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AI lecture room, VR viewing room, real estate dictionary... a brother in the field of residential services, took the road of such an industry Internet

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Lei Gang from the concave temple

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Most people are hesitant when embracing change.

Even if you see the trend, there are very few companies that dare to bet on cutting-edge technology and look forward to the future.

Today is a story like this.

The four major economic scenes, clothing, food and shelter.

At least in the field of “live”, no one is more representative than today’s protagonist.

Technical school

In April last year, the shells were found on the line.

The new shells are upgraded by the chain home, and the shells are open to all practitioners in the residential service industry.


In one year, Shell Search has covered 98 cities and joined 160 new brokerage brands, serving more than 200,000 brokers and linking 21,000 stores.

Beyond these data, what is more worthy of attention is another distinctive label: technology.

If you have used the shell to find a room app, you will find a powerful VR viewing function. Simply put, it's like Google Street View in the room, with high definition, free movement and almost no distortion of the picture.

Hui Xinyu, vice president of shell-to-house technology and general manager of the company, is the helm of shell VR technology.

His other identity is the most influential PHP god in the circle.


Vice President of Shell Housing Technology, Mr. Hui Xinyi, General Manager of the Business Department

Under his leadership, in one year, VR completed the 3D scan reconstruction of 1.18 million suites and quickly became the largest VR listing database in China. Currently, it is growing at a monthly rate of 300,000 sets of new 3D reconstructions.

On this basis, Shell released a new product: AI lecture room.


According to the introduction, based on the massive VR listing data, such as VR combined with AI technology, intelligently process 3D spatial information through image recognition, structure processing and other algorithms to achieve understanding of the house itself.

Then, AI provides users with personalized smart room service through TTS (text-to-speech) technology according to the dimensions of surrounding facilities, internal conditions of the community, housing structure and transaction information.

The entire generation process takes only 1, 2, 3, and 3 seconds.

The scene is complete, the data is driven, and the technical team is blessed. The launch of the AI ​​lecture room is only a natural result. But the AI ​​lecture room is just the tip of the iceberg of technological shells.

Hui Xinyi explained that VR is essentially a data foundation for realizing the residential service industry by realizing the digital three-dimensional re-enactment of houses. Its core value lies in the user experience and the improvement of industry efficiency. In the future, AI technology can be used to empower more industries.

Professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, founder of Altizure, chairman of CVPR, ICCV conference, IEEE Fellow Quanlong, also agrees that 3D reconstruction plays an important role in artificial intelligence.

“ The purpose of artificial intelligence is to let the machine go & lsquo; see & rsquo;, go & lsquo; listen & rsquo;, go & lsquo; read & rsquo;. The understanding of images, speech and text constitutes the current artificial intelligence. Among them, vision accounts for 80% of our perception, so artificial intelligence is actually defined by computer vision. Therefore, the development of artificial intelligence and the success of its application are limited by the development of computer vision. ”

“The world we live in is three-dimensional, and human vision is a dual purpose. Only with binoculars can you perceive 3D depth information, and 3D depth information can interact with the environment. ”


Professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, founder of Altizure

In addition to technology cognition, the shell team is also driven to continuously improve the user experience.

On the first anniversary of the shell, the “New Residence Conference”, Song Yunduan, the general manager of the shell-to-house store platform, announced the establishment of the “Shell House Product Committee” to improve the communication mechanism so that every store owner can publish The platform's viewpoints and resource requirements further activate the platform's iterative update capability and unite the nation's service providers to advance the digitalization process of shells.


Song Yunduan, general manager of the shell-to-house shop platform

In addition to the “Shell Finding Products Committee”, Shell Findings also has a number of enabling infrastructure.

For example, the largest domestic real estate database ——“property dictionary”, 187 million sets of real housing information, covering 325 cities in China, 450,000 communities.

For example, ACN brokers cooperate with the network, so that agents of different brands, different regions and different stores on the platform can cooperate efficiently to help customers to deal with.

At present, there are more than 380 million users who use the house valuation function to find houses, and more than 89 million users use the map to find houses.

On average, 7 transactions per 10 transactions are cross-store transactions, 1 single transaction is completed by 13 brokers, and the farthest cross-city transaction is 3,000 kilometers apart.

In a word, data-driven, technology-enhanced, platform-oriented thinking, the industry is prosperous.

But open platform shells, how to explain the timing of the online "time and place"?

