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Apple Spring Launch All In Service: Newspaper Subscription, Credit Card, Game Store, Apple TV+

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Apple Online Store (China)

Before the press conference, Apple fell 0.8%, and US stocks fell 1.8% at the beginning of the session. Roku, a video streaming platform that competes with Apple's latest streaming services, hit a high of 6%, while Naifei rose 0.53%.

Apple News+: Covers 300Subscription services for multiple newspapers or recommended articles

Apple CEO Cook said in his opening speech that this is a very different event.Today's event"It’s all aboutservice, confirmed the market's previous conjecture.

The first new service offered is Apple News+, which covers magazine subscriptions.(Upgrade version of Apple News).Cook said that Apple News has read 5 billion articles per month and is the number one news app.

Apple News + is based on the existing free platform of Apple News. It is a monthly subscription service. It can be used in the US and Canada from now on. The US version costs US$9.99/month. The first month after registration is free. Canadian customers can choose See the English or French version. The service will be launched in Australia and the UK later this year.

Apple News+ will cover more than 300 popular magazines such as National Geographic, People, Popular Science, Billionaires, and The New Yorker, including individual articles in The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. And the content of cutting-edge digital media such as The Skimm, TechCrunch, VOX. Apple said that if each newspaper is subscribed separately, it will cost at least $8,000 a year.

The analysis pointed out that Apple’s emphasis on selling is “privacy”.Apple does not get the user's reading record, and the advertiser can't direct the recommended advertisement based on the user's reading history. The service will be integrated with Apple's "Nikkei" technology acquired last year to more widely promote the service business and achieve recurring revenue streams such as subscription fees.

During the service promotion period, Apple's share price fell slightly to 0.93%, and then narrowed to less than 0.7%. Video streaming platform Roku rose more than 7%, and Naifei rose 0.6%.

The Dow Jones Group subsequently issued a memo stating that readers of Apple News+ will receive general news recommended by the editors from The Wall Street Journal. The subscription members of the newspaper itself will continue to enjoy exclusive access to business reports and analytical articles.

Apple teamed up with Goldman Sachs to launch credit cardsThere is no upper limit for daily cashback

The second recommended service is based on Apple Pay (Apple Pay)) Apple Credit Card Apple Card.

Cook said that with Apple's hardware, software and service advantages, I believe that the biggest change in the credit card experience can be made in 50 years. At present, Apple Pay Apple pays 70% of the acceptance rate in US retailers. This year, it will also promote Apple payment in the public transportation systems of major cities such as Chicago and New York. Reuters said it expects Apple's payment processing to reach 10 billion times this year.

Apple Credit Card's co-issuing bank is supported by Goldman Sachs and MasterCard's global payment system, so it can be used globally and officially launched this summer. This credit card will beiPhoneMobile phoneSynchronize on the Apple Wallet app and offer more discounts to purchase Apple products.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Payments, said that the Apple Card can be approved within a few minutes of the application and will be used immediately by Apple Pay. Apple will also issue a physical credit card of titanium, using only laser etching of the user's name, without the card number, etc. Sensitive information. The general payment can be refunded by 2%, the purchase of Apple products is 3%, and the physical credit card is used to pay back 1%.

Cashback will be transferred daily to the user's Apple Wallet account with no cap. Apple Credit Card does not charge any fees, no fines for overdue payments, annual fees or international transfers. Bailey said Apple's goal is to "customize" repayment rates for each consumer and strive to achieve the industry's lowest credit card lending rate. Goldman Sachs and Apple do not use personal data for advertising services.

This credit card also provides services that track the financial health of the user, including the specific cost and history of the user's expenses. Unlike traditional credit card statements, Apple Credit Card will combine the Apple Maps Apple Maps service with machine learning to visualize the location of the purchase. If the billing address needs to be changed, the SMS robot will help the user in real time.

According to the analysis, the laser-etched card of titanium looks cool, but the 1%-3% cashback rate is not very high. The cashback project setting is not much different from other existing cashback credit cards. However, Apple's broader consumer reach may make it a major player in the credit card industry.This will also be the first retail credit card launched by Goldman Sachs.Earlier, Goldman Sachs provided a consumer loan and savings account through online banking Marcus, and successfully entered the “C-end market”, achieving a 150-year transition from a boutique investment bank.

