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996. ICU can't escape the cool, Internet practitioners can't escape the "high salary trap"

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It is impossible for a performance art to stop the entire market trend, which is impossible in this life.


Starting from March 27th, as of this writing, the number of Stars in the 996.ICU of GitHub has exceeded 180,000. This campaign by the programmers, which is openly opposed to the 996 work system, has already passed through the Internet circle. In the workplace paradox of the whole society, it has triggered a big discussion in the workplace from top to bottom. There are fierce arguments in all major communities, from Weibo to knowing and then to the context. The subsequent obstruction of the 996.ICU website by major domestic browsers once again brought this wave of discussion to a climax.

It is called performance art because it is an action that is doomed to be inconclusive, like a conspiracy carnival, so that the depressed people in the city find a venting exit. People try to find various evidences to support their views, from the class struggle of Marx to the modern management of commercial civilization, from the distribution of production factors to the humanitarian equilibrium, from the rational struggle for others to planning for their own lives, which seems to win the debate. The victory, in fact, more just proves its existence.

Even those who oppose 996 know that they don't have much chance of winning. The highest density of people in the Internet is the most popular, and there are very few people who are really busy with the issue. There are very few people who really pay attention to the problem. Everyone has their own minds. Behind 996, they can’t Social trends of resistance.


996. ICU cool is the inevitable ending

Attribution is very important. In the reason of denying the 996 working system, we can see that the mainstream attribution is that corporate culture is biased and management efficiency is low. Foreign companies are often used as reference objects, while accused objects are specific. Unscrupulous company or some incompetent manager. The author does not deny the existence of these problems, but on the whole, this is ultimately the result of the entire market game.

After more than 20 years of development, the Internet can be said to be the industry with the highest degree of freedom in the Chinese market. It is the world of private enterprises, and it has created a legendary story. With a surging voice, it is also the baton of capital, here. The competition between capital, manpower, market and users is the most exciting, and it is relatively market-oriented. The macro-control is rarely seen here, and the government's hands are difficult to intervene.

In a free market, the universal emergence of 996 on the Internet cannot be simply and rudely attributed to a group of people. This is the result of the market after multiple games. One of the more significant reasons is that in the manpower recruitment market, the Internet has gradually entered the buyer's market. Before the enterprise, job seekers did not have sufficient bargaining power.

In a sense, this is the aftermath of the madness and spurt of the Internet in China in the past 20 years. Especially after the opening of the mobile era, the entire market has experienced rapid acceleration under the enthusiasm of the fengkou economy. Numerous startups have followed suit and are blowing bubbles. It has also created countless new employment opportunities, coupled with the high-paying temptation of the Internet industry, and countless talents are in the process.

In a big environment with a ventilator and a vent, even if countless companies die, new companies will be born, providing a springboard for the employees, so even if it is not as stable as the state-owned enterprises, it will flourish throughout the market. In the process, Internet practitioners have a sense of security, because technical experience will bring a sense of stability of personal values. In the rush to fight, it also formed the unspoken rules of “jumping is the salary increase”.

But the bubble will eventually burst, and even the industry will disappear. From mobile social to O2O, from online loan P2P to mobile games, from unmanned shelves to shared bicycles, office resources and bandwidth resources can jump out of the industry and return to the entire big market. Use, but what about human resources? What if there is no company to pick up? Under the tide of layoffs, the supply of talents in the market is sufficient, and the demand of enterprises is limited. You don’t do the work of 996. Many people are rushing to do it. In the face of survival, others are clouds. The market is ruthless, but the law of the market is like this. At least from the market point of view, this problem is not transferred by the will of the job seeker.

Since the results have been destined, it is more interesting than the views of all parties. It is 996 that has long existed. Why did the mass boycott movement suddenly erupt in the near future?

The last straw that overwhelmed the camel, the code farm broke out.

There is a saying in Silicon Valley: Keep growing, fuck everything else. Only growth is important, everything else is not important. This sentence has also been regarded as a standard by domestic Internet entrepreneurs. Wang Xing has said that as long as you can maintain rapid growth, all problems can be tolerated, concealed, or not erupted at least in the short term. There may be a lot of problems at the time. When you grow up ten times and hundreds of times, it is not a problem. Even if you don't need to solve it, it will naturally disappear.

Conversely, once growth has stagnated, the backlog of problems will break out, and labor issues will be included.

In China's humble, low-key and pragmatic soil, Internet entrepreneurs have pioneered the development model of PPT financing and storytelling. Under the big picture of boss painting, under the visible data growth, it is far higher than other industries. Next, the code farmers also accepted the reality of 996 by default. But all this year ushered in a big turning point, the capital cold wave hit, the unicorns have taken the blood to market, the Internet bubble accelerated, the layoffs are coming, the industry cycle is shortened, and the blockchain is staged in half a year. From the prosperous to the decline of the drama, what really shows what is called "the dollar circle, the Internet decade".

