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What happened to Baidu, which sent 900 million red envelopes last night?

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At the Spring Festival Evening of the Year of Pigs, Baidu provided 400 million red envelopes* Every round of activity, users have different tasks, some to shake, some to search in the feed stream, and some to enter.Small programOr a small mall. It involves dozens of Baidu products and more than 100 user scenarios. Additionally, the new AI play method brings high concurrency and high traffic to Baidu APP and Baidu Yun.The serverInfrastructure such as bandwidth has brought huge impact.

Baidu cloud said it faced "three challenges":Temporary user login volume is huge, instantaneous huge peak traffic, short-term resource demand is huge. Slightly inadequate support may cause users to open Baidu App slowly, unable to log in to their account, click on the interface without response, or even appear white screen, let alone participate in the red envelope war.

In shaking red envelopes, there is no experience of Carton, but in the hot time point of the "take money" item, can not be real-time statistics of the amount of red envelopes seized, in addition, the whole process of shaking red envelopes is relatively smooth.

In order to ensure the fluency of the red envelope, Baidu said that within 30 days from the start of the project to the launch, Baidu's technical department launched the implementation of product operation optimization.data baseOptimizing, intelligent dispatching, operation and maintenance of technical facilities and other omni-directional solutions, which is similar to the preparation cycle of the relevant e-commerce "Double Eleventh" shopping festival known by editors.

However, due to the particularity of the red envelope project in the Spring Festival Gala, Baidu seems to have less time left.

Baidu Yun disclosed that for Baidu Systems Department, which is responsible for data center rack supply, server expansion and network construction, many projects are even required to be completed within three weeks. Tens of millions of users have a short impact on the login system. For Baidu cloud short message platform, it only takes more than 20 days to solve the problem. For example, Baidu completed the physical shelving of 10,000 servers in 8 hours in Huawei Computer Room in Shunyi, Beijing, completed the automated online delivery service in 16 hours, completed the construction of IDC network and CDN resources in 3 weeks, the amount of construction is equivalent to the task of the whole year 2018.

What else did they do?

1. Faced with the enormous problem of temporary user login volume, Baidu Cloud has increased the ability of short message reception by at least several dozen times in 20 days. It also cooperates with operators to lay out one-click login function on the cloud, simplify login process and reduce server pressure.

2. Provide technical support such as storage and calculation for small shopping malls in red envelope welfare activities.

3. Engineers optimize the content loading when users just log on to APP, and through the intelligent scheduling system, according to the different calculation of user behavior, schedule the redundant resources that have been prepared, increase system capacity and allocate bandwidth reasonably.

4. In order to cope with the huge demand for short-term resources, Baidu has planned and laid out a number of data center clusters in advance in all regions of the country to ensure the adequate supply of rack resources and the safe and stable operation of the power environment of the computer room; to build a flexible supply chain to cope with the rigid demand of the steep increase in business, to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of server resources; and to build an agile and efficient automation processing system. Platform, flexible adjustment of concurrency restrictions.

Interestingly, during the Spring Festival, there is still a special phenomenon of migration on the Chinese Internet. Many netizens will return from the first-tier cities to the third and fourth-tier cities. This changes the flow structure. Baidu Spring Festival Gala Technology Support Project Management Team has planned the network resources needed in different areas in advance according to the previous Spring Festival user migration route. Its scheduling system perceives the resource tension in different areas at the minute level, and carries out corresponding resource scheduling and replenishment.

5. To deal with the potential BLACK-GREY production threat. In order to prevent the black ash from fishing in muddy waters, Baidu said that it had formed a joint plan with operators to prevent DNS attacks, and refreshed DNS through Falcon monitoring and operators to prevent DNS hijacking. For four-tier attacks (SYN Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood), GTC traffic scheduling, Intelligent Cloud shield discovery, operator black hole, and UDP Flood were implemented. Cleaning (UDP) strategy, filtering malicious users.

Aiming at the muscle of AI brand and B-end customers

Baidu spent so many people, money, effort to win and protect the red envelope project of the Spring Festival Gala in 2019, what is the purpose?

Baidu App, the predecessor of Baidu Mobile, has now succeeded in ranking No. 1 in the App Store free list. In the promotion of various red envelope activities, Baidu App has also launched a number of Baidu applications to the whole people.

But that's not the only goal.

In Baidu cloud information provided to find such a paragraph: "Baidu Spring Festival Evening Red Pack Project, we found that the leading technology architecture, innovative solutions, efficient execution of technical support services team, to help Baidu carry the purgatory of the Spring Festival Evening." The combination of these three capabilities is also crucial to Baidu cloud's AIto B strategy.

"Purgatory" is really very vivid for Baidu programmers who worked overnight and were nervous last night. Behind this vigorous effort, Baidu Cloud reveals the "show muscle" to customers at B-end through C-end, and Baidu's AI speaker as a special prize has become one of the main rounds of red envelopes in the Spring Festival Gala. Baidu's purpose of strengthening its "AI" brand is self-evident.

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