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The first 5G chip is aimed at the Internet of Things. Zhou Chen explained the purple light and sharp 5G plot.

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Single chip cost hundreds of millions of dollars

According to the official information of Ziguang Zhanrui, the first 5G baseband core Ivyo 510 based on the Makalu technology platform uses TSMC's 12nm process technology to support multiple 5G key technologies, enabling 2G/3G/4G/5G communication modes. The 3GPP R15 standard specification, which supports the Sub-6GHz band and 100MHz bandwidth, is a highly integrated, high performance, low power 5G baseband chip.

In addition, the Ivy 510 can support both SA (independent networking) and NSA (non-independent networking) networking methods to fully meet the different communication and networking requirements in the 5G development phase. In terms of 5G's main application scenarios, the Ivy 510 is capable of high-speed transmission rates for all types of AR/VR/4K/8K HD online.videoSupport for high-traffic applications such as AR/VR online games. The Ivyo 510 is flexible in architecture and supports a variety of product formats including smartphones, home CPE, MiFi and IoT terminals, and is widely used in different scenarios.

Ziguang Zhanrui will launch the Ivy product series based on the Makalu technology platform. It is expected to launch the second generation product Ivyium 520 this year, which will lower power consumption, faster speed and support more application scenarios.

Compared with the Ivy 510, Ziguang Zhan Rui emphasizes the Makalu platform, and the purple light on the Makalu platform can be sharpened.DevelopmentMore chip products, including IoT chips and mobile phone chips. Zhou Chen mentioned, "At present, there are only a handful of companies in the world that can provide complete connection technology. There are only three or two companies that can sell chip solutions. In the future, we will no longer be purely for a whole organizational structure. A product is a technology, but a platform-based approach. Therefore, we have the technical platform of Makalu on 5G. In the future, Makalu will continue to evolve forward, based on our new generation of Makalu. The technology, I hope to be able to produce new products from generation to generation, whether it is tiger cub or Ivy, there may be products based on Makalu."

This is also the first time that Ziguang Zhanrui talked about the importance of platform development. In the past, there was a possibility that technology could not be applied between different chips. Based on the Makalu platform, such problems were partially solved.

In the 5G era, there are fewer and fewer chip players. Zhou Chen said that the development cost of 5G chips is in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars, and it is not possible to start from 5G. It is necessary to make up the previous 2/3/4G, Ziguang Exhibition. Sharp has to spend a lot of money to test with the global network. Up to now, Ziguang has been doing this kind of field test all over the world, and it takes time to accumulate chips.

“In the research and development of 5G, Zhanrui began pre-research from the end of 2014. At the beginning, it was the basic algorithm, including the interpretation of the protocol, and then the algorithm, to verify the different prototypes. About two or three years ago Do these things, because the standard is not determined at that time. Then consider the chip, that is, engineering. Once the investment in the engineering manpower is large, consider the reference design of the subsequent hardware, what kind of Reference prototype, the whole test plan is what, to vote a few versions of the chip, etc. At present, the sharp IVY510 is developed by itself," added Zhou Zhou.

Make a move

Why did Ziguang Zhanru choose to make the IoT chip first, which is the result of the comprehensive market situation and the purple light exhibition. Zhou Chen introduced that in the initial stage of 5G, the mobile phone was used to occupy the commanding heights. The customer group of Ziguang Zhan Rui is not so urgent to play this flag. On the contrary, there is a clear intention to land on the data products first. Ziguang Zhanrui has already carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with a number of terminal manufacturers. At the end of 2019, there will be a number of CPEs and modules based on the Ivyo 510, which are widely used in the vertical industry.

"First, the needs of customers should be considered. Second, the accumulation of our technology itself needs to be considered. Third, the rhythm of the industry is also very important, including the rhythm of the operator network, such as the current 5G network has not yet been issued. The card will be more pragmatic and will make some judgments and considerations from a practical perspective."

Ziguang Zhanru clearly stated that it will do 5G Soc, but at this time, it is not suitable for Ziguangzhan to be a flagship Soc. Ziguang Zhan Rui will definitely output a cost-effective product, which is normal in the market progress later. .

After the release of the Ivyum 510, Ziguang Zhanrui plans to test with operators in the middle of this year. At the end of Q3 to Q4, there will be some prototype data products, and many operators around the world will test it. Some of them started to be pre-commercial.

For 5G, Ziguang Zhanrui is no longer attached to the "end", but hopes to solve a series of connectivity problems and bring a truly valuable business. Whether it is the end or the chip, it is a point of the purple light development solution. Zhou Chen introduces the car as an example. There are a lot of connection points in the car. There may be a Tbox connection, V2X and (road network) interaction. To meet the needs of the car network, a complete solution is needed.

"The value provided by one end of the chip is actually relatively small, but if it is a complete solution, the customer does not care about the connection or the business value and user experience, and the purple light hopes to bring real business value. This is also the real point of the purple high-end or high-value real.

Zhou Chen also revealed that Zhan Rui has set up a BU-communication terminal BU for 2B business, which is mainly for multi-connection solution. It is considering the future accumulation of communication connection technology after the popularization of 5G. A wide range of private networks and different needs provide solutions.

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