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996, Little White Rabbit, Middle Age Crisis, Internet Tired and Old

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When programmers spontaneously revolt,

Working overtime is just a nasty and inevitable misfortune for most people, and keeping a grudging tolerance doesn't mean you have to accept it.

It is not realistic to try to find illegal elements in the 996 incident, although

996 is worth discussing on two issues.

Firstly, has such efforts been rewarded accordingly?

According to the latent rules of the workplace, overtime is mostly reflected in the final part of the vacation rather than overtime pay, but for enterprises with insufficient working hours, how meaningful is the vacation? So it's better to learn some leave skills when you have time to scold the street.

Second, did 996 meet the criteria for overwork?

In October 2016, Japan enacted the White Paper on Preventive Measures against Overwork and Death according to the Law on Promotion of Preventive Measures against Overwork and Death, which stipulates that overtime of more than 80 hours per month within 2-6 months will be recognized as overwork death for enterprises. The 26-year-old white-collar Jasmine Takahashi of Telecom Company gave birth to a light life, which became the first case leading to the CEO's resignation. According to the standard of 996, the cumulative overtime hours per month are as long as 288 hours, and three exhaustions are enough.


Vice President of Telecom, Mr. Benxiang Nakamoto, First-class Executives Bow to Apologize

In the name of cleaning up the rabbits, layoffs are another problem.

There were not many people in favour of the layoff and many against it, but there were naturally believers in packaging into a modern management concept. As Zhou Hongyi said, the white rabbit, which appeared harmless to people and animals, would let the enterprise become a dead sea, and 360 would then set off a battle.

What do bosses think of good employees? There are probably two kinds.

The first is A-level talent, Jobs said, this kind of person is stronger than you do not need to protect his self-esteem, casually throw into a pit can create surprises, but how many such people, Jobs counted half a day, Apple's history is five.

There is also a self-heeding type, which is full of blood from day to night, and the employer can be substituted for sleepless by casually flinging two golden sentences. They are the cornerstone of success in all undertakings.

Jobs's so-called A-level talent can not be sought. Such people will never fail again. Jobs himself has been fired five times, but unfortunately, the data show that such people are less than 0.08% of the total population.

Ren Zhengfei once said,


In this impasse, the most unfortunate are those who are overlapping middle-aged and middle-level crises.

Many Chinese companies (not just Internet companies) want to get rid of old employees who are not enterprising or middle-level managers who are no longer able to contribute value. This is not emotional. It is purely an ordinary economic consideration.

But why did Japan, which is also an East Asian culture, discover the development of lifelong employment?

Because the Japanese and German economies are the start of traditional manufacturing industries, experienced, skilled and skilled senior craftsmen are deified, the craftsmanship has been elevated to an unprecedented level, and lifelong employment is conducive to avoiding vicious competition.

The Internet economy of China and the United States does not have this fetter.

Firstly, the great power of the Internet lies in eliminating the technical differences in the underlying work.

Secondly, Moore's law determines the acceleration of technological iteration.

Thirdly, the post-metaphor culture makes the accumulation of experience give way to learning ability.

Jingdong Code corresponds these situations to employees one by one. They are those who can't struggle, those who have poor performance, those who have low performance-price ratio, those who implement 996, abandon old employees and clean the middle class, all in order to create liquidity and create a sense of crisis. No one on earth can turn around and no one can sacrifice.


But then comes the biggest question. Does all this work?

Of course, it's no use trying to pull the waves back. What's useful is the gesture itself.

No matter how disgusted people are with overtime and layoffs, the real atmosphere has formed. When an industry or a company feels the change of the external environment, the first thing to think about is internal cleanup.

No matter how many people say that hard work attendance is the beginning of a company's downfall, there will still be many bosses who believe that prolonging working hours can secrete loyalty, the so-called

So overtime and layoffs are a way to pass on the crisis.

For startups, overtime is a necessary and insufficient condition for financing. Investors may look at technology, operation, market, team, revenue and profitability, but no investor looks at a normal card-punching company.

In fact, we all understand the enterprise's hard work, understand Huawei's

All enterprises are aiming at making money and killing friends and businessmen. The Internet is neither noble nor humble. Ma Yun and Ma Huateng are more brilliant than Wang Jianlin because in the typical context of the Internet, this success can be replicated. This is where the Internet can turn overtime into a culture and full of rituals.

Sao operates a lot, such as the dining hall for three meals a day, raising pigs and vegetables by himself, option plan, open office, carefully designed promotion channels, and the League building and annual meeting activities that force you to become a fast-hand netizen. Once you refuse to enter, there are many big hats waiting for you, lazy, mediocre young people, old white rabbits and so on.

The truth is that there are only a few jobs in this world that can be driven by faith rather than money.

Teachers, for example, can influence their children's life by every move and every smile.

The police investigating homicides place their last hope on the innocent injustice of the deceased to recover justice.

As well as firefighters, they should take their own lives in exchange for other people's living opportunities.

And doctors, even the most powerful people are helpless in the face of disease.

In addition, you should and must pay equal remuneration for any economic activity aimed solely at wealth creation.

Looking back on history, we find that the so-called Internet governance is actually an upgraded version of clean politics and official culture.

Traditional Chinese governance is a two-tier operation.

At the top is the official. The scholarly bureaucracy created by the imperial examination system seems to be continuous, stable and efficient, which makes later European enlightenment thinkers Voltaire and others unconscious.

At the bottom are officials, including smart teachers and competent officials, who are inferior in status and have no grand political aspirations, but who have some professional knowledge or skills and can monopolize a job.

The two forms a strange mismatch. Officials disseminate herdsmen's way according to the four books and five classics. Master is responsible for separating the executable KPI. The task of the officials is to achieve it by all means.

Essentially, today's Internet companies are still made up of these three groups.

In the common structure of an enterprise, the founder is equivalent to an ancient high-ranking official, who is responsible for pointing out the direction, planning strategy, talking about ideals and feelings by the way; CXO is equivalent to a master, who formulates various tactics in the curtain and supervises the execution; code farmers, operations, products, marketing and so on are officials, carrying less clean KPIs under a beautiful vision.

Someone has to do dirty work.

Historically, scholarly officials never talked about their ideals and ambitions with their officials, but regarded the latter as a tool of execution without feelings. Why? Because values can't be transmitted at all.

This has two advantages: the petty officials need not bother to listen to the annoying moral sermons, and of course they do not have to take responsibility for any mistakes in the system.

Today's Internet companies have blocked both loopholes. You think that neither firewood, rice, oil or salt can do it. You must have poetry and distance. 996 has its own theory to support you. If you don't want to listen, you will go away. Whoever opposes you is left-handed; if you are foolish, hard-working, you will never be able to do it, the Internet will not be free to accompany you to grow old slowly.

So enjoy the modern age of the Internet.

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