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Tencent's education business layout is open for the first time. Will ToB's strategic transformation bring considerable revenue?

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Recently, Tencent Education has exposed a map of Tencent's educational business. The figure shows that Tencent Education currently has nine business lines and nine technology/product lines.


Among them, the business lines are: Tencent Education, Tencent Education Cloud, Intelligent Campus, Intelligent Kindergarten, Tencent Micro School, Tencent New Subject, Tencent Classroom, Penguin Counseling, Tencent English Jun.

The technology product line includes: Intelligent Education Data Center, Intelligent Classroom, Intelligent Listening Oral Evaluation, Topic Correction of Excellent Map and Quick Computing, Wechat Campus Card, Wechat Campus Code, Tencent New Subject Laboratory, New Subject Certification, Teaching and Research Cloud.

According to Lei Feng's verification, the disclosure of Tencent's education business is from Tencent Cloud and Intelligent Industry Group (CSIG). The head of CSIG education business told Lei Feng that Tencent's education business is still gradually being built up, so this information is not a complete education map. In addition, the education business involved by other business groups (BG) has not been integrated, or is followed by the original business group. Continued operation.

On September 30, 2018, Tencent announced a major internal restructuring, which was the first large-scale internal restructuring of Tencent in six years.

The upgrade includes the reorganization of three existing business groups (MIG, OMG and SNG), the placement of two new business groups (PCG and CSIG), and the establishment of a new business line (AMS).

According to public data, the newly established CSIG is committed to providing advanced technologies and capabilities for the digital transformation of traditional industries, including cloud computing, big data, AI, security and location-based services (LBS).

The establishment of Cloud and Intelligence Industry Group (CSIG) is of great significance to Tencent as a whole. It indicates that Tencent has finally begun its strategic transformation from a ToC company to a ToB company.


Lei Feng's Note: Tang Daosheng, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent

In recent years, relying on cloud services, big data, AI and other low-level capabilities, Tencent has built a complete large education system, covering the whole process of technology, services and content support from pre-school education to adult education; promoting personalized teaching on the ground and building a smart campus and intelligent teaching system.

Tencent Cloud Education Entrance)


The disclosure of Tencent's educational business and product technology are as follows:

The business sector includes:

1) Tencent Education:In the field of education, Tencent has built the infrastructure with the core of education cloud, video cloud and AI technology, and launched online education platform including Penguin counseling, Tencent classroom and ABCmouse; cooperated with primary and secondary schools to promote the construction of smart campuses in the field of K12 and universities; at the same time, it has promoted the cooperation between industry and university, and jointly built the new subject education ecology in universities.

2) Tencent Education Cloud:Tencent Educational Cloud is committed to continuously promote the progress of the whole educational cause with the power of science and technology. Through the educational cloud ecology, it covers many scenarios, such as online Internet Education scene, off-line new subject construction, intelligent campus construction, etc. It links on-site education with campus education and students'employment, and achieves the comprehensive coverage of the educational landscape.


3) Intelligent Campus:It is a solution of mobile campus intelligent ecosphere for schools at all levels and education authorities. It integrates Tencent cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other core capabilities, links up the vertical services provided by high-quality ecological partners in the field of education, provides full-scene intelligent services for schools, and covers intelligent management, intelligent teaching, intelligent security, and intelligent home schools in an all-round way. Intelligent Office, Intelligent Media Promotion and other six areas.

4) Intelligent kindergarten:Tencent Educational Cloud Intelligence Kindergarten, with the help of Tencent Cloud technology and ecological capabilities, takes intelligent campus security system, intelligent classroom and intelligent campus management as the core, and builds a comprehensive intelligent education environment in several latitudes of campus security, teaching content and platform management tools. Among them, the intelligent campus security system, through face recognition gates, electronic class boards, Tencent cloud video transmission and other capabilities, carries out strict information management for the park entrance and exit personnel; in the planning of teaching content, it not only provides Tencent high-quality educational curriculum resources, such as knowledge of flowers, folding fans, tenons and mortises, and other teaching function games, but also carefully builds intelligent classrooms to realize the sharing of high-quality educational resources. In the management of the park, using Tencent cloud platform capabilities, we have realized intelligent management in daily educational administration teaching management, home-school interchange management, campus publicity management, kindergarten office management and intelligent data management, and greatly improved efficiency.


5) Tencent Microschool:The whole solution of digital campus is based on Wechat campus card and Tencent campus code. Relying on Wechat's huge user base and ability to connect everything, we can connect people, services and ecology on campus and improve the modernization level of campus management. Off-line to establish a digital campus work, learning and life integration environment based on the Internet of Things. On-line to a variety of application service systems as the carrier, teaching, scientific research, management and campus life will be fully linked. Microschools use Tencent's cloud, big data, Internet of Things, AI and other capabilities to create a mid-platform service including shared data centers to provide data support for school decision-making.

6) Tencent New Section:


7) Tencent Classroom:It is a professional online education platform launched by Tencent, which gathers a large number of high-quality educational institutions and famous teachers. It consists of many online learning courses, such as vocational training, civil service exams, TOEFL IELTS, certification exams, oral English, primary and secondary education, to create online classroom for teachers'online teaching and students' timely interactive learning. Tencent Classroom currently serves 300 million users, with more than one million users learning online every week and over 100,000 on-the-shelf courses. At present, more than 50,000 educational institutions and teachers teach online through Tencent classroom.


8) Penguin counseling:It is a tutorial application for primary and secondary school students launched by Tencent. Students can participate in the online live course of famous teachers in the application, exchange and answer questions with teachers in real time, at the same time, there will be information and exercises supporting content to help students master relevant knowledge.