Financial media CNBC said that Swire, the new CEO of Goldman Sachs, also participated in Apple's spring conference today, but did not give a speech. In an internal letter to employees, he said that Apple's credit card will completely change the experience of the credit card, designed to help users establish a healthy financial life, and will become an important step for Goldman Sachs to enter the consumer finance field. Marcus currently has more than 3 million customers, $45 billion in deposits and $5 billion in consumer credit balances.

During the introduction of payment services, Apple's share price fell to 1.5%. Visa Visa short-term diving, turning down in the day. Goldman Sachs shares rose short-term, and rose by 0.14% during the day. MasterCard rose and rose 0.1%.

Apple Arcade: iOSThe game platform inside the system,Unknown pricing

The third recommended service is limited to iOSGame platform Apple Arcade used inside the ecosystem.Cook has previously said that iOS has become the world's largest gaming platform.

Apple Arcade is a game collection subscription service that exists in the Apple Store and will include augmented reality (AR) games and multiplayer games. Does not contain ads and is not compatible or usable on other system platforms.

After paying for a subscription, users can play more than 100 games in the combined package and continue to have new games to join. Apple Arcade games are available on the iPhone,iPadDifferent devices, such as Mac and Apple Tv, run synchronously. Unlike other streaming games, games in Apple Arcade can be downloaded and then run without being connected to the Internet.

Apple Arcade will be available in more than 150 countries this fall, but Apple has not disclosed pricing or more details. When the commercial of this new service was broadcast, Apple's share price fell to 1%. The game's website dropped to 3%, and EA dropped and fell 0.8%.

Apple launches two streaming services: TV Channels and original show collection Apple TV+

The most interesting thing is Apple’s fourth new project: streaming video services.Two products are included - the updated Apple TV app Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+, which brings together Apple's original repertoire.

Apple TV Channels translates into the "Apple TV Channel" service and is an upgraded version of the existing Apple TV App. Contains video content from multiple channel providers such as HBO Go, Starz and Showtime, as well as content from emerging streaming media providers such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Apple TV users need to first subscribe to the separate channels of the above partners, but they can be viewed in a single application of Apple TV. They do not need to switch between separate apps of different content providers, and there is no advertisement during playback.

This upgraded version of the Apple TV App runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV set-top boxes, and software updates for the Mac version will be available in May this year, with more new services coming out in May. The new Apple TV app can search for programs from different content providers like Netfair's interface, and will be available on Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio and other smart TV interfaces, as well as to stream media players such as Roku and Amazon Firetv. on.

However, the analysis pointed out that Apple did not disclose whether to provide a discount subscription package consisting of different channels. If users subscribe to other channels' streaming services and then unify them into Apple TV applications, the innovation is not great. Because Apple has placed too much emphasis on the "personalized" push of TV services, and the simplicity of the interface operation,Apple's share price has expanded to 1.6% during the product introduction process.

Apple deliberately put the longest and most important content of the show at the end of the conference.An hour after the launch, Apple launched the original video.Apple TV+ service.

Apple said that this will be more than just another streaming service. Apple TV+ is an ad-free subscription service. More than 100 countries (or regions) will be able to watch Apple's original programs, which will be launched globally this fall, but Apple is not disclosed. Quote for TV+ service.

Goldman Sachs data shows that Apple will be associated with 34 different film and television works, spending up to $1 billion annually on video content. Earlier, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company has signed a multi-year contract with the famous talk show host Oprah Oprah. The company will also collaborate with the famous director Spielberg to remake the series "Amazing Legends":

During the period, Apple's decline once expanded to 2%, Disney fell 0.6%, hitting a low. At Oprah's speech, US-listed US-listed company Weight Watchers International rose 2.8%, and Apple's share price fell to 1.5%.

Apple’s 2019 spring release lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes, and Apple’s share price fell 1.7% at the end.In the end, Apple closed down 1.2%, closing at 188.74 US dollars, the lowest since March 20, and slightly increased after the close.

In the concluding remarks, Cook said that the service industry is very important to Apple, and can also entertain, inspire, deliver information and enrich the lives of users. He stressed that consumers are the center and top priority of Apple's business.

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