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Will BAT,TMD be followed by PKQQ?

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Wen / Pan chaos

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10 years, from 200 million to 1 billion

The sinking market has been a major source of growth for Internet products in the past three years and in the next three years.

Internet entrepreneurship can also walk around the urban road in the rural areas, which is behind the change in the population structure of the Internet users. The change of population structure and population dynamics is the most important development trend.

At the beginning of 2009, CNNIC reported that the number of Internet users in China exceeded 200 million in the world. By now, the number of active users of WeChat per month has reached 1.08 billion. 10 years ago, with Internet users ranging from 200 million to 1 billion, the number of people who did not use the Internet before began to go online. The biggest variable comes from smartphones. It's hard to teach parents to use a PC, but it's much easier to teach them to use a smartphone.

The change of Internet users' structure will be accompanied by the change of Internet service and user's behavior, and every small change of user's usage habits is the key to the new round of wealth distribution.

For ten years, the Internet has been proving a pyramid structure that keeps going down, and every step it takes will produce new products and new models. PC, Internet, BAT, Mobile Internet, TMD, is superimposed by WeChat's ecological and sinking markets. Pinduoduo, easy chips, quick hands, interesting headlines are rising at an amazing rate.


The sinking crowd and the five rings are completely different markets. In Weibo WeChat friend circle these crowd brush screen and hype public opinion, in sinking crowd network inside is very difficult to realize. Never underestimate the sinking crowd's desire to save money, even a dollar, even a dollar.

But is sink or upgrade, behind this kind of expression is user service consciousness difference. In the eyes of some entrepreneurs who take the lead in capturing market opportunities, traffic sinking is another kind of upgrade, they take the initiative to meet the needs of this part of the user, to tap the value of this part of the user.

Let people can afford to buy things for 5 yuan, so that people who look down on serious illness can get decent treatment, so that no way to show their users through the text to get a sense of existence, so that free content killing time users can also make money.

It may not be elegant, but the real value, in essence, for better service users. At this point, you can first gain insight into the characteristics of these people, and they will be able to take the first place.

So, this.

Pinduoduo: new Factory and New Brand

After merchants intercepted, pulled wool and been shorted repeatedly, pinduoduo's share price remained on the rise last year.

In addition to the rapid growth of business, pinduoduo's flow-platform-business-factory business closed-loop, and the size of each segment of the closed-loop potential energy is highlighted.

The first half of this logic, the flow to order, is reflected in pinduoduo's rapid growth in user numbers and extremely low user acquisition costs, the main driving force behind his three-year listing.

Formed on the commercial closed-loop, flow distribution mechanism based on performance-to-price ratio, the best resources match the most efficient business forward circulation, Higher cost-performance ratio-better resource position-greater order volume-to give full play to supply chain advantages-higher value for money.

At the corporate level, it forms a closed loop of business models: greater marketing and traffic investment-better resource position-greater order volume-more capital-greater marketing investment and traffic investment. Pinduoduo can significantly increase sales, reduce prices, improve conversion and reduce marketing costs. At the same time, the duration of the fashion increased by 1-2 months

That's what it is.


After listing, the core progress in 18 years in the new brand new factory, aimed at the supply chain strong but marketing weak waist merchants, C2M industry chain transformation.

At the end of July last year, pinduoduo went online

This is the second half of its commercial closed loop

The business logic closed loop is as follows: large traffic is allocated to the Costco mode of selected SKU, through the decentralized flow distribution mechanism, single product scale effect crowns the merchant supply chain, which can improve pinduoduo's bargaining power to the merchants. At the same time, reduce the flow of traditional e-commerce and business operation costs; By streamlining the circulation link, pinduoduo greatly reduced the cost of distribution layer by layer, and avoided the unnecessary loss of circulation link resources by means of straight hair from the origin and direct supply from the factory. Finally, the scale effect of business capacity is highlighted, the turnover rate of stock increases, and the after-sale complexity is reduced.

From the current situation of factory industry, as a big country, the waist merchants have the advantages of supply chain and brand in the market segment, and can refine the demand with higher performance and price ratio, but lack of channel advantage. This is the advantage of pinduoduo large flow pool, monthly orders / average in the sale of SKU, JingDong is 3-4, pinduoduo more than 100.

As a result, PJT announced on February 6 that it would issue an additional $1 billion in financing, compared with its IPO of $1.6 billion, and Tencent's $1.369 billion D round of funding in April 2018, the third-highest amount of foreign financing for pinduoduo. Specific may be invested in

Pinduoduo will help upgrade the factory at the user data and product level.

There are two levels of data, the product module, the inside of a


In that production capacity, in the case of the heart-soft as an example, it was originally a large-run self-use paper towel to be attached to the factory, with extremely strong ability to produce the organization, but the lack of access to the consumer. The new category-moisture paper production line is introduced from Japan and a new factory is opened in the raw material.

