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Why has "996" become the mainstream choice of Internet enterprises?

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But a year later, customers and employees have gone more than half of the way, and several founders of the company have split up on whether or not to adhere to this ideal.

The most extraordinary is a film and television advertising company, I stayed for three months, only rest for three days in the middle, so that I completely forgot what the daytime at home is like; the average time off work is 10:30 p.m., because there will be no subway later, the company found that the reimbursement of taxi fares is very deficient.

In this debate, there are two views, one is that 996 violates the Labor Law, the other is that 996 is the active pursuit of employees.

The latter is certainly not right. Neither the advertising circle nor the programmers are the underprivileged workers. They have long passed the stage of life for money.


In my opinion, the phenomenon of 996 appears to be a violation of labor law by enterprises, but in fact it is a defect of pricing mechanism for senior technicians in these professions, but more essentially, it is a reflection of the low level of enterprise management and market competition.

Difficulties of the two-and eight-hour working system

Let's first look at the pricing mechanism.

But in fact, this pricing mechanism can not be achieved in recruitment.

First, wages can be negotiated first, but overtime hours cannot be agreed in advance.

It was said that when recruiting, both sides could specify the approximate amount of overtime and the salary set according to the amount of overtime.

Second, Reverse Elimination caused by information asymmetry

Recruitment is a kind of information asymmetry transaction. Employees do not know the overtime situation of the company, and the company does not know the employees'preference for overtime.


Overtime caused by low management level

The unavoidable overtime is not only a management problem, but also a business problem. I summarize four reasons:

One of the reasons: lack of communication culture, habits first do and then change

Overwork of Chinese employees is a manifestation of the low management ability of the company.

If a client asks a Chinese engineer to do something, the conversation is usually like this:

Engineer: OK, no problem.

And the inner monologue is like this: you don't know anything, I asked a fart. I want to do that and talk to you about it.

As you can imagine, the customer is foolish, WTF, is this what I want? All over again.

This is not a single employee problem.

The former employees who get the demand and work overtime without brains and return to work without complaint after 30 minutes are more likely to be praised by their colleagues.

The second reason is that business trust is low and the belief in seeing is true.

Both sides have invested a lot of ineffective labor in building basic trust.

The third reason: the confusion of management structure

With the increasing scale of IT enterprises, the bureaucratic characteristics such as specialization, centralization and process are becoming more and more obvious. This is often in conflict with the logic required by programmers'work, the desire for new knowledge and the pursuit of code quality. It directly reflects the ineffective overtime caused by management chaos.

Including but not limited to:

1. Under the flat management, the overtime is spent in meetings with the boss; under the traditional structure management, the overtime is waiting for meetings with the boss;

2. Enterprises with complex department structure are working overtime to repeat what others have done; enterprises with disordered processes are working overtime because they are waiting for tasks during the day, and the workflow just arrives at you at the end of work; enterprises with confused authorization are working overtime because somehow they jump out of a person you don't know and assign work to you.

3. Always need to work overtime to deal with emergencies, but there is no time to sort out the normal business logic to reduce the occurrence of accidents.


Why did IT Internet enterprises become the concentration camps in 1996? In a market where there is still a lot of room for rapid development, it is most important to occupy the market. If we must first improve the management ability and then start, others will have already snatched up the market.

Fourth, when can we expect the real 955?

At this time, fine management, eight hours to work to benefit, will become a mainstream choice.

Nine Woods Woona Xiongnell, it will be achieved.


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