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New Zealand live killing spread around the world FB and YouTube are accused of being too derelict

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After the shooting, the focus of public opinion shifted to the three major social platforms themselves. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, which promised to "regulate violent and hateful content", did not do their duty this time:

Twitter does not seem to monitor the "sinister confession" issued by the gunner on its platform, only to delete its account afterwards.

Youtube claims to remove all the items related to the shootingvideoContent, but as of the viewer's website, the platform still has video footage.

The most unrelenting thing is to count Facebook, which is the source of the "murder live broadcast".I used to spend a lot of money on the Facebook of the "human flesh supervisor". This time after the live broadcast began, I was reminded by the police that I started blocking the video.

In response to this, the US media commented that these social platforms are really "blindsided".

"In this case, the murderer intended to brush the flow"

The US technology media The Verge News Network commented on the 15th that the case itself is a vicious incident of "intended to seek social media traffic."

The report said that a few hours before the incident, the suspect, Brenton Tarrant, in the far-right forum 8chan, predicted that he would "attack", clearly pointed out that he would "live the whole process" and attach a Facebook Account link.

In addition, according to the "Guardian" news, a Twitter account suspected of committing crimes, before the incident also issued a 74-page "fighting confession book." It not only details his birth, but also clarifies his extreme political position.Motivation for this crime:Opposing immigrants to the "genocide" of whites. However, the "confession book" has no signature. There are a lot of extreme comments under the Twitter account, as well as a lot of gun photos.

A few hours later, the gunman made a "murder live broadcast" on Facebook.

Suspected gunman Tarant

It should be noted that in the video, the gunman also "smashed a wave of traffic" before getting off the bus. He said at the time,"People remember, pay attention to PewDiePie", and the latter is currently the biggest net red in Youtube.The number of fans has exceeded 89.47 million.

The Verge News Network believes that both the live video and the "confessional book" indicate that the murderer is as attractive as possible to the public. Especially in the "confession book", the murderer also mentioned a lot of online games of the current fire. The article said that before the Internet became popular, the mastermind of large-scale attacks might find ways to get the attention of the media, but now through social media,It can easily and quickly attract a large audience.

In order to cater to advertisers, Youtube Facebook has not changed this feature for 4 years, which has contributed to video communication.

ABC News pointed out that the murderer was initially broadcast live under his Facebook account. Until the beginning of the live broadcast, Facebook did not seem to know about it. Mia Garlick, head of Facebook and Australia and New Zealand, finally issued a statement.Said: "After the live broadcast, the New Zealand police warned us about the video, and then we quickly deleted the murderer's Facebook account, Instagram account, and video."

The Guardian said that Twitter also realized that it was necessary to delete the account of the suspected murderer after the incident.

But it is already late, and a lot of video has flowed into Youtube. The latter responded after the incident, "will carefully remove all violent videos."

This Twitter Twitter is released on the 15th at 1:46 pm.As of press time, the Observer Network test found that you can still find the culprit video on the platform by simply searching for keywords.

It is worth mentioning that in 2015 there was a similar "killing live broadcast" incident in the United States. In August of that year, a reporter and a videographer from CBS News Network were shot dead in the live broadcast. Then the live video was rumored on social media such as Youtube, causing heated discussion in the community.

2 deceased in the shooting in 2015

At that time, The Verge News Network believes that users can open another account page on the two platforms of Youtube and Facebook, and the video of the home page will automatically play.This "autoplay" feature is designed to cater to advertisers and increase traffic, and in this case, promotes the spread of bad videos.

Today, four years later, Observer Network notes thatSuch a mechanism has not changed.

Facebook has spent a lot of money on hiring "human flesh supervisors"

After the “Facebook Disclosure Event” broke out last year, all three social platforms have been “named” by the US Congress:Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and COO Sandberg, Twitter CEO Dorsey, and Google (owned Youtube) CEO Pachai have been summoned to Capitol Hill to promise to improve cybersecurity.

Among them, Facebook said that it has spent a lot of money in the field.In February 2018, the company had planned to hire 20,000 content auditors at the end of the year to identify bad information.

The Verge news network mentioned that the platform Facebook and other platforms used earlier to identify bad content through algorithms, but often missed some videos of “tampering the title map” and “cutting size”.

But nowadays, under the recognition of human flesh, Facebook still did not find this "killing live broadcast". In this regard, Bloomberg bluntly said that it was "squinting."

Lucinda Creighton, senior adviser to the US non-profit organization Anti-Extreme Program, said in an interview with CNN, "These technology companies basically don't take this (monitoring bad content) as a priority.They may twist their hands and say 'worry', but they never stop this from happening. ”

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