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Baidu turned to B: Can you open the cloud?

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Sina Technology He Chang

At the 2010 IT Leadership Summit, BAT leaders chatted about future technology trends. When talking about cloud computing, Li Yanhong bluntly called it “new bottled old wine, there is no new thing”; Ma Huateng believes that its concept is too advanced, it can only be achieved after several hundred years, a thousand years later; Ma Yun under the stage is I am full of confidence and hope for cloud computing, and even say that if Alibaba does not do cloud computing, it will die in the future.

After nine years, cloud computing is everywhere. Alibaba Cloud, which was officially commercialized in 2011, aims to become “Alibaba on the cloud”; Tencent Cloud, which was fully open in 2013, will transform to the Industrial Internet under the blessing of WeChat Ecology; Baidu Cloud, which is operated in 2015, is still very Young, in the fourth quarter of 2018, he appeared in Baidu's financial report for the first time. Li Yanhong affirmed his performance at the analyst meeting, saying that Baidu Smart Cloud's customer base is significantly improved.

A person engaged in research in the cloud computing industry told Sina Technology that in the past two years, Baidu Cloud has achieved certain results under the leadership of Zhang Yaqin and Yin Shiming, and has made great progress in the financial sector and industrial customers. Public clouds are still in the early stages of China, and starting early does not mean absolute advantage.


Source: Canalys

However, this is only the beginning. Research firm Canalys data shows that the global cloud computing market has exceeded $80 billion in 2018, but only the head players can get a share. According to the market share data of China's public cloud vendors released by IDC in January this year, Alibaba Cloud continued to lead the market with a market share of 43%. Tencent Cloud ranked second with a market share of 11.2%. China Telecom, Amazon and Jinshan Cloud ranked third, fourth and fifth. Baidu's cloud market share was 3.3%, ranking eighth.


Source: IDC Sina Technology Cartography

For similar rankings, Yin Shiming, Baidu's vice president and general manager of Baidu Cloud, doesn't mind, “It's hard to avoid comparing with others”. In his view, the rise of any new technology is not the first to be able to reach the end. “I read Google’s biography, and Google is the 16th search engine. ”Yin Shiming said.

The change has already occurred. In December last year, Baidu Intelligent Cloud Division upgraded to a smart cloud business group, carrying both AI to B and cloud business development. Li Yanhong stressed that it is necessary to accelerate the progress of Baidu's business on B-side and cloud computing. Baidu cloud is turning around.


“I was hired in the Infrastructure Department. I was later notified that I merged into Baidu Cloud. I came here in an inexplicable way. The result came back half a year. & rdquo; A Baidu employee told Sina Technology that he was "adjusted".

In December last year, Baidu announced the company's structural adjustment, upgrading the Intelligent Cloud Business Unit (ACU) to the Intelligent Cloud Business Group (ACG), while carrying the development of AI to B and cloud services. ACG is responsible for Yin Shiming and reports to Zhang Yaqin. The search company, each BG's operation and maintenance, infrastructure and group-level sharing platform are integrated into the basic technology system (TG), and the integrated TG reports to Wang Haifeng.

Talking about two changes in a year, the employee admitted that because it is a newcomer, there is not much concern. “Old colleagues will definitely have it, but I don’t know how to do it. ”

Another employee was adjusted from the Intelligent Cloud Division to the Operation and Maintenance Department. His mentality was very peaceful. “In fact, the work done is the same. The company really attaches great importance to the cloud. Like we are drawn, we also want to focus on development. These departments are merged together. ”


Baidu Vice President, Baidu Cloud General Manager Yin Shiming Sina Technology Photo

Frequent changes may bring the team's incompatibility, but Yin Shiming told Sina Technology that the adjustment of organizational structure means that Baidu's expectations for the cloud are greater and its support is greater. Therefore, the organization has continued to expand. The new positioning of Baidu cloud, namely ABC (AI+BigData+CloudComputing, artificial intelligence + big data + cloud computing) trinity, is no longer the traditional cloud computing, the main is Baidu's AI capabilities. Although Bai Qi’s departure from Baidu rarely mentions the slogan “All in AI”, the application-level architecture including the Computing Department and the AI ​​Application Department still highlights Baidu’s determination to do cloud and apply AI. Determination.

Yin Shiming further explained that from ABC to ABC Inspire to ABC Anywhere, it is a coherent level from concept to landing to execution. The strategy is very continuous. “The point that I saw outside was the change in the organizational structure in December. What I couldn’t see and impressed me more might be the pragmatic work of the past two years and the continuous investment of the company. The organizational restructuring is just a matter of time. Just point. ”Yin Shiming said.

It is worth noting that Baidu launched the executive retirement plan three months after the restructuring. Zhang Yaqin, who is mainly responsible for the Baidu technology system, is the first executive to apply for the program and will retire in October this year. He once said in public that "Baidu was born in the cloud" and spared no effort to shake the flag. For this reason, this will inevitably lead to speculation about the future commercialization of Baidu Cloud.

