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Reading Group appeared at the London Book Fair Internet digital reading business model attracted international attention

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On the international stage such as the London Book Fair, the Chinese power and Chinese culture represented by the leading domestic content platform such as the Reading Group are receiving more and more attention.

From March 12th to 14th, the Reading Group and the exhibitors from all over the world gathered in London to participate in the London Book Fair, an important spring event for the global book industry.

As a Chinese exhibitor who has appeared at the International Book Fair many times, the Reading Group not only exhibited the latest overseas publishing results, but also conducted extensive discussions and exchanges on behalf of Chinese online literature and many internationally renowned publishing institutions. Liu Wen, Director of Webnovel Contents at the International Portal of Reading, gave a speech at the exhibition and gave an in-depth introduction to the exploration and development of China's online reading business model. During the book fair, Wenwen also launched the brand animation animation film of the starting point, winning the enthusiastic discussion of many readers at home and abroad.

Analysts pointed out that the popularity of online literature in the world means that the ability of Chinese culture to break through cultural barriers is significantly enhanced, and the commonality of culture continues to expand.


London Book Fair

Bringing many popular works to the show, Chinese culture circle powder world friends

At this London Book Fair, the Reading Group exhibited a number of works, including the English translation of high-popular online literary works by Chinese writers such as "Tiandao Library" and "Full-time Master", as well as "Reborn: Evolving From Nothing ("No Evolution") is a popular new work for overseas web writers. These rich and diverse literary works have attracted friends from all over the world to gather at the exhibition stand.

Liu Yiren, the international content director of the starting point, delivered a speech at the exhibition to introduce the diversified business exploration of Chinese online literature to national publishers. Liu Yiren said that the value of content is unlimited, and the exploration and development of content business model largely depends on the linkage between the platform and the author and reader. Based on the long-term successful experience of online literature paid reading system, Start International has created a localized paid reading mode for overseas readers, and is receiving more and more overseas users' support. In the future, by selecting high-quality content and developing multi-formats, online literature will deliver greater value. ”


Starting point international content director Liu Yiren gave a speech at the exhibition

The intelligent mobile reading hardware independently developed by the Reading Group —— pocket reading mobile e-books also attracted widespread attention at the show. It is reported that this product is the first ink screen reader in China that supports both the listening function and the SIM card function. The product is very compact and light, and the pocket can be accommodated. The text content and the content of the listening content will be given to the user. Bring a whole new product experience.

Starting Point International: Exploring the Global Output of Network Literature Business Model

Globally, the influence of online literature is continuing to expand. After years of development, the original online literary works of the company have been authorized to publish digital publishing and physical books to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, as well as the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and other European and American regions, involving 7 languages. More than 20 partners have authorized more than 300 works. For example, the English-language version of the "Ghost Blowing Light" published by Penguin Random House has been listed overseas.

Nowadays, the pace of reading the texts of the texts has been from the mode of publishing the original license, to the online interactive reading as the core, and the collection of copyright authorization, open platform and other functions of the network to the 3.0 era.

The starting point international is the important content platform and portal of the reading group's network. According to public information, Start International was launched in 2017. At present, it has more than 20 million visitors, and has more than 200 translators and translators. It has launched more than 300 English translations of Chinese boutique online literature. The "Tiandao Library", "Full-time Master" and "Let the Witch" are the masterpieces of well-known Chinese net writers, some of which convey the spirit of traditional Chinese culture, while others show the era of modern China. Style.

The overseas growth of online literature is not simply to transplant domestic products, but to further promote the integration and innovation of localization. Starting Point International launched its original overseas function in April last year. In less than a year, more than 16,000 overseas authors have created more than 23,000 original English works. Western fantasy, oriental fantasy and urban feelings are all popular creations. Category. The popular work "Reborn: Evolving From Nothing" exhibited at the exhibition is an English-language online work created by American college students. After the book went online, it quickly climbed to the starting point of the international original recommendation ticket. It ranks first and has long been at the forefront of the list. So far, the total number of clicks has exceeded 9 million.


Read Group Overseas Portal Startpage (Webnovel) Homepage

Whether or not users can be fully integrated and involved is the core of a culture that can take root. Based on Chinese culture and the needs of overseas users, Start International has established a highly viscous fan community around online literary creation and reading. It can be seen that overseas web readers have the same reading hobbies as Chinese readers —— while spitting the edge & "brushing text”. At present, at the starting point internationally, 69 works with more than 10 million hits have accumulated more than 3.7 million comments. In addition to comments, readers are actively involved in various interactions to understand the cultural implications behind the learning work. For example, overseas readers of the popular Chinese work “Let the Witch Release” are very keen on designing a world view and drawing maps for the characters in the book. Through the vocabulary encyclopedia in the works, overseas readers can easily understand the oriental cultural elements commonly seen in online literature such as gossip and tai chi, as well as understand the social life style of contemporary China.

From content output to cultural output, online literature diversification

In addition to the popularity of online literary works, the adaptation of the net IP has also attracted the attention of both domestic and overseas, and has become one of the important carriers for Chinese culture to go out.

For example, the well-known IP adaptation of the TV series "Selecting the Sky" was selected "One Belt and One Road"; Mongolia and Russia show recommended film repertoire; "Full Queen" adapted TV drama "Fujian" to board the mainstream video sites in Europe and the United States, and the global view The movie boom; "Huang Huang" adapted the TV series "Tiansheng Long Song" to become Netflix's first Chinese costume drama with the highest level of pre-ordered Netflix Original Series, going to the world.

In addition, in order to read the adaptation of the film and television to Vietnam, the author will also use the network literature IP to authorize and promote the interpretation of the Chinese story in the global cultural context. Enlarge the world influence of China IP. It can be expected that the future IP will have a more diverse form of landing.

The literary world of online literature is not just to let more people see the story from the East, nor is it just to let more people join the team that creates and read online literary works, but also through the world of online literature, so that more people can feel it. The charm of Chinese culture. When online literature goes out, it is also the time when Chinese tradition and modern culture further blend with world culture.

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