9) Tencent English Jun:

The product and technology sectors include:

  • Wisdom Education Data Center:Tencent Intelligent Education Data Center is a platform for data exchange and management of Tencent's education based on cloud technology. It provides centralized user identification, application of data precipitation and multi-dimensional data analysis for all levels of education management units and schools, and constructs a visualized and intelligent large data service platform to realize objective teaching and scientific decision-making, and to help the transformation and upgrading of education informatization.

  • Wisdom Classroom:Tencent cloud provides integrated software and hardware solutions for teaching assistant institutions and public schools. Based on the teaching itself, Tencent strengthens in-depth classroom interaction between teachers and students by using online live lessons and AI course quality assessment, and helps managers and teachers better understand the teaching status and students'learning situation through artificial intelligence.

  • Smart Oral Evaluation:It is a technical support platform for Tencent cloud to focus on online spoken language teaching. At present, it supports full coverage from children to adults. The evaluation methods cover a series of evaluation models, such as words, sentences, paragraphs, free speech, situational dialogue, etc.

  • Home Work Correction-Math (HCM):It is an intelligent corrective product for quick-calculating problems launched by Tencent Cloud. Based on the scene of quick calculation homework correction in primary schools and the image processing technology of Tencent's excellent map, it provides high accuracy quick calculation homework correction service for teachers and students.

  • Wechat Campus Card:It is a product of online and offline service solution for Campus Based on Weixin platform launched by Tencent Microschool. It has a huge user base and connects everything. On-line, Wechat Campus Card has unified identity authentication, which can easily integrate self-research service of micro-schools, self-research service of colleges and universities, and third-party service to achieve seamless jump. Offline, Wechat Campus Card fully connects the campus scene. It only needs a two-dimensional code to easily realize campus consumption, unlock entrance guards, check in on attendance, and self-help book borrowing and returning.

  • Wechat Campus Code:

  • Tencent New Laboratory:

  • New Section Certification:New Section Certification, also known as Tencent Cloud Certification Examination System, includes cloud computing technology certification and special technology certification. Through the mode of cooperation between schools and enterprises of new science and technology, students who have been trained in teaching can take the certification examination. After passing the examination, they can obtain certificates of development engineer, operation and maintenance engineer, architecture engineer and so on. In addition to the certification system, Tencent Education has also specially constructed the talent ecological database of the Internet industry to select and transport talents for companies, post-investment enterprises, partners and other enterprises.

  • Teaching research cloud:Based on the private cloud created by Tencent Cloud, this paper mainly provides a one-stop cloud platform solution for the research work of colleges and universities. Teaching and research cloud not only provides IAAs basic services, but also provides pass technical solutions and SaaS application solutions.

Now, more than four months have passed since the establishment of Tencent Cloud and Intelligent Industry Group (CSIG). As far as the establishment of Cloud and Intelligent Industry Group (CSIG) is concerned, Tencent has clearly thought that cloud refers to the basic technological capabilities of cloud computing, while the intelligent industry needs to be enabled by cloud computing. They are mutually reinforcing and inseparable. At this time, its educational business and technical products under its jurisdiction were sorted out and made public, indicating that its business direction and strategic layout have gradually been clear, but the final business building has not yet been settled, and more actions are expected in the future.

Although Tencent's overall strategy is clear enough, it needs a lot of time to adjust and coordinate its internal business. Large companies have numerous departments and complex business overlaps. Whether Tencent's internal educational business potential can be significantly enhanced through this adjustment remains to be seen.

Of course, as an Internet giant, the ultimate goal of course is to build an ecological environment and establish a strong industry influence. Foreign investment is indispensable. Tencent's investment in education ranks first among the three BATs.

Constructing Ecology and the Distribution of Tencent's Educational Investment

Tencent has made remarkable achievements in its investment in education.

Following is a complete list of Tencent-invested educational companies, sorted out by Lei Feng.


Data Source: IT Orange

On the contrary, Baidu and Ali have relatively little investment in education.

Ali has invested in education in 4 cases and Baidu in 11 cases. Among them, Baidu's investment rounds are early. Since 2013, Baidu has invested in Chuanxuewang, Yixiu Mathematics, BESTCODE, homework boxes, Hujiang Online School, Li Jiaoshu's education in science and technology, Wanxue Education, Intelligence Course Network, innovative partners, dolphin thinking. In addition, its incubated homework gang has become a unicorn valued at $2 billion.

Ali prefers mid-and late-stage projects. The Yunfeng Fund, the founder of Ma Yun, invests in pre-school education track, VIPKID, Baby Tree and Case International Kindergarten. In addition, the K12 Question Bank track invests in homework boxes with a good future.

In addition to BAT, the Internet upstarts are also making strong headlines in the field of education today. Last May, today's headlines entered the education industry, launching the online children's English platform gogogokid, to match the VIPKID. In January this year, according to the Securities Daily, today's headline parent company byte bouncing acquired some patent rights of Hammer Technology to explore related business in the field of education.

Summary of Leifeng Network

The education market is very dispersed, the content and learning characteristics of different disciplines and different age groups are very different. In the future, the education industry will still coexist with multi-giants, but gradually form a monopoly process in the sub-fields. At the same time, the off-line educational operation entity relying on the general on-line intelligent education service capability may still be in full bloom.

Tencent education supported by Tencent cloud services, big data, AI and other low-level capabilities, the ToB strategic transformation is undoubtedly the right direction, and the positive investment layout has laid a very good foundation for future development. At present, the revenue of the education business has not been explained in its financial report. In the future, whether the internal education business can bring considerable revenue to Tencent, we can see. Wait.

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