travel demand of passengers in a timely manner and scientifically organizing the train operation. Make the capacity arrangement more accurate, passengers have a better experience of buying tickets.

The specific process of the standby ticket purchase service can be inquired through the railway 12306 website (www.12306.cn).

Operational Instructions for Standby Ticket Purchase

All registered users of 12306 website can apply for the service voluntarily. In order to ensure the authenticity of the alternate demand, users need to verify the identity of the certificate before applying for the service. Users who have passed the certificate consistency check and active "Railway Freeway" members can automatically access the service. Users can complete the validation according to guidance through the Personal Certification Entrance of Railway 12306 App Personal Center.

Users without Railway 12306 App can download and install the scanned two-dimensional code.

1. Submission of standby orders

When travelers are on 12306 website (inclusive of ___________Mobile phoneClient) Buy tickets, enter the date of arrival and other information to query if there is no spare ticket, the page will appear in the relevant fare spare ticket display list "alternate" words, passengers can click on the corresponding fare, seat corresponding "alternate" area according to demand, the system automatically adds this demand to the current waiting ticket demand list.

Each user can submit an alternate order, and two adjacent bus dates can be added to one order that can be sent to the same station (which can be different stations in the same city). Each ride date can add two different "bus seats" combination requirements.

Web site schematic figure 1

Web site schematic figure 2

App schematic figure 1

App schematic figure 2

2. Payment of Standby Orders

After successful submission of the standby order, the payment should be completed within 30 minutes, and the standby ticket order will take effect immediately after the payment of the standby advance payment is completed. After the standby ticket order comes into effect, the relevant standby demand can not be modified. If it needs to be changed, the order can be terminated and reopened. When fulfilling, priority should be given to fulfilling eligible backup requirements in accordance with the time sequence in which the backup order takes effect. The advance payment is calculated according to the maximum amount of the ticket in the different combinations of requirements of the bill (the sleeper is calculated according to the price of the lower berth).

The system will continue to try to fulfill the standby demand for you after the successful payment of the advance payment of the standby ticket (the same standby demand is not partially fulfilled). If there are tickets matching the demand, the system will automatically generate the paid order for you. If the advance payment is greater than the actual ticket, the system will automatically refund the difference ticket; if the seat can not meet your needs, it will automatically terminate at the deadline of cash. If the user terminates voluntarily or the system automatically terminates the standby, the system will automatically refund the advance payment.

When the cash is successful or automatically terminated, you will be informed by the way you choose to notify. Please check the information and pay attention to the status of "standby order" cash.

The rules for refund and renewal of successful tickets shall be governed by the existing rules.

3. Standby Order Viewing

Click on "Standby Order" in the navigation bar of the personal center on the website to enter the order view page. The standby order can be divided into "pending order", "pending order" and "processed order". Among them, "processed order" contains three kinds of status orders: fulfilled, refunded and failed, which indicates that the standby demand has been fulfilled successfully; refunded order indicates the user's initiative. Return of tickets; Failure to cash means failure to cash alternate demand, which may be due to insufficient number of tickets, passenger travel conflicts and other reasons.

Schematic diagram of pending orders on website

Schema of pending orders on website

Schema of pending orders processed on the website

Schematic Map of Site Standby Cash Order

Click on "Standby Order" in the navigation item "Order" on App to view all paid standby orders. Unpaid orders can be viewed in "To Pay" in the "Order" item.

App backup order schematic

App backup order schematic

Details of App Standby Order Schematic Figure 1

Figure 2 illustrates the details of App backup orders

4. Warm Tips

1) When you cash in, you will allocate seats according to the actual situation of the train you are waiting for. When many people travel, they may be allocated to different carriages. When there are sleeping seats, they will be allocated according to seats.

2) The rules for refund and renewal of successful tickets shall be governed by the existing rules, and the refund fee shall be checked and collected according to the following rules: no refund fee shall be charged for more than 15 days before the start time of the bus stop, 5% for more than 48 hours, 10% for more than 24 hours and less than 48 hours, and 20% for less than 24 hours. If the ticket arrival date is changed or changed during the Spring Festival Transport, the refund fee shall be checked according to the standard less than 24 hours before the driving time. The tail number of the above calculation is 5 corners. The rounding of the tail number less than 2.5 corners, the rounding of the tail number less than 2.5 corners, the rounding of the tail number less than 7.5 corners and the rounding of the tail number less than 7.5 corners are 5 corners, 7.5 corners and above. The minimum refund fee is 2 yuan.

3) The refundable items will be returned to the original payment channel within the prescribed time according to the relevant provisions of online payment instruments used at the time of payment.

4) The real-name system and process conflict rules at the time of implementation shall be handled in accordance with the existing rules.

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