Yin Shiming responded to Sina Technology that Zhang Yaqin devoted a lot of effort to the development of the cloud. The things he defined were very well executed. “I think he is going to pursue a better life, and it is also very good. ”


In fact, before Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba have successively carried out structural adjustments. The former has been upgraded from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet, and the new cloud and smart industry business group has been established. The integration includes Tencent Cloud, smart retail, security products, Tencent map, and excellent The core product line including the map; the latter strengthens the investment and construction of technology and intelligent Internet, and upgrades Alibaba Cloud to Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. Group CTO Zhang Jianfeng also serves as the president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group. Integrating the scattered B-end power to better concentrate, the second half of the Internet, the cloud is becoming the new track of BAT.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Baidu Cloud's performance was first exposed, achieving revenue of 1.1 billion yuan, more than double the revenue in the fourth quarter of 2017, and became a new bright spot in the earnings report. In this regard, Yin Shiming admitted to Sina Technology "I did not expect". “In 2016, I joined Baidu and started to do cloud. You have to say that in 2016 I think that there will be so much profit in 2018? did not expect. So beyond my expectations for 2016, I believe it also surpasses many people's expectations for us in 2016, and may also include our competitors. ”


Source: Caixin Sina Technology Cartography

“Competitors” continued to maintain strong growth. The financial report showed that Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud revenues were 6.6 billion yuan and 2.7 billion yuan respectively. Relying on the China Central and Dharma Institutes, Alibaba Cloud will reduce the cost of the enterprise and meet the computing needs under the premise of building infrastructure. Based on the resources such as the public number and small programs, Tencent Cloud not only has advantages in vertical fields such as games and video. In addition, we have expanded our service customers in e-commerce and information social networking; Huawei has more than 6,000 cloud partners, and customers from large government enterprises, central enterprises, Internet companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, fully covering … … in contrast, Baidu Cloud Still on the road to catch up.

At the same time, new players are still coming in. Yin Shiming believes that the moment is the era when all participants jointly expand the cloud, "in this sense, we are partners, I did not regard it as if you want to kill me, I want to kill you." This market is still early, we have to cultivate together. In his eyes, several friends have their own characteristics. Baidu's feature is ABC integration. AI is one of the most important points. He calls it “a core growth engine”.

But the goal may already be clear. According to Caijing magazine, Baidu has set a goal of tens of billions of revenue for Baidu Cloud this year, and has given a large number of expansion quotas. This year, it will expand the recruitment of nearly 2,000 people, doubling the number. Some headhunters revealed to Sina Technology that "Baidu Cloud is expanding its enrollment, but they are not signing headhunters. After all, this is Baidu's key business this year. Even if the environment is not good, it will not attract people. ”

For the verification of Sina Technology, Yin Shiming did not directly answer: “Is there a revenue target? There must be, but I can't speak. However, Baidu CFO Yu Zhengyi mentioned at the analyst meeting that cloud computing is the next area for Baidu to accelerate investment. “Each of the growth plans we implemented is focused on achieving revenue growth. ”


This year's Spring Festival, Baidu boarded the Spring Festival Evening stage with red envelopes. Behind this, hundreds of millions of users started to establish a connection with Baidu Cloud Service. It is a resource preparation and program development for tens of thousands of servers in two weeks. It is dozens of products and Platform linkage, more than one hundred teams participating, and thousands of people collaborating are a big test of pressure and motivation.

An employee of Baidu's content consumption system recalled the scene to Sina Technology. “The hand-product group participating in the red envelope project is at the station next to us. I am off work at 10:00, they just went to the meeting. ”

In the New Year's Eve, the red-package-related manager-level leaders are all on standby, and many people have changed their tickets. There are also pictures of Baidu engineers worshipping Yang over the anti-smashing machine. “As an employee, I am still very happy to have this project, because I can build a brand, but I am really worried about the server hangs. During that time, the server was discussed throughout the building. ”The above employees said.

The server did not hang, Baidu played a beautiful glimpse in the Spring Festival Evening battlefield. Yin Shiming commented, "Red envelope is a fact, I think it is a kind of technical glory that can be released vigorously. So I am joking with my team, I said you see, gave you a stage, you created a group of poems, how good! ”

Psalm is not just a group. Since the beginning of this year, from the release of the open edge version of the intelligent edge computing OpenEdge, to the Spring Festival Evening Red Packet project, to the deep cooperation with Ctrip, Baidu cloud moves frequently, seems to be slightly high-profile. This point, Yin Shiming does not agree, he believes that Baidu cloud is not high-profile, which is basically determinable. “We are definitely not a high-profile company. We use actual technology to impress our customers, the surrounding people, and the company. We have been doing this. ”

At present, Baidu Intelligent Cloud fully accesses technologies and channel resources such as Apollo platform, DuerOS platform and Baidu AI platform. Through smart platform solutions such as Tianzhi, Tianchi, Tianxiang and Tiangong, it will help intelligent, transforming and upgrading all walks of life such as medical, financial and industrial. Among its customers, there are many traditional industry giants, including agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, finance, insurance, aviation and other industries, and with the Shanxi Provincial Government, China Baowu, Agricultural Bank of China, Maifei Technology, China Eastern Airlines, Chongqing Meteorology The bureau and other government departments and enterprises reached cooperation.

“In fact, Baidu’s technology accumulation is still good. Now it is gradually providing internal technology to external users. ” A former Baidu smart cloud employee introduced to Sina Technology.

As the next-generation IT infrastructure, the cloud is a strong support for AI. Baidu needs to promote its own technology accumulation to the industry, and also needs to use the cloud to realize the layout of the to B business. Such a huge commercialization potential, Baidu can not Will allow you to miss it. At the same time, in addition to searching for source revenue, Baidu needs to find a new source of sustainable revenue as an engine to drive this giant ship forward steadily. Baidu Cloud may be a bold attempt. Several transformations failed, this time, can Baidu open the cloud?

Yin Shiming is not too entangled in Baidu Cloud must be the first or second place, "But I hope we can have more stories to tell everyone in the future, only the story can touch people. ”

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