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Female mobile phone curse: Duowei, Mito, TCL have been smashed

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Text|Zinc Finance, author|Cui Hengyu, editor|刘小玲

In this business, they all failed.

After the 60s, Du Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, He Mingshou, and Wu Xinhong, the founder of Mito Company after the 80s, were not spared in the women's mobile phone market.

From the function machine to the smart machine, in 10 years, the emergence of Duo Wei and Meitu has made everyone witness the potential of women's mobile phone market consumption, and it is all the rage.

In 2009, in the era of functional machines, He Mingshou led Duo Wei alone, positioning “women's mobile phones”, with the function design that strongly appealed to women's appearance and meet the individual needs of women, coupled with the advertising marketing of Duojinjin, Duowei Mobile Hard to live in the era of Nokia’s one-size-fits-allIt has achieved an annual sales volume of 3 million units.


Duowei female mobile phone pictures from the network

Mito phones have also had their own highlights.

In 2013, with the hard-core technology of self-portrait beauty, Wu Xinhong and Mito attacked the female mobile phone market. When the performance was the best, 80% of the profits of Meitu were from Mito mobile phones.

It can be said that Mito is one of the most successful mobile phone brands in the single-player women's mobile phone market in recent years.

However, with the intensification of domestic smart phone competition, the former “female first mobile phone brand” has been difficult to trace now, and the headquarters has also moved from Shenzhen to Yibin, Sichuan; only 5 million units of total shipments have been delivered in the past five years. The beautiful picture of the transcript, three months ago, low-keyly, "married" to Xiaomi.

Those who debuted halfway also smashed.

TCL's women's mobile phones, cool ivvi mobile phones, candy mobile phones, etc., transformational transformation, selling body sales, players come and go, no longer set off a new round of "popular", female mobile phone seems to be an unbreakable The curse.

Is a female mobile phone a false proposition?

Mobile phone only, what gender, but the businessman does not believe. Once TCL mobile phone boss "Mobile madman" Wan Mingjian did not believe that Du Weisheng founder He Mingshou did not believe.

As early as 1999, TCL tried to use the gem phone to open the women's market. From the world's first gem phone TCL999D, to the TCL Lingyun 3188 series, TCL Boya 2188 series, etc., all of them are direct female users.

The TCL Montblanc series launched in 2004 is even more painstaking.


Li Bingbing endorsement TCL Meng Baoou pictures from the network

“Investing 200 million yuan to create Mengbaoou, the world's first female exclusive mobile phone brand, and making her a dream brand for fashionable and noble women. & rdquo; Wan Mingjian heroic.

Invited Li Bingbing to endorse, mobile phone presented "Cheongsam"; appearance, famous Italian designers concentrating on design, grand "to smash the red hijab activity of Meng Baoou" & rdquo; … … even a mosaic of three natural diamonds Baoou mobile phone was auctioned out at a price of 380,000 yuan.

The investment of 200 million yuan really made Wan Mingjian hear the "reverberation" of female mobile phones.

TCL Group's 2008 semi-annual report showed that after the launch of “fashion women”, the “Cheongsam” series of mobile phones gained high market recognition, with sales increasing by 37.21% year-on-year to 590,000 units. For TCL, which is doing the home appliance business, the results of women's mobile phones are enough to make Wanming feel confident.

Unexpectedly, in 2009, He Mingshou with a female mobile phone completely disrupted TCL's female mobile phone dream.

In order to create the "first brand of global women's mobile phone", Duo Wei burned 50 million marketing expenses in the initial stage of the launch, variety show title, please Shu Qi endorsement, various channels of advertising … … Du Wei female mobile phone, by This family name is well known.


Shu Qi endorsement of a female mobile phone picture from the network

Whether it's popularity or selling 1,000 mobile phones a day, it was a great achievement at the time.

Along this road, more and more brands are coming in to make women's mobile phones, Tianyu's rouge mobile phones, Sony Ericsson's "Romantic Rainbow", LG's "Ice Cream", Lenovo's "Water ripples" ”…… all of a sudden put the women's mobile phone market in full bloom.

TCL's female mobile phone was slowly overwhelmed, and Duowei was still a bright eye, but this bright eye did not last long.

With the continuous iteration of 3G, 4G, and mobile Internet, mobile phones and rivers are surging, Apple, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi are coming to the forefront, and the light of Duowei is quickly dimmed.

Today, Zinc Finance is on the customers of Taobao and Jingdong, and enters “women's mobile phones”, sorted by sales, and Duowei is still ahead.

Surprisingly, the top-selling mobile phone with a maximum sales price is only 279 yuan, and the monthly sales volume on Taobao is about 3,000 units.

From more than 8,000 "Baby evaluation", it is not difficult to sum up the new number of mobile phones — — still insist on female mobile phone positioning, but the main audience has become mother, grandmother and grandmother.

From 2009 to 2019, in 10 years, Duo Wei, who once set off the banner of women's mobile phones, shifted the user from “Flower Season” to “Floral”.

