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Red envelopes in the Spring Festival Evening, Tencent, Ali continued to take the opportunity for 3 years, why did Baidu hold on?

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Tiger sniffing Note: On New Year's Eve, Baidu joined the Spring Festival Evening Red Packet Wars for the first time. There was no downtime. Unfortunately, the WeChat red envelope was hanged in a short time last night, which made it impossible to send WeChat red packets. In contrast, some people say that because the traffic of Baidu red packets is much smaller than that of WeChat, the 20.8 billion interactions are obviously more convincing. In terms of knowing that there is a “BAT Spring Festival Evening Red Packet, Tencent and Ali have been down for 3 years. Why did Baidu hold it up in 2019? "The question, the registered user, and also the tiger sniffing author maomaobear answered the question, as follows, the tiger sniff is authorized to publish. The map is from a circle of friends of Baidu employees.

Baidu is the first company in history to hold CCTV Spring Festival Evening traffic.

The Chinese Internet says that there is a large amount of traffic. Generally speaking, we will say that at 11 o'clock in the evening, all the people buy online. The sudden flow of the people in the country is a big flow, and there is the traffic of the Spring Festival 12306. In fact, the flow of red packets in the Spring Festival Evening is the ultimate BOSS.

Let's look at the data. WeChat is the most installed APP. The peak of daily activities is more than 1 billion. The daily life of Alipay is only 230 million. In just a few minutes, the Spring Festival Evening is more than 1 billion users. This intensity is very high.

On New Year's Eve 2015, the total number of WeChat red envelopes received and received reached 1.01 billion times. The whole Spring Festival Gala (February 18th 20:00~February 19th 00:48) WeChat Spring Festival Evening shakes the number of interactions 11 billion times, appearing on New Year's Eve At 22:34 on the same day, there was a peak of 810 million beats/min. Tencent took the opportunity to take 1 hour.

In 2016, Alipay won the Spring Festival Evening cooperation opportunity. On New Year's Eve, Alipay has occasional downtime.

In the Spring Festival Evening of 2018, Taobao deduced all kinds of extreme situations in advance, and expanded it by 3 times on the basis of 2017 double eleven. As a result, the actual peak value of the registration on the evening of the Spring Festival Evening exceeded 15 times of the double eleven in 2017. In particular, the instant login of new users was completely exceeded. The Ali server that had undergone double 11 baptism was still down.

Before the AT's previous car, Baidu can not hold it this year, but also received a lot of attention.

In fact, as of the end of the first round of the red envelope event, as of 21:00, the global audience participated in the Baidu APP red envelope interaction has reached 9.2 billion times, and this has just begun. The unprecedented amount of 900 million red packets, and the further popularization of smart phones in 2019, the Internet has accelerated the trend of sinking county towns, towns and villages, and it has made the 2019 people's red envelope enthusiasm more violent.

These are not all.

Any red envelope and lottery activities will also have a gray shadow to participate in. This is the black-produced user of the Chinese Internet. The Chinese Woollen Party has a large amount of virtual resources in its hands, and it is said that they have lost more than 20 billion in one night. It can generate huge traffic in a short period of time. This part of the traffic superimposes the normal traffic, which further increases the pressure on the server.

In addition, because of the red bag, there is a process, involving a lot of external services, Baidu's own server is only one of the links.

Users who have not downloaded download Baidu APP, registration is not registered, and the registered SMS is sent through the telecom operator. All network requirements must pass through the hardware. The servers in the APP market, the network of the telecom operators, the computer room, the optical fiber, etc., have insufficient capacity in one link, which may lead to downtime.

In fact, after Baidu’s first round of red envelope interaction on the Spring Festival Evening, Apple App Store, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung’s major app stores all hanged. The Apple App Store could not be accessed for 12 minutes. This year’s traffic is clearly much higher than expected. During the Spring Festival Evening broadcast, the global audience participated in Baidu APP Red Packet Interactive activities 20.8 billion times!

However, Baidu has stopped.



Moreover, compared with previous years, Baidu has a lot of new games this year. The demand for voice search and video red packets is higher than the traditional red packets. Baidu uses personalized information streaming and video technology to customize content for each user, and thousands of people are also increasing the traffic pressure.

But in the face of such a super demand this year, Baidu can actually withstand, there is no obvious failure in the whole process, have to say, the industry-recognized "Baidu technology strong" is not an empty talk, after the Spring Festival Evening baptism and proof of the flow king, more Steady.

Of course, behind the smooth operation is also dangerous, Baidu has spent considerable effort.

It is said that after determining the right to participate in the Spring Festival Evening Red Packet, Baidu has set up a project team of nearly 1,000 people, including products, research and development, operations, customer service and risk control, to meet the demand for the number of outbreaks.

In terms of technology, Baidu has long implemented service flow isolation, system upgrades, new line additions, and server expansion, and has conducted multiple rounds of full-link stress testing and multiple rounds of program previews in advance.

In terms of hardware resources, in addition to the conventional expansion, Baidu also uses proprietary hardware computing (specific CPU or GPU, FPGA and other hardware) to handle large-scale AI computing needs; prepare the largest hardware resources to handle billions of concurrent requirements. It is said that the entire system is fully automatic expansion and shrinkage, tens of thousands of machines, corresponding to tens of millions of requests per second, and supports rapid expansion to support more request processing.

Baidu's technology is not lost in the sky, but Baidu big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology has accumulated over the years. Baidu can provide dedicated hardware computing on the hardware. Because Baidu cloud service itself provides GPU and FPGA dedicated servers, Baidu can have fully automatic capacity expansion and shrinkage technology, because Baidu cloud itself provides flexible scaling. The accumulation of Baidu cloud is a technical technology that Baidu can cope with the data burst of the Spring Festival Evening Red Packet.

It is worth mentioning that Baidu is not just relying on computing power, Baidu has the technical advantages of small programs. Baidu's shaking red packets and video red packets are developed by small programs. The small program technology supports more flexible development and preloading mechanisms, which can not only cope with greater traffic and greater concurrency, reduce hardware resource consumption and improve efficiency. There is also a better user experience.

In the high-pressure environment where the user is more than in previous years, the gameplay is more than in previous years, and the AI ​​gameplay increases the computational pressure, Baidu's Spring Festival Evening Red Packet has no chance, and it is always wrong to scream.

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