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When I returned home for the Spring Festival, I found that my parents paid by Wechat six more than I did.

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We love Tucao's "misunderstanding" to contemporary young people, and hate to be labeled. But do you have stereotypes about aging parents? For example, in the use of electronic products, we always feel that this is difficult for parents, but when we enjoy the wave of technology, parents may also be trying to catch up with the times.


For example, in mobile payment, thanks to the vigorous promotion of manufacturers, many older generations may use Alipay and WeChat to pay more than you do. We interviewed several young people who were working hard in the north and learned about their parents and mobile payment stories.

My mother volunteered to tell me, "Don't give cash to the household."

For mobile payment, a new thing, many parents refused at first, but eventually they could not escape the "True Fragrance Law".

"My parents were people who refused to register for Wechat at the beginning. It was too complicated to understand. Ahong, who lives in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, said, "Last Spring Festival, their old friends set up Wechat Groups and began to send red envelopes, so their enthusiasm for learning came up. "

It seems that a few years later, WeChat's counterattack on Alipay's red envelope tricks still worked, and the retention rate was amazing.

Xiao Liu in Zhengzhou also had similar experience: "I mentioned it to them before (mobile payment). But when Wechat sent red envelopes, they wanted to learn on their own initiative. It was convenient and favorable. They learned quickly. "


Hangzhou's aunt is a courier of Alipay Fu Fu Street.

Xiaohe also said that family members had the tendency to "turn around" Alipay: "they said that WeChat had to collect fees for the cash withdrawals. Ma Huateng was too mean. "

My mother Alipay got more than 400 reward.

Facts have proved that a good story is not as attractive as genuine gold and silver. Many people hate Alipay's red envelopes and recommended passwords, but maybe it's just because you are not the target users. For your parents, you can get a few dollars or cents each day, which is a joy of life.

Anhui's Suzhou AHU's mother became the loyal user of Alipay. "My mother used it because Alipay paid the red envelope. The first reason I recommended was to go shopping in the supermarket to get cheap, red packets, and save money." "

But the power of Alipay's red pack "pull the head" is less than that of her. "Then she was fascinated by inviting others to pay for the red envelope, and the Alipay reward took more than 400. "

"WeChat? It's also used. It's mainly used to ask me for money and give red envelopes to other people. "

In Yichang, Hubei, the little parents, who have been addicted to Alipay's red envelopes recently, can not extricate themselves: "one day my mother suddenly sent me a red envelope and sent a Alipay payment code to me to pay for the scan code. I almost thought it was stolen, and I called to confirm my mother. She and her people recently played with Alipay red envelopes. I had to sweep her red envelopes, pay, punch cards every day. "


"WeChat and Alipay were all learned by red envelopes during the Spring Festival. My mother, aunt, and my aunt used them. "Their little friends have passed on from mouth to mouth, and our younger generation has taught us that using cloud flash payment is also because of the red envelope grabbing," said Atao in Beijing. "Mobile payment platform running water, iron red envelope.

My mom doesn't feel safe.

Of course, not all parents get into the mobile payment car just for the sake of "picking up wool".

Xiao Wu, who teaches at University, said that teaching parents to use Alipay was originally for the convenience of paying tuition fees and living expenses for themselves. "Later, with the balance of treasure, I helped them to transfer wages regularly. Now my father has transferred money to me from the balance treasure. "

"Off-line payment they use less, that is, the supermarket brush, my mother feels it is convenient to buy vegetables or change, take out a mobile phone trouble. It seems that every parent has a different definition of trouble.

The family bean in Haikou teaches parents the motivation to use Alipay is very simple: "I teach her that you can't go out without a card, or you can directly open the money that Alipay brushes inside. She also rewarded them with Wechat sweeping code when picking up the items from the Fengchao Express Cabinet. "

"I said which card is the tie-up card. If I brush it with my mobile phone, the balance in the bank card will also decrease. When asked how to explain the principle of mobile payment to his parents, Doudou said, "But my mother would feel unsafe. She would brush more of my affiliated cards to go to the supermarket. "


_Pictures from:Mobile Payment User Survey Report 2018

China's Payment Settlement was released shortly beforeMobile Payment User Survey Report 2018It shows the development status of mobile payment in China. In 2018, the number of mobile payment users under 30 years old is the largest, more than half, but the proportion of users over 40 years old has increased significantly, from 4.6% in the previous year to 18.3%. The proportion of mobile payment users in counties and villages has also increased, although there are many worries about the abandonment of the elderly in the digital age, such as the lack of taxi software, which makes the elderly unable to take a taxi. At least in mobile payment, they are not necessarily behind the times.

As they grow older, parents may become less receptive to new things. They may learn to operate their mobile phones slowly, and they may not understand the new words "shared economy" or "mobile payment", but they are also willing to accept the benefits of new technologies as long as they really appreciate them. Of course, we should also thank Ali, Tencent and UnionPay for their vigorous promotion. Solid red envelopes have fully stimulated the subjective initiative of parents and accomplished a lot of educational work for us.

Did your parents surprise you when you came home this Spring Festival? Welcome to share with us in the comments section.

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