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The first batch of 5G mobile phones are approaching the industry but think that "5G has little meaning for mobile phones"

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Laughing when it comes to 5G phones? This kind of scene is not the first time. In this year's public activities related to 5G, many people in the industry hold this view: although 5G networks have high reliability, large bandwidth, low latency and other characteristics, they can promote bio-networking. , industrial Internet, car networking and other emerging scenarios, and ultimately point to a trillion-scale market, but these terminals do not seem to be combined with mobile phones to form a just need, and in terms of consumer demand for mobile phones, 4G network Communication capabilities are sufficient.

Because 4G mobile phones cannot support the new technologies and frequencies of 5G networks, if users want to experience the new experience brought by 5G, they need to replace 5G mobile phones. 5G can achieve the era of Internet of Everything. Although the smartphone is only one of the terminals, it is still used as a window for the outside world to perceive 5G.

According to the strategic nodes announced by the three major operators, the first batch of 5G mobile phones will be launched in the second half of 2019. At the MWC World Mobile Congress on February 25 this year, OPPO,Huawei,MilletAnnounced the company's first 5G phone. According to the Baidu Index, Internet users' search index for 5G mobile phones also reached its highest point in half a year.

Will 5G mobile phones fire?

After the speech, the above-mentioned people told reporters that from the 4G transition 5G communication conditions, the mobile phone will experience a change from tens of megabytes to gigabits, and the gap is very big, but he and his colleagues have not thought about it so far. What value does 5G mobile phone bring? After all, the functions of mobile games, video photos and other functions under the current network conditions are sufficient. It can only be said that 5G can provide more system energy, and can optimize the common operation of countless mobile terminals at the same time, but this is specific to what new functions can be realized by mobile phones alone, and there is no clear idea.

On April 3, Huang Ying, vice president of Lenovo Group, head of the enterprise research cloud computing research office and wireless research laboratory of Lenovo Research Institute, told the Economic Observer that he also felt that there was such confusion in the industry. Very high, but the industry is generally low." But he doesn't think this is a problem with the 5G phone itself. He said that he is now in the "darkness before dawn". Before the 5G commercialization, everyone did not know how to use it.

Sun Yanxi, the first mobile phone research institute, believes that in the past stage, when China transitioned from 3G to 4G, there have been trials in Europe and the United States. In the exploration, there is a clear application direction for mobile phones. In the 3G era, smart phones began to provide anger. The game service represented by Birds, the 4G era smartphones began to provide live and short videos. The difference between 5G and the current is that the world is in the laboratory stage. What is the killer application brought by 5G on a mobile terminal such as a mobile phone? There is no clear result in the world.

From the perspective of public materials, the price of the first batch of 5G mobile phones will be more expensive. Xie Yushan, senior associate of TrendForce Research Institute, said to the Economic Observer that the increase in mobile phone costs has made mobile phones expensive. From a technical point of view, 5G is not easy to design due to the wide range of frequency bands. The initial chip solution is limited, plus the 5G technology route flexibility and multi-mode coexistence bring more options.

However, for basic functions such as high-definition video, games, and video, the industry believes that 5G has not brought a leap to the experience of mobile phones. For watching high-definition video, Liu Buchen, a senior observer in the home appliance industry, told the Economic Observer that the 8K ultra-high-definition video that the industry is expecting is the value of the 5G era, but this pairTVIt is of great significance and does not make much sense to the mobile phone. He said that 5G mobile phones will not bring obvious visual enhancement to users on ultra-high-definition video. "The mobile phone screen is too small, and the definition of clarity is not as high as that of TV."

Regarding the camera function of the mobile terminal (including shooting, unlocking, payment, etc.), Xie Yushan believes that basically 4G network can support, only 5G brings higher speed, wider connection, and 5G technology transmission emphasizes security.

For the game, Xie Yushan believes that the 5G network environment can make the cloud game more stable and smooth. Due to the increase of network speed and network capacity, the video and game experience will be more optimized, but the speed increase in mobile games is only the essential factor. One.

If the smart phone is to install more apps for the mobile phone, then the popular AI mobile phone in the market is more to incorporate AI technology into mobile phone APP or basic functions such as video camera and game. Such mobile phone is becoming a hot spot. At present, the artificial intelligence unicorn company Shangtang Technology has cooperated with many domestic mobile phone manufacturers and has landed functions such as face unlocking, face payment, gesture recognition, AR special effects, and double-camera, while Shangtang Technology Company has observed the economy. According to the newspaper, these functional solutions can be supported on current 4G mobile phones. For the AI ​​functions of 5G mobile phones, the research and development work of the product team is also planned, and more new products and solutions will be launched in the future.

New role for mobile phones

Huang Ying believes that it is not possible to simply extend the functions of 4G mobile phones to 5G mobile phones. Because of the network conditions such as 5G, various scenarios will be created, including Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, Telemedicine andeducationWait, and the mobile phone should be combined with these new scenes to play a completely different role from the 4G era in order to truly realize its value.

Speaking of the concept of future mobile phones, OPPO Vice President and President of China Business Department Shen Yiren said at the new product launch conference on April 10 that mobile phones have largely replaced the functions of computers, MP3s and cameras and become information synthesis. The means of processing and acquisition, and the future is not necessarily the form of mobile phones. The shift of computing power and some changes in the 5G era have brought a lot of imagination and possibilities to the mobile phone industry. Maybe the future mobile phone is just a headset, even a glasses, etc. All things are intelligent interaction through voice and cloud. Specifically, for the 5G mobile phone compared to 4G killer application, OPPO this conference did not mention. "At present, there is no consensus on the new role of 5G mobile phones." Huang Ying told the Economic Observer, but some practitioners have already had initial thinking and design. As far as Lenovo is concerned, 5G mobile phones are likely to be output as a content. The role of the end.

Exploration has begun, Lenovo's motoZ3 modular 5G mobile phone is on the market. On April 3, Huang Ying showed the mobile phone to the Economic Observer, which was implemented by installing a specific module outside the mobile phone. The smart speaker module can be installed and a 5G chip module is also introduced. As long as it is in the 5G network coverage area, this module can be externally installed to turn the existing 4G mobile phone into a 5G mobile phone.

In Huang Ying's view, the current modular 5G mobile phone is a more economical option as a transitional version, and Lenovo is also developing a true 5G mobile phone.

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