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Ma Yun's Mathematics Game

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On the day of his failure, he became a temporary worker to subsidize his family, convinced that he was "not a piece of reading material". That year, 18-year-old Ma Yun traveled through the streets of Hangzhou on a tricycle delivering magazines.

Fortune has changed by chance.

Once, when he came to Zhejiang Dancer Association, he accidentally read Lu Yao's Life while copying documents, which lit the light for the confused, and he was determined to let go.

Next year, Ma Yuner went to the examination room and got 19 marks in mathematics.

Family advised him to give up reading, pedaling three wheels can support his family, who expected him to be more frustrated and brave, and prepare for the exam again.

In Ma Yun's autobiography My Philosophy of Life, there are detailed records about the third college entrance examination: three days before the college entrance examination, a teacher surnamed Yu said to me, "Ma Yun, your math scores are so poor, if you can pass the math exam, my word"Yu"is written upside down."

This assertion makes Ma Yun very depressed. Before the entrance examination, he recited 10 basic mathematical formulas and applied them to the test questions. His final score was 79, and he passed miraculously.

Ma Yun, a young man, was satisfied with the score, which was the highest in Mathematics in his history. Finally, he entered Hangzhou Teachers College with a score of less than 5 points below the undergraduate level. It happened that the enrollment of English majors was not full that year. In order to complete the entrance plan, the teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages selected several students with good grades and allocated them to the Department of Foreign Languages for undergraduate study. Ma Yun was one of them.

Mr. Yu's surname was reversed. Ma Yun, who was mistakenly confronted, began to associate with English. After graduation, he became a real teacher Ma. After graduation, he established Haibo Translation Agency and finally created the legend of Alibaba.

For this matter, he also summed up a sentence: "To learn to dream, dream big. The day your dreams come true, all the people who laugh at you will be the ones who witness your dreams come true.

Eleven world-class mathematicians and Ma Yun attend classes.


Mathematics is certainly not Ma Yun's strong point, not to mention technology.

But people have their own strengths. With the charm of language and personality, Ma Yun has become a business leader. Talents who understand mathematics and technology naturally come close to him.

Thirty-four years after he left the examination hall, he got on with mathematics again.

On the evening of September 18, 2018, coordinates Alibaba Park. Eleven top mathematicians and Ma Yun from all over the world gathered together to launch a brainstorming about mathematics and technology.

"Alien Association", "Golden Section", "Infinite Primes"... A strange professional vocabulary surrounds Ma Yun's ears. The collision of mathematical thinking lasted for nearly 40 minutes. Ma Yun, a student, said nothing.

Nodding affirmatively, holding one's cheeks and concentrating, closing one's eyes and meditating... He listened with considerable concentration.

Fortunately, some people broke the seemingly embarrassing situation and led mathematics to the significance and value of society. "Mathematics itself is a measure of the degree of progress of a society and a nation." Mathematician Zhang Yitang's voice has just fallen, Ma Yun on the side does not stop nodding.

When all the speakers finished, Ma Yun took up his tea cup and took a sip.

"I haven't even entered the math door..." After receiving the microphone, he was always good at giving speeches. Suddenly he felt embarrassed. "I really dare not make axes in front of you. I just want to show my awe to mathematics and respect to all the mathematicians present here."

At the end of the conversation, he reported his learning experience to the teachers in English.

"I'm sorry that we haven't paid enough attention to basic mathematics for so many years. The mathematics you are discussing now is closely related to the future, which is why Alibaba is willing to support mathematics.

"If China goes up in mathematics, it will be the progress of the human world in mathematics. I would be very proud if Alibaba could do something for mathematics.

These two words won the applause of all.

When the bell rang, Ma Yun took the lead in saluting and taking pictures of the "teacher" who taught the lesson. He said, "I had the best math class today."


Shortly after class, Alibaba announced a math plan: the Chinese Internet giant will hold a global math competition, calling on the young people of the whole society to love math and try to discover new knowledge from this basic science.

The ship leading to the mathematical world has anchored and is ready for a long journey. Ma Yun took the Ali Ferry to stand at the ferry and extended his arms to greet everyone aboard.

