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Former US group COO Gan Jiawei: 8 years ago, I saw Wang Xing among the ten Internet people in the future.

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Gao Hao Capital Operation Partner, former US Mission COO

Oral sorghum capital partner, former US group COO

Interview Qu Da, A Hai

Finishing Ahai

In the eyes of everyone, Gan Jiawei is already a "outside the world", it is rare to talk.

He is the No. 67 employee of Alibaba. He is a well-known “Iron Supply Army”. He was financially free in 2011. After being invited by Wang Xing six times, he joined the US Mission as COO, and he has experience in ground operations and organization management. The methodology brought to the beauty group that Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen, and Mu Rongjun were not good at, not only helped the US group win the group purchase war, but also extended the advantage to several new battlefields for wine travel and take-away.

We happen to find that the final winners of many vertical industries often have a core team of “new and old”, namely the young founder + senior partner. Wang Xing, 32 years old, dug up Qian Jiawei, who is 10 years older than himself. In 1991, Xu Yi handed over the management of Bilibili to Chen Rui, who is 11 years older than himself. The last oligarch of shared bicycles traveled, 88 The founder of the year, Yang Lei, also has four co-founders who are 10 years older than him.

The keen sense of young entrepreneurs and the experience of industry veterans have made these companies sufficiently strategic in their strategic direction and mature in management.Recently, Gao Jia Capital's managing partner and former US group COO Gan Jiawei shared his past with Wang Xing: he joined the US group because he saw his complementarity with Wang Xing and determined the future of the Chinese Internet. Ten people are listed, and there must be Wang Xing.

This just corresponds to his recent response to Zhu Xiaohu, the managing director of Jinshajiang Venture Capital in his circle of friends: joining the US group is entirely a personal decision and has struggled.

The following is Gan Jiawei's self-report:

The science man finds the master

Wang Xing looked for me six times before and after, including the US group's investor Sequoia also looked for me.

Wang Xing talked about his understanding of this matter and talked about e-commerce in the tertiary industry. I think this logic is true, because in general, Ali is doing the secondary industry.With the development of social economy, the tertiary industry will surpass the secondSo I think I can see a bigger market and then have a chance to grow fast.

Then I chatted, my logic at the time was very simple, I felt like this:After the Chinese Internet in the next five years and ten years, ten people will be thrown out. Will Wang Xing be inside? I feel a bit and feel very good.

At that time, I had been working in Ali for nearly 12 years. At this stage, there is a chance cost to do things. If I am not sure, I will buy a lottery ticket. It is not my character.

I can probably see that Wang Xing, who graduated from Tsinghua University, has grasped the whole trend. And Wang Xing is not a blank piece of paper. He had a lot of entrepreneurial experience before.

This may be different from everyone's logic. Some people say that they have lost many battles and are unlucky. But for me, I feel that after experiencing setbacks, it is a sub-item. And I believe that everything in the future will be IT. Wang Xing has written code and products, and understands user needs and users. I think he is a good CEO. In addition, I am very clear about what my ability boundary is. What I lack is Wang Xing's piece.

If I classify entrepreneurship as 0 to 100, I am good at 10 to 100. In Ali, it started from the first-line sales, and grew up step by step. In the field of sales management, there are more precipitations, just like Shaolin Changquan, practicing 10 to 20 years every day, and practicing is solid and certain. Sexual effort,And entrepreneurship is to quickly iterate from a lot of uncertainty.

Bring "by fake" to the US group

After I decided to go to the US group, I went to Beijing and the US team to have a meal. After dinner, Wang Xing drove me back to the hotel and talked about the current intense battle of the Thousand Regiments. I told him at the time.In the first year of my visit, the US group is not necessarily the fastest, but after one year, the US team will run faster and faster, and other families will not catch up. The gap will widen.At the time, I was very sure about this. Because I believe that the US group is one step higher than the other, this does not work hard, and Cong is not smart.

O2O has two Os. First of all, online, Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen, Mu Rongjun, and Chen Liang are at least an order of magnitude. Product development, operational models, and traffic delivery require very professional capabilities. You can kill others without just going offline.

Offline This is the reason why I am sure that I am good at the cultivation of people, that is, before the teacher Ma said "by fake repair".

For example, I will let employees do a lot of things and make a lot of requests, but these are the means. The purpose is to make the team have obvious improvement, the team has improved, and the result is naturally good.

I often say that if the team is worth 10 million, they will not only do 5 million.But if this is a team of 5 million, even if it is a day of blood, maybe 10 million can be done occasionally, but it certainly cannot last.

Many people are afraid of their hands when they are doing management. They are useless and they ran away when they regained their subordinates. But in fact, for a lifetime, the person who cares the most is not the boss, but the parents. But have you ever thought about telling your parents one day that I want to get rid of your father-son relationship and mother-daughter relationship with you? Very few.

why? The root cause is that you know that he is for you. In the process of management, I also punish and even open some people, but I hate it very little, because they know that I am only punishing their behavior, the essence is to help them grow. Don't think that this is chicken soup, ecstasy soup, if a manager really thinks like this, employees must be able to feel it.

