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"The life of a Chinese engineer is also a life."

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“The life of Chinese engineers is also a life. ” A Chinese engineer anonymously commented on the GitHub 996.ICU project. And this sentence "Chinese Engineers Lives Matter" is an analogy to the American black voice movement "Black Lives Matter" written.

996. ICU is a project by several Chinese engineers on the software source code hosting service GitHub that reflects the crushing of Chinese engineers.

On GitHub, these sponsors interpret the meaning of 996.ICU: work 996, sick ICU, and 996 refers to work for 9 nights and 9 days a week.


996. After a month of fermentation, the ICU not only did not stop any meaning, but the fire burned more and more — ——— in addition to more than 150,000 stars (similar to praise). The project has caused a lot of discussion abroad, including GitHub and HackerNews, and more substantial progress.

At HackerNews, people who responded to other professions also worked overtime, why only engineers deserve to be protected and concerned, when a netizen who supported 996.ICU said: “Because the situation of other professions is even worse, we should always Keep this overworked misery? I don't think we should enter this state of comparison as a victim. ”


Why are Chinese engineers always being bullied?

Beginning in 2016, 58 cities have implemented a full-time “996” business system, and there is no wage for overtime work on weekends. The company explained that in response to the peak business volume.

At the beginning of 2019, the CEO, Raven, publicly announced the 996 working system at the annual meeting. When I said it, I was so impassioned that I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

In March 2019, netizens exposed Jingdong to implement the 996 working system of the sub-sector. The Jingdong tube is called "all in all". In the report of the company's commute time, which was thought to be interesting but made a lot of people sad, DJ's average working hours at 11:16 pm.

In addition to 996, Internet companies are still popular 9106, 007 and large and small weeks.....

9106—— 9 am —— 10 pm, no Saturday

007—— work seven days a week

Size week —— 6 days a week, 5 days a week

In fact, it is not that the company that broke the news is more serious than other companies. It should be said straightforwardly that in the context of the Chinese Internet, 996 has become a near-normal metamorphosis.

The young engineers were burdened with high mortgages and supportive pressures, and they dared to speak out. Even some young people became victims of overwork and death under the 996 tombstone.


On the GitHub996 webpage, the organizers opened up the 996.RIP section to commemorate the young engineers who died (mdash;— from the 36-year-old who was sent by Huawei to Kenya), the second-born father, Qi Zhiyong, Dajiang’s 25-year-old camera colleague, the engineer who died was a younger one, and one more than a story makes people cry.


But the rest, their colleagues, still can only silently pay a second in the circle of friends, and then continue to devote themselves to the endless 996.

“China engineers are mostly three high-populations & mdash;— highly educated, high-income, and some have high positions. But I don't know why Chinese engineers can't change their fate. They are better than other national engineers. ” An engineer who has resigned from the Chinese company and returned to the US workplace anonymously said to the Silicon Star people that they have recalled the previous three years of domestic work, feeling a —— the body is not their own, and the brain is not. More importantly, many people are forced to 996. In fact, they all play computer games at the workstation, which is not efficient at all.

People feel optimistic, or at least see the glimmer of hope that a handful of engineers and lawyers finally can't stand it and create the 996.ICU project, so that they want engineers to stop 996, or take a step back, keep 996, But get overtime pay.


On the 996.ICU page, the organizers opened up a list of engineers who did not receive reasonable compensation over time to write down the current company and the length of their work, and even affixed evidence. Click on the list and take a casual look at the technology companies that are familiar.


In addition, on another form, engineers who are not crushed by 996 can also be listed in their own company for praise.

“If you can't change all of this, but at least it can be more open and transparent, giving engineers the freedom to choose. ” On GitHub, a netizen said that this approach is somewhat meaningful.

In addition, the organizers of 996.ICU are preparing to write the 996.ICU open source license, and open source software using this license will be banned from being used by 996 companies. Some domestic open source projects are very good, and this way, it is likely to have some deterrent effect on the technology companies that crush engineers. But more importantly, there are some more heavyweight open source projects to join. Even in the GitHub discussion, some people expressed a desire to contact a big company like Google.


Do Silicon Valley engineers work overtime?

Silicon Valley has always been the center of world technology, with the fastest pace of development and innovation. So, are the engineers there working overtime?

Overtime, or most of them work overtime. But the difference is in active overtime.

“In fact, when I return to Silicon Valley, I will spend a lot of time doing work-related things when I get home from work, but they are both active and voluntary, and the efficiency is higher. In addition to overtime work, American engineers will spend a lot of personal time, take the initiative to go to many classes to learn the latest technology, and improve their personal work ability. And such efforts are able to get a clear return —— no matter the promotion or salary increase, or even when you quit, these new learning skills can give yourself a lot of points. The company is relatively simple to encourage employees to work overtime, but also encourage employees to learn new skills & mdash; & mdash; This is also conducive to the company's product innovation and improvement, thus forming a virtuous circle. ” The engineer who returned to work in Silicon Valley from China said.

Or in other words, in the United States, whether an engineer is working overtime is a personal career and life choice. You think about the life of ordinary people, you can 955; you want to continue to go up, want more rewards, you can also voluntarily spend more time — & mdash; but without prejudice to the health of the premise.

If everything is forced to work overtime, engineers can only be programmed machines, overloaded, and lose more creativity.

In addition to discussing the rising space through the workplace, engineers also use the balance of work and life as an indicator of their choice of the company. Contrary to Chinese technology companies, Silicon Valley technology companies have mostly attracted more elite talent by flaunting their own work-life balance.

I don't know why it is a shame to talk about work-life balance in the Chinese workplace culture. Silicon Valley engineers mostly expressed this idea, knowing that Silicon Valley engineers did not return to China.

A Google-based engineer in Seattle said that in the US, work-life balance is something that can be said publicly, and each software engineer calculates pressure values ​​based on assigned tasks, and each person's pressure value cannot exceed a predetermined threshold. The company does not encourage overtime work, and one of the on-the-job training is to not send emails to others in their spare time. If you work overtime on eight hours, you will get three times the salary.


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