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QQ logout function is online, teach you to cancel QQ and WeChat account

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Tencent Cloud

Figure 1 Are you sure you want to cancel the QQ number?

Several prerequisites for canceling QQ account

First, let's take a look at some prerequisites for canceling the QQ account. These conditions must be met in order to cancel the QQ account.

First, upgrade the mobile phone QQ to the latest version (7.9.9 currently only supported by Android).

2. The account is in a secure state (the password has not been changed in the past month, and the unbind operation has not been performed). The login is performed on the authentication device, and the risk is not stolen. (This condition is not satisfied, you don't have to look down)

Third, there is no assets in the QQ wallet and the QQ wallet is cancelled.

Fourth, the QQ card has been emptied.

Fifth, lift the QQ public account, QQDevelopmentThe administrator status of the platform.

Sixth, all QQ number authorization login or binding relationship has been released.

Figure 2 Prerequisites for cancellation

Well, there are a lot of conditions to be met, and one by one to see how it should work.

The first question: Where to cancel the QQ account?

The basic operation of QQ logout account: the latest version of mobile phone QQ → settings → account, device security → logout account.

Figure 3 logout options

Question 2: How to judge whether the QQ account is in a safe state?

This operation is simple, mobile QQ → settings → account, device security → will automatically detect the security status after entering, showing that no risk has been found, generally no problem. Another point is that you must open the device lock before you can log out, and you need to bind the phone number to log out.

Figure 4 Checking the security status of the QQ account

Question 3: How to cancel the QQ wallet?

First of all, all you have to do is put the money in the QQ wallet, then enter the "card coupon" and cancel the card in the "my card coupon".

Figure 5 Do not leave a penny Figure 6 Cancel the card coupon

Then untie the bank card, QQ wallet → account → bank card → upper right corner option button → unbind. Finally, the operation of canceling the QQ wallet: QQ wallet → setting → customer service center → cancel the account. Any item that does not satisfy the logout will be prompted here.

Figure 7 Untied bank card Figure 8 Logout account

Question 4: How to cancel the QQ number authorization login or binding relationship.

This authorized login is the game, application and login that you previously used to log in with the QQ number.website. The QQ number has been used for so long. I believe that many people will not remember which website they used to log in with the QQ number. It doesn't matter.TencentA dedicated website is provided to help users with enquiries and deauthorizations.

This website is called QQ Internet, the URL is https://connect.qq.com/, please recognize the website to avoid mistaken login to the phishing website. After logging in, move the cursor to the triangle button next to the QQ avatar in the upper right corner and the “Authorization Management” function will appear. Click here to view the QQ authorized login website and APP, one by one to cancel the authorization, the small QQ number is not authorized, only 4 pages, another small series has more than 20 pages!

Figure 9 Authorization Management

Figure 10 Deauthorization

Question 5: How to remove the administrator status of QQ public account and QQ development platform.

Under this condition, the general users have not opened the relevant account, and they can enter the relevant website to log off. The URL is directly at https://mp.qq.com/.

Question 6: The QQ number can be logged off. Can the micro signal be logged off?

Then the problem is coming again, if you want to cancel the WeChat account adjustment? WeChat comes with the account logout function in the morning, you only need to go to: WeChat→我→Settings→Account and Security→WeChat Security Center→Logout account. Similarly, the conditions for canceling the WeChat account are similar to the conditions for canceling the QQ account. said.

Figure 11 Prerequisites for logging out of WeChat account

How to check the WeChat authorization login? WeChat itself has an authorization management function, which is located at: WeChat → I → Settings → Privacy → Slide to Last → Authorization Management.

Figure 12 WeChat comes with authorization management

Question 7: Will the QQ number be maliciously written off?

Some netizens worry that if their QQ number is stolen and then maliciously cancelled, what should I do? In fact, don't worry, the second condition mentioned above is to prevent this from happening. The unfamiliar device and the remote login itself are out of an unsafe state. In addition, the cancellation of the QQ account needs to be verified by the bound mobile phone.

Question 8: What is the reason for you to cancel the QQ number?

The last question, when you worked hard to hang the level that QQ got, will you get the QQ number to be written off? What makes you need to cancel the QQ number? Say goodbye to the past?

Figure 13 QQ level of exposure age

to sum up

Finally, finally, the warning is that the logout behavior is irreversible. After the account is cancelled, all relevant data will be cleared. Remember to back up in advance. In addition, Xiaobian has a question, these QQ numbers that have been written off, Tencent will re-release them for circulation? If you apply for another stranger, will there be risks? Therefore, after canceling the QQ number, it is still issued in the common account to cancel the announcement of a certain number.

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