And Wang Xing<;Blowing the Beard and Eyes”

Before Wang Xing, they didn't manage people, and they were not managed. They were a group of "Gourd Baby".Wang Xing is extremely concerned about data and logic. In the world of computers, only 0 and 1, the machine will be 100% executed after the code is written.

For example, the commission system needs to be adjusted. Before they think it is OK to make a calculation, but I said that the relationship is important to everyone. You need to call everyone back. Let’s talk about it. Although the email is the fastest, the performance may be poor. .Because human evolution is a very slow process, there is still a long way to go from pure objective reason, so let’s talk about why and then how.Let everyone feel the respect of the company and understand that the employees and the company are on a boat.

In 2012, the company was to achieve profitability. In that year, we reduced the coefficient of the deposit four times. Yes, it fell once a quarter.

The employee directly feels the commission factor, but what ultimately makes sense to him is the money he gets. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately estimate the growth of the business, and then reduce the amount of the commission factor, so that he does not have less money, or after a short decline, he can get more with the growth of performance. But even if this is the case, let the employees accept that there is still a lot of explanation work, telling him why he wants to do this, because our business is growing rapidly, I know that you are upset, but we can calculate the account, if we put down the commission With product development and traffic purchases, what will happen to our performance? Is our market share higher? Are you talking about customers better? Did you finally have the opportunity to get more money?I thought about making more money now, but after a while, the company is stunned and certainly not what everyone wants.

In order to reduce the coefficient, how much it costs to call everyone back, I often and Wang Xing two people in the small meeting room blowing their eyes and blinking. For example, the reduction of the coefficient, he thinks that according to the calculation can drop 40% this time, I said this can not, then the team may have to collapse, up to 30%. He is very difficult to understand, saying that this data is a pass, you tell me 123, how to derive the probability of the team collapse?

However, many things in this person are difficult to quantify, and they can only be based on the “big data of human flesh” formed by the usual work.You must ask me to derive a formula. I can't do it. If I can't do it, I will start to make a noise. Fortunately, Wang Xing is a very rational and reasonable person. When you are in a hurry and you have compromises, the key is that in the discussion and quarrels, everyone has perfected their own cognition.

The US delegation commented on the occasion

The US group commented that there were more than 20,000 people in the merger, mainly in the restaurant and food department that I was responsible for. Because of the fierce competition, there were some places that demonized each other. But at that time the merger was a very quick thing and it was a quick fix. And there are more American groups, about 15,000 people, and I am a US group, so I am worried that the students in the comments will have ideas.

So after the announcement, I was a person who went to Shanghai, and closed the two-day meeting with the regional manager and management team. The interpretation of the explanation, the recognition of the recognition, some cities in the US group have done too much fire, but that is not the management philosophy of the US group, the team is inevitably there are some places where management is not in place, in addition to the comments on some of the work, which Not enough, you have to point it out.

So the merger of this matter, can not be like a child, I think we still have to know each other what is right, what is wrong, why should we come together?This includes how the customer is assigned after the merger, how the management overlaps, and so on.

Everyone has a basic understanding of this matter. Fortunately, I have a reputation in the industry, and everyone thinks that the US group is doing really well, and then it is very sincere. Ah Gan is coming alone, and everything is in the understanding. The principle of respect first discusses with us. So until the end, I took out the plan discussed by the US team in Beijing. I said that you feel that it is not appropriate to do so, and then adjust according to your opinions. After basically ok, I called the management of the US group to Shanghai, and the new management team after the merger discussed the division of labor and the next work arrangement.

The US Mission is "sports team"

In the cultivation of people, all the new employees I hope that they will come to the headquarters for training. They can have a shorter time and eat less, but I hope that they will come to Beijing to feel it. Please ask the various departments to talk about it. Talk about the mission vision and talk about what our department is doing.

Otherwise, all localities are sales departments. The employees are exposed to their own sales bosses every day. It may not even be clear that the US group is a company. How much is a company that sells takeaways? I really can't imagine it. So even if you spend less, let them know what kind of company they are in.

Wang Xing's learning ability and self-motivation are extremely strong, but not everyone is like him. In foreign countries, because of religious and civic awareness, there are many basic consensuses. But China's entry into modern society is relatively late, and with ten years of turmoil, companies often have to help employees shape some of the underlying things.

The culture of the US group is not established by me. I cultivate people and borrow fakes. I have said it all day long, but it is Wang Xing who first proposed to learn growth as part of the company culture. From this point of view, we have a good view. .

Although the outside world likes to use the Iron Army to define the US Mission, I have never mentioned the Iron Army. I hope that everyone is like a sports team and a training team. Everyone is here to learn and grow. The team added value and the results came naturally.

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