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HKUST News flies five new AI hardware upgrades iFLYOS to 2.0

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Among them, the five AI+ products are:

IFLYTEK translator 3.0

IFLYTEK transfer machine

IFLYTEK intelligent recording pen

IFLYTEK Intelligent Office Book

IFLYTEK learning machine

In addition to the release of new products, the virtual anchor Xiaoqing as a special guest at the conference became a highlight of the conference. The virtual anchor Xiaoqing can broadcast live broadcasts of the conference in eight languages, including English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Tibetan, and Uighur.

Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of Keda Xunfei: A.I. will enter the application bonus year in 2019

At the opening of the conference, Liu Qingfeng, the chairman of Keda Xunfei, attracted the interest of the audience in a unique way. He used the voice of one person to imitate the voices of Teacher Shan Tianfang, Lin Zhiling and Luo Yonghao. Then, it has reviewed the progress of the University of Science and Technology in the field of artificial intelligence, including speech recognition, semantic understanding, and AI medical.

The meaning of the theme "Your world, because of A.I."Liu Qingfeng conducted three levels of analysis:

With A.I. Enhance the ability of social serviceTo apply artificial intelligence technology results toeducation, medical, judicial and other industries;

With A.I. Platform enabling R & D personnel, empowering developers, and achieving scientists;

With A.I. Tools to expand individual abilitiesFor example, using a translator, a voice recorder, an office book, a transfer machine, etc., make people's work, life, and study more convenient and efficient.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has gradually entered the typical application stage from the concept stage, and artificial intelligence can be seen in many industries such as education, medical care, and justice. After clarifying the theme of the conference, Liu Qingfeng then shared the three standards of technical value.

Some negative views in the industry believe that after 2019, when a large number of artificial intelligence startups closed down, the tide retreated, the bubble burst, and artificial intelligence did not have a strong core technology; but Liu Qingfeng, chairman of the board of directors of Science and Technology, said, "2019 It is the first year of artificial intelligence scale application, and AI will enter the application bonus year to begin this year."

then,Liu Qingfeng summed up the three criteria for judging the value of A.I. technology:

A real and visible practical application case

Core products that can be applied on a large scale

The effectiveness of the application of statistical data

Judging from the judicial field, on January 23, 2019, the National Court for the first time used the “Promoting the Trial-based Litigation System Reform – Shanghai Criminal Case Intelligent Aid Case System (206 System)” to assist in the trial. This system was jointly developed by Keda Xunfei and Shanghai Public Prosecution Law, also known as “206 System”. It applies artificial intelligence technology to investigation, arrest, review and prosecution to trials, and promotes law enforcement efficiency and prevention of false and wrongful cases. Has a significant effect. At present, the 206 system has covered 102 criminal cases in Shanghai, and will be promoted and applied in seven provinces and districts including Shanxi, Anhui, Fujian, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Jilin and Ningxia.

As far as the education field is concerned, in the education industry, artificial intelligence promotes teaching in accordance with the aptitude, so that each child can obtain more precise teaching, so that teaching students in accordance with their aptitude can be implemented. Through the collection and analysis of students' classroom exercises, after-school homework and test data, the University of Science and Technology's Wisdom Education products provide each student with different personalized assignments, which greatly reduces the number of invalid repetitive training. Currently, HKUST is a smart educational product and The application has covered more than 25,000 primary and secondary schools. Students' learning efficiency is increased by 50%, time spent by 32%, and anxiety is relieved by 20%.

In the medical field, artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis and treatment reduce the rate of misdiagnosis and help achieve graded diagnosis and treatment. In 2017, the “Intelligent Assistant” of the artificial intelligence robot jointly developed by Xidafei and Tsinghua University passed the comprehensive written test evaluation of the National Physician Qualification Examination with an excellent score of 456 points. This is also the world's first AI system to pass the written qualification examination for practicing doctors. . In 2018, a mental health assistant with the potential of a general practitioner was promoted in four districts and one district of Anhui Province. Since October 2018, 1.8 million A.I. adjuncts have been provided, and the effective medical record completion rate written by doctors has increased from 10% to 78%. In 2019, it will be fully used in 55 districts and counties in Anhui, serving 40 million grassroots people.

Breakthrough of the two core technologies of HKUST:

Machine interpretation Test meets the Professional qualification Standard for the first time in the World

In November 2018, the University of Science and Technology's aircraft translation system participated in the CATTI national translation professional qualification (level) test, reaching the English second-level "interpretation practice (alternative interpretation)" and the third-level "interpretation practice" eligibility criteria, which is also human Intelligent advanced stage - another major breakthrough in cognitive intelligence.

