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Silence or boycott? More than 40 Internet companies were accused of implementing the 996 working system

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The “996 Work System” usually means that employees go to work at 9:00, work at 9:00, and work 6 days a week. Recently, more than 40 Internet companies have been accused of implementing the "996" work system, including many well-known Internet companies. Some media said that even if employees showed resistance to this kind of work, many of them were forced to accept it silently. So why do these Internet companies have to implement the "996" work system? Is it illegal? How should employees defend their rights?

The number of companies is small, the employment pressure is high, and the Internet industry has become the "heavy disaster" of the 996 work system.

Recently, users who have been certified as Sogou employees broke the news on the real-name social platform of the workplace. The company began to count the overtime hours of each employee and cut the person accordingly. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan responded that such employees are "chewing their tongues." The incident caused concern, and then Sogou Company issued an emergency statement saying that Sogou’s working hours were in compliance with the relevant provisions of the national labor law. Employees' working hours can be flexibly arranged according to the requirements of their job responsibilities, as long as the overall working hours meet the requirements.

At the same time, there has been another incident in the programmer community. Someone has launched a project called "996.ICU" on a well-known code hosting platform. Users can add overtime information about the company they know and give evidence links to This boycotted the 996 working system of Internet companies. The move immediately received a large number of programmer responses. The "996ICU" stands for: "Work 996, ICU", which is a kind of irony, which means that in the long run, such work will lead to health risks. In this overtime list,Huawei, Alibaba, Ant Financial,JingdongMore than 40 companies, including 58 cities, are on the list.

When a company employee accepted an interview with the Voice of China reporter, he also expressed the helplessness of being worked overtime.

"In the morning, it is basically 8 o'clock. In general, it is more than 9 o'clock in the evening. At the end of the month, it is more than 11 o'clock. Because there is no subway, take the bus, you have to get up and get to the bus at 6 o'clock, and go to work at 8 o'clock. Come back at night. The bus is gone, basically it is a taxi. Every night is like this, there is no overtime pay. It is impossible not to work overtime, not letting you go, a small meeting for a while, a small meeting for a while, has been in work."

At present, many Internet companies implement the 996 flexible working system, and employees can freely allocate time. The person in charge of an Internet company introduced to the Voice of China reporter: "This is nine to nine, this is the company's absolute opening during this time. As long as you come, this environment allows you to do it. If it is strict, there is no The method is quantified. I will give this task to her. What do you do this week, what do you do on this day, you just have to do it, and we don’t care about the rest of the time."

Compared with other industries, the Internet industry is indeed the "hardest hit" of the 996 work system. The "unspoken rules" of the Internet industry have been resisted, and it is not accidental. Zhang Yi, a researcher at the Institute of Social Development Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed the reasons.

"On the one hand, in the manufacturing industry, there are usually a large number of employees. When working overtime or when working over eight hours without paying overtime, it is prone to large-scale rebellion. But in a company like the Internet, it is generally In the case of a small number of people, the different units of the distribution are distributed in different places, so it is more likely to arrange such a system of 996. The second reason is that the job market itself does not form a very good. Competition, in the case of increased market pressure, the 996 work system is more environmentally friendly."

Whether it is illegal or not depends on the agreement, retains evidence of overtime, and safeguards its rights.

Is this overtime method a violation of labor law? Zhang Yi believes that the key is to see if there is any relevant agreement.

"The Labor Law stipulates that 8 hours of work per day and overtime can not exceed 36 hours per month. If you exceed, you must sign an agreement to work overtime. On the basis of this agreement, you need to pay labor remuneration. If you do not have this agreement, you will violate it. The provisions of the labor law."

In the legal sense, the legitimacy of the 996 working system is clearly doubtful. It directly converts overtime into a requirement for the normal working hours of employees, and even circulates the mechanism to give it some cultural and moral color. And if employees want to defend their rights, it is not easy. Yue Yushan, a lawyer at Beijing Yuecheng Law Firm, told the Voice of China reporter that there is indeed some difficulty in flexibly working for employees to work overtime.

"Some people may say that they sent an email to the unit at 5:30 in the morning. They are still sending emails to the unit at 10:30 in the evening, but the company will refute that you may have slept in the morning and slept in the afternoon. At 7 or 8 o'clock, I sent up an e-mail. It is difficult to prove that the middle of the time is also working for the enterprise. Therefore, the flexible work system is difficult in the claim of overtime pay."

Yue Lushan suggested that employees should be aware of whether they are standard working hours or not, and if they have overtime, they should keep evidence of overtime.

“He needs to prove how long he has worked, and he has to prove that this time period is indeed working for the company. Some employees’ units may be set to nine to five, but the staff will arrive at the unit at 7:00 in the morning and at 9:00 in the evening. Leaving the unit, but he must be able to prove that he is working for the company during this time of early arrival and late departure. This is an effective working time to claim overtime pay."

In addition to the employees themselves need to maintain their rights, Zhang Yi researcher believes that enterprises and regulatory authorities should also face this problem.

"Labor law enforcement departments to strengthen law enforcement inspections, through the inspection to solve such Veneto. On the other hand, enterprises themselves need to shape their own labor environment, is conducive to the direction of their own development, to change the company's practices. Therefore, the two sides can work together to alleviate this phenomenon."

The collective rebound of the programmers mentioned above to resist the 996 work system, it is hard to say what kind of response will be obtained. However, it is understood that the 996 work system is not exclusive to the Internet industry and has a tendency to spread to other industries. The 996 work system has once again received attention and has been repeatedly concerned. It also proves that this is not only a corporate cost problem and a personal multiple choice question, but also a supervisory ability question and a judgment for the future.

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