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Wechat gives up "no V"?

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Wen/Li Shuhang

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The Wechat Public Number has an institutional certification, but unlike the colorful V on Weibo, it has no privileges. Wechat does not have a centralized official applet store, nor does it allow third parties to do so. Its recommendation bits are given with considerable restraint. Time-limited promotion, circle of friends advertising and so on are all based on the irreversible law of not disturbing users.

What are the principles of this official classification?

What are the ways to get such titles quickly and get the benefits attached to them? Will anyone take advantage of the rules to drill holes in them?

Will the large-scale developers with money and people take the lead over the disadvantaged small and medium-sized developers and individuals to wipe out the new dividend?

Don't worry, let's listen to the official definitions of these two new concepts.

Small program satisfaction system collects users'satisfaction with using the small program, improves users' judgment of the advantages and disadvantages of the small program, and feeds back the results to developers.

High-quality small program plan is to guide developers to develop better small programs through platform indicators. The platform indicators currently determined are:

Wechat has collected innovative games through Tencent incubation and public recruitment, and released six demonstration works in advance on the day before it was scheduled to officially go online.

More importantly, Wechat will focus on revenue sharing and devote more attention to creative game developers, and will continue to explore more dimensions of advertising incentives in the future. At present, there are mainly:

Incentives for internal purchasing: Android purchases more than 500,000 yuan of running water in a month, and creative game developers will get 10% more than ordinary game developers. (iOS buy-in problem is still unanswered)

Advertising is divided into incentives: developers will get 20% more for the part of one-day advertising streams (banner and incentive video) less than 1 million yuan (including).

It is worth noting that if the deduction point is divided into the way of advertising support, in fact, it is no different from direct money. For this point, as long as we have done it on Ali, headlines, microblogs and other platforms, we must have a deep understanding.

Since rules have been laid down to be judged as excellent, it is necessary to ensure the fairness of the rules. In the official interpretation, this fairness is achieved by AI algorithm without intervention and external evaluation system without internal staff.

The questions asked by cnBeta/AVIC to Chen Hao are also related to the justice system described as unmanned.

This seems to be an effort to reassure developers of all sizes. However, when Facebook, today's headlines and other big factories known for their algorithms are under pressure to publicize the general process and weight of algorithms, it may not be enough to say that their algorithms are rigorous and fair.

On the other hand, because creativity can't be quantified by algorithms, the evaluation of creative games is done by a panel of experts.

Perhaps the current review of small-scale water testing is not enough to involve such concerns, but it will be another matter when the scale is expanded.

A short boy and a tall boy were lying on the fence trying to watch the football match in the football field. If two people stand directly on the ground, the short child can't see the scene.

So fundamentally, the Wechat platform is still the same as before, the role of overlooking all living beings, everything has not changed.

The widgets will provide plug-ins (front-end components to full services), cloud development (cloud resources to back-end service platforms), widget assistants (PC management to mobile management), and logistics assistants (expanding more infrastructure). At the same time, Wechat will also strengthen the relationship between developers, and will open the B-end service platform (from service providers to a comprehensive service platform).

Small game seed user plan, through the relationship chain such as Wechat to solve the initial user problem of the product, to support in the social relationship chain, search accuracy, the data algorithm of the new game.

Ultimately, even if Wechat is happy to see every ordinary individual turn over and change his destiny through self-study, such an individual should follow the same evaluation system as others when developing small programs and games.

Do you want to send your resume to a large small program developer or as an independent developer, you can realize your dream better? Believe that everyone should have their own answers in mind.

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