In 48 hours, more than 40,000 people around the world signed up for the competition. After online testing, 328 people entered the finals.

In the registration form, it can be called "Tibetan Dragon Crouching Tiger": Wei Dongyi, the full score of the 49th and 50th International Mathematics Olympics; Nie Zipei, the only full score of the 51st Olympic Games and the full score of the 3rd Romanian Masters Cup...

The battle for the summit of mathematics is scheduled for November 25.

Geometry and Topology, Number Theory and Algebra, Equation, Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics, more than 300 people have done their best in these four directions. Four hours later, 51 people stand out.

Looking back at this event, the winners differ greatly in age and are engaged in a wide range of industries, which is unprecedented. Among them, the youngest is only 13 years old. There are not a few Post-00 students, including Google engineers who have worked for several years, and data analysts from JPMorgan Chase. Of course, the main winners include math teachers.

After the announcement of the results, some enthusiasts published the preliminary examination questions on the Internet, and a large number of netizens exclaimed that "the questions are not understood".

One of the questions in the preliminary contest.

The so-called amateur watches busily and the expert watches the doorway.

Mathematics enthusiasts pay more attention to the idea of solving problems and the reasons for them. For example, a topic related to "how to deliver the fastest takeaway brother", which is by no means a simple arithmetic, but it reflects the problem of "network flow" in mathematics.

Nowadays, the number of takeaway brothers and couriers in China has exceeded 10 million. With the help of mathematical models and algorithms, the efficiency of delivery can be improved by 15% theoretically. In addition, with the analysis of data such as artificial intelligence, the efficiency is expected to exceed 30%.

Perhaps this is the significance of mathematics in Ma Yunkou for social development.

Ma Yun presented awards to the winners.


"Focus on learning ability, do not care about origin" is Ma Yun's talent concept.

Obviously, the winners have a strong learning ability, and he can't wait to meet with the public, "This award ceremony I hastened the epilepsy (Zhang Jianfeng) several times."

Last Friday, Ma Yun held a competition award ceremony for more than 300 people. He said frankly, "I've read the papers, and almost none of them can understand it!"

That's true. There are few people who believe they know the answer, but in the eyes of the winners, that's where the interest lies:

Gu Chen Lin, a 27-year-old girl, still remembers the qualifying match between 40,000 top players.

One day in late September 2018, when she was studying at the Paris Normal University, she set two alarm clocks for the event. "Because of the time difference, I'm still the first time to get up in the middle of the night to compete in mathematics." Gu Chen Lin told Sina Technologies that the biggest difficulty of the math competition is uncertainty. "This is the first time, nobody knows Bish. Why? It's amazing and interesting.

She has two hopes: first, breaking the current "black box" problem of machine learning with mathematical knowledge; second, can I talk to Mr. Ma?

"In Ma's words, useless use is the real use." Zhang Yan, who just graduated from Peking University, won the gold medal. In his eyes, mathematics is closely related to the cause of Aridamo College. "It is the basis of all sciences, such as the forward-looking quantum computer, which is related to topology. There is a mathematical direction called topological quantum field theory, which is used to build mathematical models of quantum computers."

According to the Ali people, the holding of mathematical competitions is not based on the consideration of talent reserve, let alone the position of a mathematician. All, just want to let the society feel the charm and fun of mathematics, that's all.

In a few days in Hangzhou, Zhang Yan and others sat on the lawn. They exchanged and talked beside Xixi Wetland, where cherry blossoms were blooming, and sought inspiration for solving problems in classical music.

Ma Yun's Mathematics Competition is like a long bond, linking up a group of people who love mathematics. This competition will continue.


Knowing the universe, I still pity the grass and trees.

Ma Yun has gone through 36 years from one point to the event advocate. On the stage, he shook hands with 51 winners one by one, admiring more than mathematics.

IT, DT, AI, IoT... Chips, computing power, quantum, data...

These are closely related to mathematics. "Now Alibaba has a good income and a good profit, so where should the money be invested? We should invest in human progress, especially in basic science such as mathematics.

At the same time, Ma Yun hopes to do something.

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