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Beijing Internet geographical discrimination chain

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-- Illustrations by Gosia Herba


Source: Xi Erqi Life Guide North (ID: ShelchiLifeGuide)

I have previously introduced to you that the Internet industry in various cities in China has a chain of discrimination.

Beijing is at the top of the chain of discrimination. The country's first- and second-line Internet companies have almost all headquarters here. Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are close behind, and they compete for ranking in the middle of the discrimination chain. The rest of the world is missing the Internet era. The bottom of the chain does not speak.

Chengdu: Actually, I also have an internet company …

Everyone: You have a hammer!

In the Internet leader Beijing, in fact, it also has its own geographical discrimination chain.

To put it simply, the Internet people in Beicheng discriminate against Nancheng. The line along the line 13 discriminates against other subway lines, Xi Erqi and Zhongguancun discriminate against Jiuxianqiao, and then the discrimination in the concentrated areas of the Internet is fragmented.

North City > South City

In different areas of Beijing, there are different groups of people. In the eyes of the North City people, the middle city of Beijing is doing finance. The east is the Sanlitun people. The west is engaged in education and training. The south city is selling flowers and building materials. The north city is the real one. Do the internet.

When it comes to the Internet practitioners in Beicheng, everyone thinks of going out from the ideal international building and going to the Nasdaq to ring the bell;

When I mentioned the Internet practitioners in Nancheng, everyone thought of the scene of the house demolition in the next door of the dumplings.

Later, the company had no money. The cleaning aunt of Nancheng himself took out 20 million demolition funds and cast a C round to the company.

Beicheng is the hometown of the Internet. BAT is in the North City, TMD is also in the North City, and Nancheng has no Internet since ancient times. At that time, there were only a few Internet small companies in the Guomao CBD.

Later, Ali moved from the advertising industry park of Dawang Road to Wangjing, and the rounding off was equivalent to the escape of the Internet circle. Jingdong moved from Beichen to Yizhuang in Nancheng, and rounding off was equivalent to poverty alleviation in the Internet circle.

Therefore, the Internet people in Beicheng are naturally discriminating against Nancheng. The old Internet people refused the Internet products of Nancheng and the taste was not authentic.

Line 13 > Other lines

In 2002, it was an autumn. There was a subway painting half a circle in the north of Beijing. … … This famous "The Story of the Internet Spring" sang the lifeline of Beijing Internet Line 13.

Although the figure of 13 is not very auspicious, the farmers who flock to the men and women will squeeze it into the most masculine subway in Beijing.

Line 13 is connected in series with the life of the Emperor Internet people ——

Starting from Dazhong Temple, the students of Beipai, the training base of the code farmer, started to get on the bus. Everyone started their business from Zhichun Road or Wudaokou, and then moved to Xi'erqi and Wangjing after the company became bigger. In the middle, they bought it at Huoying North Park. The house comes to live.

If you can connect to Babaoshan, you can basically realize the life and death of the code farmers.

So line 13 is almost all of Beijing's Internet. I expect that when the line 13 is successfully split, it will be the next whistle of the Chinese Internet.

Xi Erqi, Zhongguancun > Wangjing, Jiuxianqiao

The discrimination between Wangji and Zhongguancun on Wangjing and Jiuxianqiao is entirely out of the wind.

For the Internet company of Jiuxianqiao, whether it is Renren.com, 360, or Tesla, which was frustrated in China before, they are in a quagmire at Jiuxianqiao, which confirms the urban legend of Jiuxianqiao, which is known as the Internet of China.

The next door to Wangjing is also deeply immersed in the Feng Shui puzzle. The company, such as Hammer, A, and Beauty, moved away, and the acquired acquisition, Wang Jing Internet people's mood in recent years is just as messy as Wangjing's road.

However, for the living standards of Internet practitioners in Wangjing area, people in Xi'erqi and Zhongguancun need to look up.

Xi Erqi people: What is life?

Internet concentration > scattered office

Not every Internet company is located in Zhongguancun, Xierqi and Wangjing, and many more companies are scattered throughout Beijing.

They are in Peony Garden, Datun Road, Huixin West Street, Lama Temple, Jianguomen, Chegongzhuang … …

They are located at the bottom of the Internet Internet discrimination chain in Beijing, waiting for the Nasdaq to ring the bell after listing, and then moved to the West Second Flag headquarters.

Of course, Beijing's Internet discrimination has many other aspects besides geography.

For example, the discrimination in the first-tier urban market is sinking, and the soil is low. The sinking discrimination is done in the five rings. It is a dream to starve to death sooner or later.

For example, BAT discriminates against small companies, and the technology is not good. If you take open source software and fight, you will dare to sell money. The small company discriminates against BAT. They are all a group of small screws. Are you interested in financial freedom?

For example, doing e-commerce discrimination to do financial, you are all swindlers who want to run, do social discrimination to do e-commerce, e-commerce is also the Internet? Discrimination of the game is all else, and nothing is done to make money.

Finally, Internet practitioners within the Second Ring Road discriminate against all others. They work in the Internet industry to experience life. If they fail, they will have to go back to inheriting thousands of demolition funds.

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