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Are there 996 in foreign countries? Chinese engineers in Silicon Valley say so...

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The article is abstracted as follows:

Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla, had previously said he worked 120 hours a week when electric car manufacturers were in trouble because of delays in production. "There are too many workplaces everywhere, but no one can change the world in just 40 hours a week," he said in social media.

The father of Python pointed out directly that "996" was inhumane, and he even sought ways to save Chinese programmers in the Python community.

So how do Silicon Valley technology practitioners work? In their eyes, what are the differences in working culture between Silicon Valley and China?

Jin Tian, a 31-year-old Senior Software Engineer at Google, has been in the United States for nine years and has worked at Google for three years.

He works nine to six hours a day. He says that besides having three meals at Google, he will go to the gym in the evening and read popular science books on weekends besides watching variety shows.

Jin Tian said: "Physical and mental health is more important than wealth and nobility. Programmers are not just knocking on code, but solving problems, which requires some creativity."

In an interview, he and his wife were preparing to welcome friends to their homes at night, and they were going to watch the latest season of Game of Power together. He is satisfied with his present life.

Sui Xiang, another Chinese engineer working at Google, has just joined Google for less than four months. He feels that there is little difference in work culture between China and the United States. "Because of unexpected situations in some products and platforms, there are occasional overtime, mainly because of differences in Internet segments, such as the game industry may need to be online all the time."

In Silicon Valley, some startups need to work overtime, but not compulsory. Some well-known technology companies, such as Facebook, have always adhered to the concept of efficient work, that is, "Done is better than perfect" (it is better to finish the work than to pursue perfection).

In a word, you can have a variety of choices, you can choose "work-life balance" or "996" on your own initiative, because you may be promoted faster, but the company will respect your life goals.

Sui wants to say that his struggle is for children to get better.educationEnvironmental Science. "Time is more important than money." In his spare time, he tries to play football once a week for fun and health. Is there an effective evaluation system for employees in the company? Did the struggling employees receive the rewards they deserve? These are all considerations of the company.

Yahoo's senior R&D engineer, Tianmu (not his real name), is 30 years old. He has been in the United States for 8 years and worked at Yahoo for 2 years. From physical research to software development, he is also ten to six nights a day.

Since the first three meals were settled at Yahoo, we can only enjoy breakfast and lunch (because Yahoo does not provide dinner). Talking about fitness, he said that recently, because of the treatment of lumbar spine problems, only simple limb movements can be done. His ideal is to become a conscientious, socially responsible and intelligent software engineer. He said that most people's dreams are ordinary, such as spending time with their families.

Xu Chang, 34, has worked in the United States for five years. He is currently working as a senior software engineer at Electronic Arts Game Company, which has developed games such as Botanical Wars Zombies and Excellent Flying Cars.

Xu Chang was in China before he came to the United States.MicrosoftTwo years later. Chao said that he never advocated working overtime, whether in Silicon Valley or at Microsoft in China at that time. "The bus over 7 p.m. is almost empty."

"As an engineer, unless the project is particularly urgent, it can usually be completed on time." He said he never worked more than ten days a year.

"Because writing high-quality code requires innovation, and the more we go up, the more we need soft power." "Not 996 doesn't mean not studying," he said. "Of course single people may walk a little later, but no one forces them to stay."

Xu Chang said that he believed that the goal of life struggle is not enough to succeed in a career. "It's enough for me to give more time to my family, accompany my children more, have a harmonious family and live financially." Compared with the quality of life in Silicon Valley and the first-tier cities in China, he said that the consumption level in Silicon Valley is similar to that in Shanghai, but the salary here is 2-3 times higher, which is naturally much easier.

Big Joe, one of the few Chinese product managers in Silicon Valley, has been working at Google for nearly six years and has gone through many twists and turns in his job search after graduating from the MBA at Emory University in Atlanta.

He believed that he had been on the road of self-exploration, and that sense of achievement and pleasure were most important to him. "There are many top-down decisions at home, and most of the founders of Silicon Valley companies are no longer there."

"With the rapid development of China's economy and the pressure of competition, and the imbalance of supply and demand between domestic programmers and their corresponding positions, programmers'premium ability is naturally different." He said.

In his spare time, BigJoe shared his experience everywhere in Silicon Valley. He was also the chairman of an MBA Association in the Bay Area. Even people from the East Coast flew to their party. He felt very successful.

Silicon Valley does not have "996", but they also have "workaholics". In these jeans and T-shirts, you can always see slogans like "Dream" and "Beyond Others".

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