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Internet practitioners seeking job hunting, job-changing encounter "cold spring"?

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Source: Worker's Daily, author: Rand

Although GM talent is close to saturation, middle and high-end talents are still in a state of shortage.

Internet practitioners seeking job hunting, job-hopping encounters "cold spring"?

"Golden three silver four", the annual job hunting season has such a saying. However, in recent years, the general technical talents in the Internet industry have become saturated. This year, Internet industry practitioners seem to encounter job hunting and job hopping.

However, Internet industry practitioners really encounter "winter" winter? In fact, high-end talent in the industry is still lacking.

The salary is gradually becoming rational, and it is difficult to "join the way"

The group of programmers who had been envied by others and waged “doubled” had now faced the pressure of “protecting the bowl”. Li Changshan, born in 1989, entered the Internet industry in 2012 and is also a senior Internet practitioner. He said: "At the time, I just entered this line, the job was very good, and the threshold was low. As an industry & lsquo;small white & rsquo;, starting salary of 4,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. With a certain amount of work experience, once every hop, the salary is doubled. Jump once or twice, the salary can reach one or two thousand yuan. ” However, now it is different, in addition to work experience, industry qualifications, education, etc. has become the threshold for programmers to find a job.

Liu Bin, who is now in an unemployed state, feels anxious. Before the Spring Festival, he also entered a monthly income of 10,000 yuan. At that time, he had just entered the Internet industry for more than a year, and he was preparing to do a good job and strive for continuous income growth.

He told reporters that four years ago, he graduated from a technical school and operated a machine tool at a factory in Tangshan. He was a fitter and paid about 4,000 yuan a month. Later, he saw that the cousin who came out from his hometown of Hebei was programming in a company in Beijing. He earned more than 20,000 yuan a month and was very envious. In 2017, he quit his job and came to Beijing to learn programming with his cousin. After more than half a year of study, he mastered the programming language of software such as JAVA and entered the Internet company. He turned from a skilled worker to a “program 猿”.

However, the good times did not last long. At the beginning of 2019, after leaving the first company, he wanted to change jobs, but he encountered a dilemma different from that of his cousin. “After the Spring Festival, I have been looking for a job. On the one hand, my career is too short, I lack work experience, and more importantly, many Internet companies are now more and more valued. & rdquo; And these two aspects are precisely his weaknesses.

After being rejected by a number of Internet companies, Liu Bin intends to find a courier job to do first, "can not be idle." & rdquo; He said.

High-end talent is still lacking

Internet industry practitioners, really encountered "winter" winter? According to “2019 Gold, Three Silver and Four Hot Professional Insights”, the Internet industry is still the industry with the strongest recruitment demand in early 2019. Among the top 10 hot jobs, 7 are from the Internet industry, including BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and other famous companies.

According to LinkedIn data, the Internet industry posted 21% of the total number of posts on the platform, far exceeding the cars (14%) and information technology services (9%). The talent market is still in great demand for scientific and technological talents represented by the Internet and information technology.

According to another report released by the Internet recruitment platform, after the Spring Festival in 2019, corporate talent demand increased by 36% year-on-year, an increase of nearly 5 percentage points over 2018. Among them, artificial intelligence engineering technicians, IoT engineering and technical personnel, big data engineering and technical personnel, cloud computing engineering and technical personnel and other new professional talents are particularly popular. In the first-tier cities, the general talents in the Internet, education, finance, professional services and other industries are close to saturation, but the middle and high-end talents are in a state of shortage.

Li Changshan said that since the beginning of his career, the most anxious thing is how to make himself improve in the professional field. “The so-called layoffs are also cut off by the general technical staff who are more substitutable in the company, or the projects and their members who have not invested in the expected return for a certain period of time, and the core technical talents of some core projects have always been very Hot. ”

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