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Can we challenge Wechat this time? Byte bouncing new IM chat experience

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Flying chat all privacy tips do a good job

Flying chat can be usedMobile phoneNo. for login, does not support third-party account login mode. After the user clicks to send the validation code, a privacy prompt pops up and reminds the user that he may apply for address book permission, which is better than most applications.

Fig. 1 Register Flying Chat. 2 Flying Chat Reminder

The next step is to set up user information, and then chat to have a chat record synchronization function, that is to say, users can choose whether to synchronize chat records to chat.The serverIn order to follow the account, if you choose it or not, you can only store it locally.

Figure 3 Sets up Personal Data Figure 4 Chat Record Synchronization

Next is to apply for permission, chatting need to contact human rights and positioning permissions, these two permissions can be prohibited and have no impact on the operation of chatting, that is, it can not be based on contacts to add friends and positioning.

Fig. 5 Flying Chat Permission Application

Have you joined the Interest Group?

For the first time, there are many interest groups recommended on the home page. Users can click more on the upper right corner to see more interest groups. Of course, they can also search for interest groups through search function.

Figure 6 Flying Chat Home Page 7 Discovery Team

Don't know how to play chat? Flying Chat Official has prepared a "Flying Chat How to Play" interest group for users, click in to see the relevantCourseAnd skills.

For interested groups, users choose to "join" to participate in the group discussion, but some interest groups need the approval of the group leader or administrator before joining. If it is a hot interest group, the relevant management will point to the agreed hand pain, and the batch point, what is the significance?

For user privacy, users can set a trumpet for their avatars and nicknames when they join an interest group. After setting up, the members of the interest group can only see your trumpet information. Of course, you can also log in directly with the trumpet.

Figure 8 can be trumpeted

At present, the flying chat server is not stable, and there are often prompts when users apply to join interest groups.

Figure 9 Timeout Reminder Figure 10 Timeout Reminder

For those interest groups that are not included in the group, users can view the discussion content in the group, but they can not participate in the discussion, nor can they praise it. Xiaobian almost all the interest groups recommended by Discovery Page applied for membership, but there was no movement, even the official interest groups did not pass the audit, cannibalism! ___________ Up to the time of submission, there was still no successful participation in an interest group.

No topics of interest to you? It doesn't matter, so you can create a new interest group by yourself. The interest group can be set to a common or public type. You can also choose whether new members need to be approved or not. It should be noted that the creation of the group needs real-name authentication.


Figure 11 does not join the Creation Group without Interactive Permissions Figure 12

2 Flying Chat Experience: Rich Chat Function and Red Pack

Flying chat, full chat experience, rich functions and red envelopes

For chat function, fly chat support text chat, support expression (with bucket function), pictures, location, business card sent, also support voice information, of course, there is a red envelope function, the red envelope function needs to bind Alipay.

In sending voice information, chat supports voice-to-text function. Users can choose to send voice only or text only or mix both at the same time. The small edition tested the function of voice to text conversion, and the correct rate of recognition and conversion under standard Putonghua is quite high.



Fig. 13 Chat Function of Flying Chat; Fig. 14 Voice to Text Function

In addition to private chat, flying chat also supports group chat function. Users can create group chat or join group chat through search function. Group chat red envelopes also have hand-made red envelopes and fixed amount red envelopes. When chatting, users can comment on a sentence or a picture, or they can quote and reply to a sentence.


Figure 15 supports group chat

Talk about all the little gold praise to help you reward

Flying chat also has a special creative function, that is, its "little golden praise" function, that is, when chatting in groups, users can reward a picture or video operation. In the chat page, a button button will appear on the lower left corner of the video or picture message. If the user just needs to press it long, it will show a small golden Zan function. If you press it, you can increase the reward amount, but you need the other party to bind Alipay. This function is very good and can motivate users to participate in the discussion.


Figure 16 Xiao Jinzan

Chat about all the public's homepages

Flying chat also supports the public homepage function, which is similar to microblogging. Users can find discussion groups of relevant public numbers and new messages published here. Users can comment and comment on relevant content.


Figure 17 Flying Chat Official Public Home Page

Flying Chat All Experience Dynamic Pages

In the chat dynamic page, users can publish the dynamic, also can view the dynamic friends. Dynamics can also be seen by everyone or by friends, or even by oneself. Publishing dynamics can be text, images, and links.



Figure 18 Publishes Dynamic Figure 19 Sets View Permissions

Chat about all the strange designs

The strange design is that when Xiaobian enters the chat again, the "Discovery Group" function of the original homepage disappears and the entrance of more interest groups disappears. Is this bugs?



Fig. 20 First Entry into Flying Chat. Fig. 21 Open Flying Chat Again

Flying chat's home page search function can only help users search, contact, group chat, public home page and chat records. Interest groups do not support abbreviated keyword search, such as search for "chat" is not able to search "chat how to play" interest groups, this design allows users to know the full name of interest groups to search out.



Figure 22 Search Function of Flying Chat Figure 23 Network Search Results

Talk about ways to add friends

There are many ways to add friends. Users can add friends by searching mobile phone number or chat number. They can also add friends by lightning and scanning two-dimensional code. In group chat and interest group, they can also apply to add a participant as friends.


Figure 24 Adding Friends


It has gathered many features of social products, and has a good idea. It gives users a new social application experience. However, at present, the number of participants is not large, and interest groups are difficult to join. More efforts are needed to support users.

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