Senior industry analyst Jin Di told Zinc Finance that women have adolescents, middle-aged and old-aged, and have blue-collar, white-collar, and gold-collar points. The characteristics of the crowd vary widely, and consumer demand is also very different. Therefore, the positioning of women's mobile phones is not clear.

On the other hand, the domestic smartphone market is no longer the stage of grasshopper growth 10 years ago, and the market and resources are increasingly moving closer to the head brand. According to the Counterpoint report, global smartphone shipments totaled 380 million units in the third quarter of 2018. Huawei, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi accounted for 40% of the market.


2018 Global smartphone shipments in the third quarter

Mito and Duowei, which have annual shipments of less than 3 million units, can only occupy a small portion of the market.

In the small market, women's mobile phones have individual needs. For example, Mito phones are good at combining women's favorite IP to launch limited edition designs. Such special requirements mean to suppliers that —— need more energy and research and development costs. To achieve this small market; Duo Wei, also faces the matching problem of suppliers.

The shackles of female mobile phones are also here.

a flash in the pan

On January 8th, 2018, Meitu V7 was sold for 4799 yuan, and the Lamborghini limited edition was launched at the highest price of 10888 yuan. This is "married" to Xiaomi, the last one belongs to the battle of Mito's own mobile phone.

Regrettably, Mito V7 did not set off the previous rush scene. On the contrary, some media gave such comments —— so-called innovative features, glory, Huawei and VO sequences of mobile phones are basically available, all kinds of beautiful pictures APP It seems that the screen is overflowing. Is it still necessary to buy a mobile phone with a Mito function for taking pictures? No solution. This "end of the game" is not beautiful.


Meitu V7 Image from the network

In 2013, “Selfie” (self-portrait) was selected as the annual vocabulary by the Oxford Dictionary. Also in this year, Mito Mobile entered the female mobile phone market with its hard-core technology of self-portrait beauty.

However, Zinc Finance learned from Mito, "In fact, Mito mobile phone is not willing to position itself as & lsquo; female mobile phone & rsquo;, but positioning & rsquo; camera phone & rsquo;. ” But positioning the female mobile phone market is beyond doubt.

Putting the time back to 2008, Mito relied on the simple “one-click beauty” function to seize the market, and the female users have won the most precious thing. The P-picture has become a very simple thing. I feel nervous.

By 2013, the smartphone market has exploded. According to Gartner, a global market research company, global smartphone sales surpassed feature phones for the first time in the second quarter of 2013, and it is predicted that global smartphone sales will reach 1 billion units in 2013, accounting for more than 50% of the total mobile phone market. The frenzied market is driven by fierce competition among smartphone makers, and major mobile phone brands are frantically grabbing market share.


Angelababy endorsement Mito mobile phone pictures from the network

With the "One Button Beauty" function to harvest a large number of loyal female iron powder Mito companies, do not want to miss this vent, Meitu Xiu Xiu Chairman Cai Wensheng with the team from the "P map software" to "ld"; Software + hardware & rdquo; direction to enter. Aiming at it is the wave of female fans who love themselves.

A tree was once surrounded by Mito M8 Sailor Moon limited edition mobile phone.

In June 2017, Mito M8 Sailor Moon limited edition released 10,000 units worldwide, and the last 1000 units were put on sale at Hangzhou Yintai West Lake Mito Experience Store. Fans who lined up all night, and the organization of the ox, the scene was out of control, and eventually the sale could only be cancelled.

Ashu naturally failed to grab the Mito mobile phone sold in the store, and then went to Taobao, “Lastly spent 5,000 yuan to buy one from the second-hand sellers”. It is 2,000 yuan higher than the official guide price of 2,499 yuan.

Photographing good-looking, like the beautiful girl elements are the reasons why Ashu insisted on buying Mito mobile phones. At that time, many net red hands held the same mobile phone.


Mito M8 Sailor Moon Limited Edition Image from the Internet

For a time, the industry thought that the spring of the female mobile phone market is coming again.

According to public information, the sales of Mito mobile phones increased from 27,900 units in 2013 to 277,600 units in 2014, 387,700 units in 2015 and 748,300 units in 2016. By 2017, it directly rushed to the peak of 1,547,700 units, which is the top 4 The total sales volume in the year is even more.

Whether it is popularity or sales performance, Mito phones are on the rise.

However, the "Sailor Moon limited edition" created the brilliance and brilliance but was a flash in the pan, and could not be copied.

“Mobile Cards”&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&;The number of bad reviews received by Mito phones is increasing, and more and more users are starting to “de-powder”.

Ashu also regrets. In fact, this mobile phone with a distinct feminine character has not replaced the original iPhone used by Ashu. On the day when the two mobile phones were used together, Ashu only insisted for two months and did not hesitate to choose to leave the Mito phone idle.