Data, data, or data


Shell looking for a house CTO Yan Wei

Product technology expert Yan Wei, joined the chain home network in 2014.

In the midst of the tide, he is now a shell CTO. He knew that as early as 2009, the company was already targeting data-driven and planning a real estate information system such as a real estate dictionary.

Since then, the various processes of real estate transactions, from the object to the people, data-driven standardization, officially achieved the data-driven 1.0 era in 2011.

Since 2014, the Internet team has been scaled up and started to improve the C-side experience —— from the customer to the owner, more interactive data begins to precipitate. This is the 2.0 era.

Therefore, the third phase starting in 2017 is also a matter of course, AI blessing, cloud computing is convenient, many of the big data information accumulated before can be further analyzed, shells can be more applications around data and models.

Therefore, on April 23, 2018, the shell search room was launched. The organizational capacity and technical ability accumulated over the years have become the industry strength of external empowerment after standardization of the data model.

Yan Yan feels that if it is not a consistent data-driven thinking, platform technology, products and services are impossible to talk about.


Hui Xinyi also believes that behind the shell to find a house is a firm determination to invest in research and development.

“A lot of shooting design is not cost-effective. We need to have a high precision and a particularly good effect. In the future, there will be a laser solution, the cost will be higher, but the precision will be higher. ”

The research and development and landing of VR viewing technology have lasted for more than two years and invested more than 200 million.

There are also questions from outsiders, and whether such investment is cost-effective.

But Hui Xinzhen believes that the answer is yes.

He said that shells attach great importance to technology because technology really benefits them.

Inside the shell, real-time data and system feedback will tell them the latest results in terms of technology investment.

Taking VR as an example, the user's stay time increased by 74% after going online. The user's retention on the 7th increased by 52%, the average daily browsing volume of the listing increased by 99.8%, the business opportunity conversion rate increased by 16%, and the total number of VR listings reached 168 million. Since the AI ​​lecture room was launched, the user's listening completion rate has exceeded 72%. These all mean a significant increase in trading efficiency.

This makes them more accurate and more enthusiasm.

It can be said that the origin of shells is thanks to the technology-driven, but technology is now also counter-acting on the platform to be more precise, looping and moving forward.

More importantly, the spring river plumbing, data driven to the new historic point.

Historical process

Shell search for housing launched in 2018, is the first shot in the field of residential service transformation.

And from the Internet to traditional industries, industry leaders have the same judgment.

Wang Long, vice president of Tencent Cloud, said at the new residence meeting: “We are deeply aware that if we want to further improve the efficiency of society and create more value for society, we must connect these. Technology penetrates into various industries, and we want to help these experts in the industry, not individuals, to make these groups better connected. ”

Tencent also used the action to express its recognition of the shell, becoming an investor in the shell, and leaving the last gold entry position of the WeChat zodiac to the shell.

Looking back on a larger vision, in fact, all walks of life have perceived the historical opportunity of “Industry Internet”. It was only then that everyone didn't know how to describe it accurately.

AlphaGo is falling, AI is rushing, big data is being redefined, cloud computing is gaining power, and online and offline integration seems to be the eve of real change.

But for areas such as real estate, observers outside the industry have seen too many “wolves are coming” and it’s not raining.

From the Internet era to the mobile Internet era, every change in the real estate sector began with thunderous roars and a few years later.

But the shell looking for a house thinks that the AI ​​is different and ready.

Yan Wei said that he does not think that AI changes "to be illusory". Being in the industry, he has the advantage of innate scenes.

Because from the perspective of shells, AI blessing, driven by user demand, can ultimately see results in terms of efficiency and cost.

For example, this time the shell anniversary birthday, their team also brought the AI ​​assistant <; Beckham 1.0” as a gift.

This is a smart voice assistant that serves customers and platform brokers. On the one hand, it clears the customer's intentions and appeals more clearly, and on the other hand helps platform brokers to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Yan Wei said that if the shells join the staff, they will still go to the first-line stores for an internship. When he joined that year, this tradition helped him better understand the business and understand the technological innovations that business can drive.

The same is true now, just the need behind more business, they are beginning to think about how to solve with cutting-edge technology.

AI is one of them, but technology is ultimately a means of serving demand. VR, 3D modeling, cloud computing, and many other technologies are helping them to differentiate and drive business.

At present, in terms of content generation, customer service operations, quality control testing, etc., AI and other technologies are playing a real role in the shell search platform.