In terms of products,

What can't be ignored is that pinduoduo's growth rate may not keep pace with business growth and horizontal expansion. The woolen event not only reflects its own risk control loophole, but also reflects the problem that the company has to some extent given way to the GMV growth target.

From the internal trend, pinduoduo will implement a more stringent and sound regulatory mechanism. Although the product owner has been replaced and the company's core module has been developed in two shifts, the radical GMV approach is still the main idea for the time being.

Easy money for poor families

Now back to 2016, if your fund wants to lay out the WeChat ecosystem, what's the best way to do that? What are the most compass indicators?

The answer might be to get a list of WeChat Pay's total running water, and then put all the top items next to each other according to the number of transactions.

In this payment list, the number of easily collected payments must appear in the head position.

It took 10 months to get 1 million users from 0, more than three months from 1 million to 10 million, and just over a year from 10 million to more than 100 million, and now WeChat has more than 200 million followers. By 2018, it was easy to announce that the total number of users had broken through 550 million, the total amount of fund-raising exceeded 25.5 billion yuan, and the total number of projects was 253 million.

Step on the diffusion effect on social networks, because seriously ill people raise this.

Seriously ill crowdfunding

In this era, due to illness caused by poverty, due to disease back to poverty in a small number of families, a large number of patients raised a good solution to the problem of patients looking down on the doctor. But serious patients face not only the problem of lack of money, but also need matching medical resources.


But seeking medical solutions can be time-consuming. For a seriously ill patient, time, money and medical resources are invaluable. But the poorer people may be poorer friends, they may be ill, medical delay, or they may not contact special public organizations and lose a free treatment opportunity. At the same time, many social forces and charitable organizations also provide patients with special medical assistance and financial support, such as congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate, pneumoconiosis, cataract and other groups of patients with special social forces in the relief. For example, cleft lip and palate, is a sweet angel fund free of charge to help you do.

In addition to raising funds, there is an easy public interest to help patients connect with public institutions, so that people in need can find the appropriate channels and more matched medical resources as soon as possible.

Because many seriously ill patients are sick for the first time, patients and their families are at first vulnerable to fear, anxiety and panic because they do not understand the condition itself. Now that 2.53 million families have been served, some big data accumulated can help patients achieve accurate guidance: what are the major treatment schemes for this disease worldwide, what are their particular priorities or strengths, and how much money may each cost? Where to find the most suitable medical resources, and what might happen at each stage after the start of treatment

three-stage device

In September 2018, it was announced that the total amount of fund-raising for the seriously ill had exceeded 25.5 billion yuan, with more than 550 million users in the industry and more than 200 million followers on WeChat, making it the largest public number of WeChat ecological fans.

During the exploration period, the team found that in the message below the fundraising project, insurance brokers often found that after paying for donations, they advertised: instead of raising money after the event, buy insurance beforehand. With its unique rescue scenario and huge traffic entrance, it has finally found its own business closed-loop: the seriously ill crowdfunding.

Easy funding determines the direction of exploration for health insurance, and goes online in April 2016

Mutual assistance programs are very similar in form to mutual insurance, which is one of the most important types of insurance. Liability for indemnity or payment of insurance by mutual fund. Compared with the share insurance company, the mutual insurance policy holder is the insurer, the claim settlement is easier, the product price is lower. Mutual insurance plays an important role in the global insurance market, with $1.21 trillion in mutual insurance premiums in 2015, accounting for 26.7 percent of the total insurance market.


If there is crowdfunding after the event, can there be protection in advance? Yang Yin, founder and CEO, has talked about how people around her avoid a deterioration in the family environment because they get help participating in health programs. She says people around her give her a boost.

Easy to launch at the end of 16

Unlike traditional insurance companies, traditional insurers tend to sell more expensive insurance in order to increase their income. But the insurance product, is the best match with the user's needs, not the more expensive the better. The Chinese have a misconception of buying insurance. After multiple rounds of marketing, they may have bought five wheels but have no steering wheel. Easy to pick out the platform of the disease is relatively high, and then do docking with the insurance company, also will be the internal risk of the insurance company to lower down, to make room for profit to do.

As a result, insurance is cheap, affordable and can avoid repeated purchases.

It is better to buy insurance in advance than to raise it easily afterwards. It is easy to raise the amount of money from the basic sickness crowd, and then convert the flow to the low threshold mutual aid plan, and then sell the insurance to the heavy users screened out from the mutual aid plan. Because the flow is naturally cheaper, the purchase is spontaneous, easy business at this time formed a positive cycle.