IFLYTEK SQuAD 2.0 Competition all indicators exceed the Human average

In March 2019, the machine reading comprehension international authority evaluation SQuAD 2.0 mission of the University of Science and Technology News once again reached the top of the championship, and at the same time in the EM and F1 two indicators on the world for the first time beyond the human level, in one fell swoop set a new record.

Hu Yu, president of the company's flywheel value: five AI+ latest products, plus one iFLYOS 2.0

At the new product launch conference, Hu Yu hosted five new To C releases and introduced the new version of iFLYOS, the intelligent voice cloud operating system, iFLYOS 2.0.

Five To C new products released: covering life, work, study, etc.

1. Xunfei Translator 3.0:

Based on the performance advantages of the previous generation, Xunfei Translator 3.0 has upgraded its software and hardware technology to achieve a “0.6 second flash translation”, which enables clear pickup, loud external release and intelligent recognition of multi-tone.

In addition, Xunfei Translator 3.0 implements AI industry translation in seven major fields of finance, medical, foreign trade, computer, law, sports and energy; it can support translations of Mandarin and Cantonese, Northeastern, Henan, and Sichuan dialects, as well as Cantonese and English. Mutual translation, Uyghur and Mandarin translation, Tibetan and Mandarin translation.

2, Xunfei transfer machine:

The product is an integrated professional voice-to-text device, which can realize real-time transfer, pure offline recognition, and recognition of content into English projection screen for conferences, trainings, lectures, etc., and can generate subtitle output for video conferences in real time. After the meeting and the speech, the QR code can be automatically generated to look back at the PPT, the manuscript and the recording.

3, Xunfei smart voice recorder:

The recorder is equipped with a separate touch screen, which can realize real-time recording of text, Chinese-English translation, multi-platform synchronization sharing and editing, and has the functions of fingerprint wake-up and voice search content.

4, Xunfei smart office:

The smart office has a 10.3-inch E ink high-definition flexible eye-protection ink screen, re-enacting real writing experience, and also has instant voice-to-speech text, intelligent voice search, one-click sharing to view and edit, send and receive mail handwritten personal letters and other functions.

5, Xunfei learning machine:

Aiming at mathematics and physics, through the trilogy of making questions, finding weaknesses, and learning precision, the children's learning situation is clearly displayed, and the children are targeted according to their own learning conditions; the comprehensive pragmatic competence of English listening, speaking, reading and writing is improved: in different learning stages Have synchronous listening, speaking, reading and writing training, and clearly show the learning situation in the form of radar chart;

In addition, the wrong title function can not only automatically stipulate the wrong questions on the line and photograph the wrong questions in the test paper, but also can divide the subject, the wrong sound, the source, the time, the mastery and so on, and carry out the analysis of the wrong questions and further enhance and consolidate.

The release of the Xunfei intelligent voice recorder, smart office book and Xunfei transfer machine aimed at the user's office and other scenes, providing efficient and reliable office choice for all kinds of office people.

iFLYOS 2.0 release: open over 200 core skills

Keda Xunfei launched a new version of iFLYOS, a cloud-based intelligent voice cloud operating system launched in 2018, iFLYOS 2.0. The new iFLYOS officially provides more than 200 skills, including more than 100 content including Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Himalayan. Service partners provide related services to users.

iFLYOS 2.0 is further enhanced in terms of openness in order to meet the customization needs of developers: In addition to directly using the iFLYOS user system, enterprise developers can also choose to use their own user system; using the skills studio, developers can integrate their own Various services to achieve custom semantic services; in terms of wake-up words, speakers, GUI, etc., developers can integrate their own brand elements - allowing developers to develop their own smart hardware based on iFLYOS operating system.

In 2018, the open platform of Xunfei released the human-computer interaction interface. AIUI3.0 and iFLYOS form an end-to-end solution and implementation path. Up to now, the newly upgraded iFLYOS 2.0 integrates AIUI and iFLYOS to create an AI Agent (Intelligent IoT Operating System) that uses voice as the main form of interaction and intelligent hardware as the carrier to integrate the cloud and the terminal.

iFLYOS 2.0 has four characteristics of “humanized interaction”, “deep customization”, “end-to-end integration” and “high-efficiency development”. On one hand, it provides developers with highly integrated soft and hard integrated intelligent hardware solutions and powerful The integrated development environment; on the other hand, it can also provide consumers with a smooth interactive experience and diverse scene services.

Liu Qingfeng, chairman of the board of directors of Keda Xunfei, said, "Xunfei's corporate mission is to let the machine be like a human being, to understand and think, to build a better world with artificial intelligence. In this process, only the technical beliefs and the top-notch technical beliefs are maintained. Strategically, we can achieve the future goal of artificial intelligence 'Starry Sea'."

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