It even includes vertical scene innovation in the hardware field. For example, if you look at the team, you can develop a VR camera and build it into a tool for 3D scanning reconstruction.

But this is not surprising. Shells have scenes such as residential services. Picking up technology tools or letting the outside world see their technological strength is only a matter of time.

And the shells have found their own path.

Think bigger, do more, and your goals and visions are impressive.

In areas such as heavy resources such as residential services, the core of each company's process of development is the process of continuously expanding the boundaries.

The competition process is also extremely fierce. The more the enemy is, the deeper the hostility. The news of real estate brokers' mutual blacks is not unfamiliar.

Nietzsche said that killing you will make you strong.

The chain was founded in 2001. After more than ten years of rivers and lakes, it can be used in the vertical field.

But the shells are looking for a house, and the guards are surprisingly amazing.

This means to be born again and again, to wave goodbye to past play, past self, and even past interests.

The introduction of shells in 2018 to find a house is just the 18th year of chain entrepreneurship. 18 years of being regarded as an adult in human life can now be seen as a new starting point for the residential service industry.

Actively put down the care, in order to be unconcerned. By actively embracing change, it is possible to truly win change.


How to evaluate the shell road?

When the shell is one year old, the performance of many dimensions can give the shell road a stage evaluation.

Still at the new residence meeting. In addition to the main forum, the conference also set up the theme of “Building a new broker”, “Foreseeing Smart+”, “New Business Landscape of the Future Community” and “City · Residence & Middot; Change” Sub-forum. Therefore, the audience identity is also diverse.

But the most intuitive thing is that all the release, elaboration and examples of the shell scene revolve around empowerment, partnership and win-win, not a single statement, talking to yourself.

From the speeches on the stage to share the guests, to the participants in the audience, there are more than 100 business executives from real estate developers, apartment operators, brokerage brands, decoration and community services.

In addition, there are a large number of technology practitioners who have realized that data and technology are bringing opportunities and changes in the field of residential services.


Chairman and CEO of Huaxing Capital Group Bao Fan

The shell investor, Bao Fan, founder of Huaxing Capital, has repeatedly emphasized the development concept and amazing speed of shells.

He said that traditional companies will not use the industry Internet is a common problem. Traditional enterprises have no matching online and offline capabilities, but they are eager to advance; they are too slow to operate with traditional decision-making mechanisms, and it is difficult to keep up with the rhythm; they are vacillating, and they are not expected to make an opportunity for the profitability and long-term battle of the Internet.

Therefore, only a very small number of entrepreneurs can truly embrace the Internet. But even so, the development of shells in the past year is still very amazing.

Bao Fan said that the shell is reshaping the entire Chinese residential service industry at a phenomenal speed. Today, the proportion of non-chain stores on the shell platform has surpassed the chain stores.

Bao Fan said that the food, clothing, housing and transportation are undergoing tremendous changes. In the field of “residence”, he felt that the shell took a decisive step.

Shell as an industry Internet "new species", it chose a road that suits itself, starting from the business scene, driven by data and AI, and then opening up the capabilities and resources to the entire industry, hoping to achieve unprecedented in this field, It is also difficult to imagine whether there are latecomers with the same courage and determination.

Shell brain

Finally, Yan Yan talked about his little dream.

He said that he hopes to lead the team to create a "brain" for the shell, which will be an experienced expert, an assistant who can quickly understand the needs, an AI system that the real estate service field knows.

However, Yan Yan said that the shell style is pragmatic, and when he really made it, he hoped to talk more.

Yan Yan also felt that when he joined the company in 2014, many engineers and friends did not understand the significance of technology for the residential service industry.

But after a few years of rush, more people know, understand and want to participate in the shell, and hope to bring innovation.

Now, more than 2,000 engineers are fighting together for a bigger vision.


Shell Weifang Chairman Zuo Hui

In the emotional time, there is also Shell Weifang, the chairman of the house.

He said that in 2001, he joined the real estate brokerage business and witnessed the iterative staggering of the whole industry for nearly 20 years, witnessing the ups and downs of online and offline exploration.

But now, he knows exactly where the industry will go:

First, the level of industry efficiency must be greatly improved.

Second, the consumer experience will inevitably increase substantially.

Zuo Hui said that the positive cycle of the industry has taken place, and digital means can really help reshape China's entire residential industry Internet.

Now, after the shell has been on the line for a year, the first transcript is handed over.

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