In the process, ease of effort in scene marketing and creative marketing also provided a key boost to the business. 18 brand propositions were launched

Cut into the whole chain of health management, across insurance and health tracks, it's easy to raise a hidden giant in the health insurance industry, bringing together hundreds of millions of precise people who care about health, and who may have more room for commercial imagination. You know, it's not just about the ease.

Fast hand: live broadcast becomes the Core

Fast hand last year did Mini Game aggregation, and later removed some vertical categories, such as Cosmic Video and Uget, new product innovation and international expansion of the two pieces are relatively poor. The company's two years also went a number of CXO level executives, indicating that the level of CEO people still need to improve.

The number of daily active users stagnated for a while after fast hand was named and removed from CCTV in April last year. Then, after 8 months, it began to push up the market budget. At the beginning of last year, the number of active users per day for 18 years was 160 million, which was a good increase. But if you are in the same rising phase of the phenomenon with another product, can only be said to be in line with the rules.

Fast-hand 18-year results should be more retained and live on the live. The main result is live broadcast, live broadcast live in the fast hand, the longer the longer, the live broadcast is more and more important to the user end and the realization end of the fast hand. At the same time, the company has launched a number of directional attempts, such as live broadcast, around the possibilities of live broadcast.

On November 6 last year, Kuaihand held its first e-commerce festival, bringing 160 million yuan for 10 hours of live broadcast, a record number. Note that the live sale of goods here are standard, and Weibo Zhang Dayi belt such as their own products are not the same. It can be confirmed that the fast-hand network celebrities have a very strong ability to carry goods, users are vulnerable to the influence of the anchor.

Thanks to live TV blessing and the efficiency of ecommerce, Fast hand TOP10's KOL revenues exceed 100 million, compared with tens of millions of online celebrity ads on Douyin's head during the same period (30 to 500, 000, or 5 to 10, a month for a top celebrity). Fast hand anchors also formally entered the positive communication context in 18 years, the typical representative is from Hebei known as Baoding Edison handcraft Geng. During the Spring Festival, some KOL hosted the Grass Root Gala online at the same time as millions of people, surpassing the ratings of lower-line television stations.


At last month's fast hand conference, Suhua will also meet

Fast hand Live team in 18 years of value creation is a competitive feature, very, extremely popular with users. Because live broadcast has the attributes of both consumer and commercial products, competition has directly increased the length of time and revenue of the fast hand. The official press release has mentioned that

The fast hand live broadcast has increased sharply, so the other live broadcast stocks will have to drop sharply, YY and other established live broadcast platforms from 18 years began to decline in Q3 growth rate, and even expected to only 19 years of single-digit growth.

The live broadcast of the quick hand shows

In addition to live broadcast, the core of the past year is social, the product on-line friends circle / QZone's talk. Fast hand has been working towards this goal since 17 years, with more attention, and better communication between ordinary people and ordinary people.

The core logic of fast hands is the expression and communication of ordinary people, especially the belief in inclusiveness, and the desire to use recording and sharing to improve everyone's happiness.


Community people have a delusional desire to discover real social relationships on their own platform, but for Suva this is not just a myth. He sees some hope.

If you go to Ningxia, you will find that Tencent penetration in the northwest is very weak, many farmers do not use WeChat, the penetration of fast hand is no weaker than Tencent. The farmers and herdsmen use quick hands as a social tool, sending more than 70 messages a day. So the whole idea of Suhua for some time is how to strengthen acquaintance, how to strengthen social relations, how to communicate frequently.

In the process, the fast hand has always believed in the values of inclusiveness, the expression is that most people can connect. But recommendation systems are naturally in conflict with Prudential, which uses more traffic to test new users' new work, which is very data-sensitive. Recommendation is naturally centralized, machine learning itself is more central, often high-heat things occupy the vast majority. Douyin is to see you like the good continue to push, quick hand is to reduce the gap between rich and poor, bad works will also be exposed.

Internationalisation, fast hand has not found the feeling, there is no good operation and can be copied directly overseas model, there is no clear strategy. Overseas executives are going to try developing countries and buy more than they know. For example, go to the Middle East quickly, find a group of people to produce some content without a preset script, buy a 40 yuan item, the content is mixed, it is difficult to optimize the product. During the same period Douyin expanded in the Middle East to do the core is script video interviews mainly look high only 12 types of scripts and then label users to do in the domestic validation or combination of local popular culture content.

