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App is accused of uploading Wi-Fi information to users in a domestic weather, and it also involves Tencent. What's the matter?

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On February 25, a screenshot appeared in the circle of friends edited by Lei Feng. It said that App uploaded all Wi-Fi accounts of users, grabbed the hooligans, and there were service interfaces of big companies such as Tencent behind it.


No plan, no truth, the other party also throws out the information to catch the bag.



Is it true? What does Wi-Fi mean when information is uploaded? What does this have to do with ordinary users and Tencent? To this end, Leifeng consulted Jiang Jintao, an expert on network security and founder of SOBUG, and received responses from Yao Wei, head of Tencent Wi-Fi security laboratory, and inkblot weather publicists.

The anxious homemaker can first look at the three core points of view:

Jiang Jintao: 1. Should be able to get the SSID information of Wi-Fi, which does not contain passwords, but is enough to conduct crowd aggregation analysis through SSID. 2. It should be authorized by the user in advance. 3. Transmission through HTTP interface, without encryption, is easy to intercept in the link layer, unsafe. 4. It's a joke to protect users'privacy by network service providers.

Yao Wei: Lie on the gun. We haven't done this. We can go and tell the rumors!

Ink Weather PR: There is no uploading user Wi-Fi account or other personal privacy information, and there is no problem of information leakage. The labeling on the picture is wrong.

Is there any collection?

What permissions do users need to open to Ink Weather App?

Lei Feng's editors downloaded the Ink Weather App using both Android and Apple phones. Take Android as an example:


Jiang Jintao told Leifeng. com that the picture circulating in the circle of friends refers to the acquisition of the SSID information of Wi-Fi, without the password. The so-called SSID, in general, is a list of Wi-Fi names in a user's mobile phone.


What's the use of collecting Wi-Fi names?

However, if you know a person's Wi-Fi name, you can determine its relative position by simply entering it in the dialogue.


Of course, the above may only be the most intuitive judgment through the strength of Wi-Fi signal. If this data is combined with GPS and other functions, more accurate positioning can be obtained. Jiang Jintao believes that from the above point of view, Wi-Fi name list can be said to be one of the dimensions to judge the location information of users. It is generally used for user portraits in big data marketing, and guess that ink weather should be consulted with the user's consent beforehand.

Who did it?

Where exactly did these Wi-Fi location information go? For a weather App, in order to provide precise service, it's not wrong to get the user's location information, and clearly get the user's precise location information. Why do you get the Wi-Fi name? Legend has it that Tencent called an interface and what happened?

Yao Wei issued a denial.

2. There is no relationship between the domain name and Tencent when we analyze the package.

3. Tencent Wi-Fi security laboratory and Wi-Fi housekeeper themselves supervise all internal data, even their own data can not be easily used, and for data classes things can not be traded and shared with any three parties;

At present, there is no other information to draw a conclusion.

Of course, so far, although we haven't come to any conclusion, you should know how to do it:

Secondly, in the future, all kinds of Apps should see clearly the permissions, think clearly before agreeing.

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