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How Strong Nokia 9 PureView Photo Experience Has Zeiss Five Photographs

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In the earlier era of solo photography,Mobile phonePhotography has become the focus of attention of some manufacturers. In 2012, Nokia released 808 PureView with 41-megapixel sensor. At that time, Zeiss and Pureview became the new height of mobile phone photography. Back now, HMD also allows newborn Nokia phones to continue their previous traditions in photography. Not only did they renew their strategic cooperation with Zeiss, but they also went fromMicrosoftPureView's brand license was reclaimed. The first photographic flagship with five cameras, Nokia 9 PureView, was released at the beginning of this year's MWC exhibition.

Nokia 9 PureView has five Zeiss-certified lenses on its back and a dedicated ASIC chip control is added to provide secondary focusing and ultra-high dynamic range. When users take photos, the five cameras of the machine can coordinate with each other, capture light and collect depth data, multi-frame synthesis algorithm, and then synthesize a picture with strong details. Next, I'll send you the specific performance of this mobile phone with PureView pedigree in photography.

Multi-camera design has become the standard choice of mobile phones. Even today's thousands of Yuan machines are equipped with dual cameras to achieve depth of field effect. Nowadays, the mainstream new cameras of three or even four cameras still show different effects through the collocation and combination of different cameras. Nokia 9 PureView completely breaks the established idea of this combination. It is equipped with five cameras with the same specifications and purer purpose, designed to improve the quality of the picture.

All five cameras on Nokia 9 PureView use Sony IMX 386 sensors (1/2.8 inch, 12 million pixels). The center one is a color subject, which is used for core imaging. The bottom one is a color sub-camera. The remaining three are black-and-white lenses. When taking photos, the five lenses collect data together, and then synthesize and output a 12 million-pixel photograph with a maximum tolerance of 12.4 gears.

In addition to the obvious picture quality improvement, Nokia 9 PureView can provide normal JPEG format outgoing, but also can output uncompressed RAW (DNG) files. After shooting, the user can modify the photos on the mobile phone or export them to the computer using the relevant software for later modification. From the pictures taken above, we can also see that Nokia 9 PureView uses default settings to restore the color more realistic than ordinary mobile phone photos, which also gives users more room for later modification.

Nokia 9 PureView is also equipped with a light coprocessor to assist in shooting and post-synthesis, since the ISP of Miaolong SoC can not meet the needs of five cameras for simultaneous shooting. Nokia 9 PureView's 5-camera scheme was also developed by HMD and Light. Long before Nokia, Light had launched a camera with 16 cameras. In the aspect of multi-cameras working together, Light can be said to have mature technical and algorithmic support.

The advantage of hardware performance makes Nokia 9 PureView absolutely superior in photographic effect. Five cameras work together. The photographs taken have a good tolerance and rich color performance. In some photos with a greater degree of light and shade, the shadows and shadows also have good details. The photos adjusted by the algorithm do not have too much sharpening and bias to gorgeous. Colour matching makes the photograph feel more natural and realistic. The bronze statue in the sample shows the metallic luster of the material through the real color restoration; the sample of street lamp can show the different colors of the strong light very well, and the broad tolerance can also make people clearly see the dark details of the trees behind the light source.

Nokia 9 PureView also supports zoom adjustments of two and five times, allowing more details to be taken closer to objects, some similar to the micro-range features of some mobile phones now on the market. The PCB in the sample can clearly capture the pins of the chip, and the digital code can be completely restored. Regrettably, some edges are slightly smeared, but it does not affect the performance of details.

In addition to ordinary shooting, Nokia 9 PureView also provides depth-of-field mode and black-and-white mode in portrait mode. In the portrait mode shooting, the background and foreground of the object being photographed can be visualized at multiple levels, which is more detailed and more hierarchical than the two-camera matting. At the same time, we can change the focus later, so as to realize the virtualization of different regions.

Because five cameras work at the same time when taking pictures, the processing performance of hardware is very high. Even with the addition of Light's graphics coprocessor, it takes a long time to turn on the camera application and image processing after taking pictures. It takes about 5 seconds to switch the camera function. However, the process of image processing can be completed in the background, so it is acceptable to wait a few seconds while the camera function is turned on and the shooting mode is switched on.

Black-and-white mode can also support zoom twice or five times, but in the process of shooting we found that the final image of the object and the position of the viewfinder are different, mainly because black-and-white lens above the color main camera is used as the main camera, and the view is presented through the main camera. There is a certain deviation in the position of the two lenses, if black-and-white lens is used as the main camera. The closer the mode is to the object, the more obvious the final imaging deviation will be.

Nokia 9 PureView can be said to bring innovation to smartphones in photography function, fresh picture quality and restoring true color style, and also bring Zeiss and PureView back to the public's view. Nokia's bold use of five cameras to improve image quality is currently a fruitful attempt. Although not necessarily a mainstream trend, this innovative idea will also bring more possibilities for mobile phone photography, just as Nokia 808 PureView launched a wave of ultra-high pixel mobile phone photography in 2012. 。 In a word, we are looking forward to updating some software functions as soon as possible after Nokia 9 PureView, which will speed up the optimization of opening cameras and image processing, and bring more creative functions to users.

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