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The programmer can't bear 996! All fuck, GitHub to talk

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There was a Github Super Fire project in the last two days, with thousands of stars in an hour.



As of now, the number of starts for this project exceeds 63K and Issues5000+.


This project does not seem to relate to any technology, but it is closely related to every programmer in the country. 996.ICU means: work 996, sick ICU.

So the theme of the project is about the notorious 996 work system.


The response of many industry users is:

996 can be, but you put the money in place, and want people to work overtime and want to give money.

Especially in this cold winter season, 996 has become a weapon for companies to retreat employees to voluntarily resign to avoid compensation. I believe everyone is familiar with

Status of 996

Speaking of the "996" work system, I believe that every programmer is no stranger. Especially in the recent environment of the Internet winter, 996 seems to be getting more and more serious!

This year, I just got on the right track. When I was not connected to the Internet, I turned my own annual meeting into a "banquet" and publicly declared that the 996 working system was implemented:

The so-called normal working hours have become 9:30 in the morning to 21:00 in the evening, and the working hours are as long as eleven and a half hours. Once the company has an emergency project, it will be forced to work for 6 days a week. If the project can't be completed, please extend it yourself.

After the public announcement, specific rules and regulations have been formulated: If you get off work before 9:00 pm, you still need to take the annual leave process, otherwise it will be completed.

Then, many Internet amnestics began to imitate, and the salary increase was not very active, and 996 learned very quickly. It’s really too embarrassing to eat, forgive me for not being free in this life!

In fact, there were signs of it last year.



Regarding 996, it is definitely not unacceptable. When the project is tense, occasionally overtime believes that many programmers can understand, and you are still nervous about the project every day.

You are nervous every day, we are not demanding, and we can pay wages according to the labor law.... But the fact is that we ignore everything! In this way, the future work environment is worrying.

About 996, many people express their opinions

Let's take a look at what our friends say.

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Original link:Https://www.zhihu.com/question/317722302

As for how to treat the 996 work system itself, and not to mention that it is illegal to violate the law, I think this is out of date, contrary to the times, and does not conform to the system of science and even anti-intellect.

If it is manufacturing, extending the production line or machine working time, time is output, but it is understandable.

But the Internet industry is not manufacturing, and people are not machines.

In world-class Internet companies such as Google, we are committed to improving the work environment and even allowing employees to work from home – some of our companies are pursuing work hours?

Do the heads of these enterprises not know the word "efficiency" at all?

In order to improve the working hours simply and rudely, it is inevitable that the work enthusiasm will be reduced, and the work efficiency will be reduced to 0.7 × 60 μ 42 < 1="" ×="" 44.="" 44.="" the="" final="" reduction="" of="" the="" work="" efficiency="" will="" probably="" be="" 0.7="" ×="" 60.="" 42="">< 1="" ×="" 44.="" 44.="" not="" to="" mention="" that="" in="" the="" process,="" the="" employees="" were="">

So I said anti-intellect, not considering the discomfort of employees, even if standing on the boss's position, I think 996 is likely to create more output and profits.

996. ICU items have been supported by many netizens, and even attracted the attention of foreign netizens.



The project has also been translated into a multi-language version with the aim of maximizing influence.



996 problem

As one knows what Daxu said, the biggest problem with 996 is not the time and overtime pay, but the deprivation of your time and the chance of rising.

Many people think that work is a kind of promotion and development, but it is not. Work is a kind of consumption, consume your energy, brain power and the knowledge you have saved. The biggest problem of 996 is actually here.

He doubles your personal reserves, but does not give you time to reserve new resources (knowledge).

This is the fundamental problem of 996. Money is really a small problem. Just put in the job and say that the monthly salary is over 10,000. Over 5,000 is one tenth. Except for many famous college students and some qualified students, most college students take in the job. It’s three or four thousand.






So for modern companies, the program has become a consumable, and 996 squeezes your value. After you have no value, you can cut it directly. At this time, you have the basic knowledge and society in the past ten years. It is hard to get to the job of having to be eliminated.

This is the root of the program's protests. What they want is not the present, the future. Who did not work hard when they were young? Who wouldn't want to earn more money with young people? Who wouldn't want to make a good future for the future?

But this is not something that can be solved by eating food. It can't be exchanged for the sacrifice of the future. This is what most people don't want to accept.

The above answer comes from the frame of the big frame.

I know that most of us are resistant to overtime work. As programmers, no one wants to repeat work. I remember a word, forget who said it, and the best way to destroy a programmer is to let him repeat. Sex work, although I really want to make money, but I don't want to be destroyed~

At last

In the face of the 996-ICU, I don't think anyone wants this. But sometimes we can't change. For the family, for the loved ones, our best way is to upgrade ourselves, prepare for the battle, try to leave the ICU as soon as possible, and do your own career planning. You can also do the same as brother. Part-time, although there is no high salary, I believe that sooner or later.

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