When the glory of the future turned into a mirror, the Internet practitioners who suffered from 996 torture finally broke out.

Among the people who opposed 996, two people were particularly active. One was a school student or a newcomer who had just entered the business. After 90 and 95, they were influenced by the growing environment and their resistance to unspoken rules. Less accepted, more sensitive to the boundaries of rights and obligations, and more eager for fairness and humanitarianism; the other is Internet people who are middle-aged or near-middle-aged, especially fighting First-line programmers, they have the most obvious physical experience for high-intensity and long-term workload. They know that netizens have calculated an account, starting from the age of 25 at graduate school, and feeling a significant physical decline at the age of 34. It is a ridiculous thing to dislike or even eliminate, the society can accommodate a person's normal working hours is only 9 years.

The older generation of Internet people are in the midst of a middle-aged crisis. The new generation of Internet people is calling for a more equitable labor-management relationship and workplace environment. The Internet industry as a whole is in a new round of transition, and there is still chaos ahead. After witnessing the story of “high-rise & mdash;— banquet guest & mdash;— building collapsed”, everyone is no longer so obsessed with the future vision, and pays more attention to immediate rights.

The Internet entrepreneurial wave can make people financially free, but after all, it is only a small number of people. On the mushroom street market, the old employees who hold the options only get tens of thousands of returns. The myth of Ali is only a myth. The big probability is that You and I will not be in it. This is a fact, although cruel, but this is the truth.

Into the "high salary trap" anxiety, the Internet is not a golden rice bowl

In the face of the economic cycle, everything that looks sturdy will disappear. With the continuous development of the Internet, China's speed, and the continuous influx of talents, the social status of Internet practitioners has been continuously improved in recent years. It does not rely on gray income, and does not take the wrong path. The workers can stabilize their middle class with hard wages. It is no exaggeration to say that this is an emerging stable and large and solid middle class that China has developed with economic development in the past 20 years. But today they suddenly found that they have fallen into the "high pay trap".

In the tide of Internet layoffs, there is a phenomenon that is worth pondering. On the one hand, many people lose their jobs. On the one hand, HRs can't recruit people. One reason for this is that in order to reduce the cost and enhance the competitiveness of the company, the company will inevitably impose stricter requirements on employees, and less is the direction. Many employees who are comfortable and expecting for a long time often hold a kind of salary change. ” psychological expectations of job hunting, if the ability is mediocre, not only can not get a raise, even the threshold can not pass.

Individuals who have not succeeded, only successful industries. Many Internet practitioners who are easily employed with high salaries may forget that they can get high incomes, perhaps not better than those in other industries, but only on the Internet. The general high salary on the Internet stems from two main reasons:

The first is the cost structure and profit model. The Internet is an intelligence-intensive industry. Manpower is the biggest cost. It plays an important role in the production factors. The profit model also determines that this is a high-margin industry. Naturally, we can get higher income. The second is the development model of “pre-loss”. Internet entrepreneurship is often financed first and then refined to improve profits. The financial model of human resources is relatively rough. In order to grab people to raise the market price has become a common phenomenon.

In an expanding market, the effect of resource allocation is not precise, and market prices and personal abilities are often not linear. With the improvement of the basic technology of the Internet, especially the development of the open source ecology, in the application-led commercial landing, the threshold of the industry is getting lower and lower, which will further lead to the sinking of the competence of the practitioners. At the company level, a successful financing will lead to a rapid expansion of scale, which can be carefully selected, whether it can be pulled in before.

This has caused a large number of Internet practitioners to fall into a comfortable area of ​​“high pay traps”. The capital tide has faded and the scale bubble has burst. When the industry no longer expands or even shrinks, the rebound in value returns is so fierce that it falls first. Naturally, most of the mediocre people at the bottom of the ability pyramid, they went all the way with the tide, and even swam to the front row under various opportunities, but this time the big waves eventually rushed them back to their original place.

Corporate culture only stresses not paying attention to humanitarianism, management efficiency is low, and paying attention to working time and neglecting efficiency. These are all problems. In an intensive industry, it is naturally unscientific, and the output of work and the length of work are not linear. It is difficult to reflect the difference in personal ability, which is an embodiment of an industry that is not mature. However, in the long run, as the market resource allocation tends to be perfect, those who are squirting fish and having a strong sense of superiority, when the 955 is really coming, will it be discovered that this is the beginning of the disaster?

The Internet will not be a golden rice bowl. As long as the economic cycle still exists, no industry will be a golden rice bowl. From this perspective, the outbreak of 996.ICU is not only a reminder to the corporate side and the workplace culture, but also a kind of alert to the workers themselves. In which industry may be important, but in which position is more important.

The author introduces: 螳螂财经(WeChat ID: tanglangFin): Formerly Xiaoxiang Finance, Pan-Finance New Media, focusing on new finance, new retail, listed companies and other financial and financial fields, "Fortune Life" and many other magazine contributors

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