Foreigners can understand the Douyin, tide route, high face, video are connected with a lot of music. But the fast hand does not have the preset also cannot understand the content good and bad, can only from the content click-through rate complete rate, buys the producer to come from the Douyin musically, and much content is from the quick hand domestic copy, but is not funny in the overseas. There is a huge difference between Chinese social culture, cognitive culture, internet culture and overseas culture. Douyin's basic operating strategy is

Another caveat is that Chinese companies now have a big problem going out to sea: they tend to choose those who learn languages. However, language learners in universities have limited understanding of the Internet and most of the university's time is devoted to the phonology of vowels, which has great limitations on the understanding of localization. At this time, these inexperienced people are pushed to that position, most of the time in the Beijing office, and want a good result can only be extravagant. It's best for the Chinese team to find out who knows the local market's Internet culture.

Interesting headlines: continuing high growth in Meilu

The headline last year was the most impressive, in addition to the rise in the price of the price, that is, the ability to innovate.

Funny headlines have always been to make users cheap. Before the information products are free to see the user, interesting headline is to let the user take money. Novels are paid to read, Meilu lets the user free to read, the user needs to take a step forward. Interesting headlines for two years daily active users tens of millions of successful IPO, reading will be charged to read the product into a free stream of information products, six months to achieve the tens of millions of DAU.

In particular, the meter reads, and is very fast in December and January, with each user watching 200 ads a day and a user making 3-4 cents a day. Because the way of realization is too simple and rough and effective, many large factories have been copied and blocked in a short time, and there can be more than a year of silent development during the start of the headline.


The headline and the rice-reading are based on the advertising-based innovation-derived products, and the company has a new path to marketing. During the Spring Festival, Baidu and its bytes spread its own family barrel through the Spring Festival, and the front-page selection to batch-contract the county-level TV station of the three-four-five-line city. At the county level, there is a lack of income. In addition to the news of the party and government, and the TV series, which has been the dominant place in the TV shopping and the field, there is an Internet company that has organized a group of people here to buy the user.

This may have to do with founder Tan Siliang before Shanda responsible for advertising business background.

Interesting headlines behind the Mi-read, the main WiFi key beyond Lianshang book, may be an old grand experience background, so that Tan Sliang Chen Dannian two teams to make a new Web text products. While VC talked about the irreversibility of rich media, the two teams rediscovered the huge demand for text reading in the sinking market. In a decade ago, the most difficult period of PC text, is the page advertising to support the platform survived, and today it seems like a repeat.

Now the mainstream online literature market, whether China Literature or palm reading, we are moving towards the direction of content, focus on the development of IP. The content of reading is to gross profit, China Literature's main thoughts on the film and television. When everyone is content, this is an opportunity to channel, not all content platforms must be Disney.

Users have a high tolerance for advertising and content quality in order not to pay for reading the book, and there are plenty of finished waist works on the market that are unconsumed.

Today's handreading and China Literature are based on core payment users support, but products and users are the previous generation, rarely up. The core is the popular user's willingness to pay. The homogeneity of the content of online text is related to the backward entertainment carrier. Meilu, on the other hand, may represent a popular aesthetic. This business model, which makes money by inserting free information stream ads, may create a new intergenerational shift in the online language market.

There is also a story behind this about harvesting mature markets. From 16 to 18 years, WeChat Ecology had a lot of sweeping numbers for the sinking crowd market, except that no one had considered the user experience before, and marketing numbers were pushing the charge for Xiaowen. But this is equivalent to the education of a large number of users, Meade free to pull away directly. Compared with WeChat, a small company that repeatedly cleans the net text, the meter reading quantity efficiency commercialized efficiency is higher, will be more competitive.

This will make the old web platform very painful and difficult to cope with:

  • The original user's willingness to pay is low, the content of the network is also highly homogenized, and there are more attractive entertainment carrier impact, such as video variety and short video.

  • China Literature read Ali Literature, the original team and products are built around user fees, but on the one hand, the IP is difficult to sustain supply, on the other hand, the IP continues to rush to the streets.

  • When the free model hits, even if you want to transform, there are neither advertising genes nor advertising resources.

  • Coupled with the purge of the entertainment industry during this period, the production and budget of TV dramas have both plummeted, and the three You-Aiteng companies have conspired to reduce their purchasing costs. That is, for example, the budgets of these companies for copyright procurement will naturally be reduced. The pressure will naturally be transmitted to the web platform.


I eat tomatoes and Tang family's attitude towards free online articles

The new users who expand the free mode do not have much demand for the fashionable style quality content, the quality difference of the content may not be so important, most of the users' demand core or see Shuang Wen.

This is not good news for the head of the net. But the author of the head is reluctant to follow up on the free mode, and for a particular care of the author's reading, this time window can only be missed, and the platform is too much to be left by the head of the head.

But Meyer's marketing budget is starting to fall back this month, and the possibility of an incremental dividend is over. The following is a second phase of advertising and membership-based attempts on the basis of ensuring the efficiency of purchases, retention, and realisation, when the need for TOP content, premium content, and membership is renewed.

I'm reading a similar path to the video platform today.

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