To her disappointment, "I bought only 1900 pieces on the Internet for a few months after buying it. I have evaluated it on the mobile phone recycling platform in the past few months. It is only worth 400 pieces. Are you angry?" ”

This beautiful girl with a pink girl's appearance was finally given to her father by Ashu.

A tree "Abandoned" Mito mobile phone, when the iPhone 8 is on the market, the 64G iPhone 8 is priced at 5,888 yuan, which is much higher than the price of A-tree's purchase of Mito.

At the same time, the price of most domestic mobile phones has remained below 3,000 yuan, and the functions have become more comprehensive, and the skills such as self-portrait beauty are no longer a rare thing.In contrast, Mito phones have become a low cost performance.

Zhong Yan, a senior practitioner in the mobile phone circle, analyzed the zinc financial analysis. The success of Mito mobile phone lies in the user base of Meitu Xiu Xiu and related beauty technology. Now mobile phone brands are mainly focusing on photos and high value, unless there is a hard function for women. Otherwise it is not necessary.


Mito and hello Kitty cooperation pictures from the network

Leading beauty selfies, and women's favorite well-known IP cooperation, Mito mobile phone once thought that these two "secrets" is enough to cover the preferences of female users. However, with the beauty and self-portraits of major mobile phone brands becoming more and more “out of the blue”, various beauty APPs have also squeezed into the battlefield, and the radiance of Mito phones has gradually dimmed.

“In addition to covering the female group in the color scheme, plus the standard of beauty, each family is almost enough to please female users. ” IT industry senior practitioner Chen Ming told Zinc Finance.

Today, the Mito phone, which is considered to be the most understandable female user, exclusively licensed the brand, imaging technology and second-level domain name of its Mito mobile phone to Xiaomi in the voice of outsiders.

Is ending rather than ending

Duo Wei and Mito’s desperation for the female mobile phone market ended. Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and other head brands have seized the female mobile phone market and have intensified.

According to the "2018 China Mobile Phone Market Competition Pattern" issued by the China Business Research Institute, OPPO and VIVO are more biased towards the female market, with OPPO accounting for the highest proportion of female users, up 54.9%; while Xiaomi and Huawei are biased towards the male market, Xiaomi Male users accounted for 72.5% of the total, and Huawei male users accounted for more than 65%. But Xiaomi and Huawei have not slacked off in the women's market.

Xiaomi told Zinc Finance, “All of our products are designed to take into account the preferences of female users, from the design, camera functions and other aspects to enhance the user experience. ”


Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition images from the network

Known as "the most beautiful millet thousand yuan machine", the millet 8 Youth Edition is the best embodiment. Whether it's a gradient mirror design on the back or a 24 megapixel AI beauty shot, it's aimed at female users.

On the other hand, the Huawei mobile phone, which is popular among most men, also launched the Huawei Nova series, which is designed to please female users.

In order to read the self-timer needs of female users, Huawei also specially set up a beauty self-timer evaluation team. He Gang, president of Huawei's consumer business mobile phone product line, said in an interview that “the evaluation of the little girl and the evaluation of the experts are different. The experts are talking about the parameters. The feeling of the little girl is that I feel not beautiful, the color is not natural. . ”

Picking up the phone can see that the skin is smooth and white, and the chin has big eyes. It really makes Chinese women excited, which also urges mobile phone manufacturers to continue to exert their self-portrait beauty functions.

Everyone is in the female market, and even the hammer cell phone that has almost lost is no exception.

“I didn’t know that women liked self-portraits so much, and they were so keen on fake (beauty). Later, when I realized this, I started to improve the function of women’s self-portrait beauty. ” Ham Yong Technology founder Luo Yonghao once said.

Zinc Finance visited seven mobile phone stores in Hangzhou and got the same answer —— female mobile phones are no longer, the female mobile phone market is still being closely watched, and each family's play focuses on breaking self-portrait beauty.

A salesperson who has worked in the mobile phone store for 5 years told Zion Finance that the color of mobile phones has increased in recent years. Men mainly buy black gray blue, and women like pink gold and purple, especially the colors of OPPO and vivo. Especially full, the self-timer function is also very good. The only mobile phone like that is gone.

With Xiaomi and MitoStrong allianceIt seems to open another possibility for the female mobile phone market. Zhong Yan believes that “the cooperation between Xiaomi and Meitu is a complementary resource, and there should be a good situation. It may be a trend for a small group to rely on large factories. ”

Ten years ago, the energy of the Internet was not completely released. Beauty self-timer must use intelligent hardware as the carrier, and Duowei succeeded.

Ten years later, the attributes of Chinese women's self-portraits have not changed, but they no longer rely on changing phones to meet this demand. The self-portrait software can be installed on any smart phone.

However, beauty is justice, vanity is business, and the female mobile phone market still has unlimited possibilities. However, how to transform this possibility into continuous purchasing power is a question worthy of long-term thinking of every mobile phone manufacturer.

(At the request of the respondent, Wenzhong Ashu, Zhongyan, Chen Ming, and peach are pseudonyms)

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