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Start with Millet Play: High cost-effective mobile phone with unique traffic

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There must be many examples around you: when some people go out, they turn on the data only when the mobile phone receives the necessary information, mobile payment and other scenarios. When they come to places covered by WiFi, they turn off the data switch as soon as possible, fearing that data stealing will bring additional costs.

So although they use smartphones, they are extremely cautious about the Internet because of their inherent traffic concept, and have not fully enjoyed the convenience. This reflects the problem that Millie Play is trying to change.

Millet Play is a new type of millet mobile phone.

Now let's have a close look at this cell phone.

Millet's First Water Dropping Screen

Millet Play is millet's first water drop screen product. The cutting area on the top is like a drop of water. The loss of display area is much smaller than "Liu Hai". It contains an 8-megapixel front-end camera, while slit receiver, light distance sensor and breathing are hidden in the upper frame, which are mature solutions at present.

IPhoneSimilarly, there is no pressure for one-handed operation.

Through viewing version information, this is a screen from Huaxing Photoelectric, supporting display technology such as sunscreen, night-light screen, eye protection mode, and so on. It also has a good sense of everyday life. The display color is full and transparent, the brightness performance is still acceptable, and the outdoor strong light does not affect the normal viewing.

Gradient 3D Rear Shell

Millet Play offers black, dreamlike blue and twilight golden tricolors. The latter two are popular gradient designs, which are made by dyeing process. Compared with printing and spraying process, the color saturation is higher and the gradient transition is exquisite and natural.

The dreamlike blue in my hands is a gradual change from purple to blue vertically, with a deep feeling of starry ocean. Twilight Gold is similar to the previous Youth Edition of Millet 8 and Millet 8. It is a gradual change from red to orange. It is more warm and suitable for female friends.

In addition to gradient, millet Play also incorporates longitudinal grating texture. It can see the flow of light and shadow clearly when it rotates against the light, which is very rich in texture.

But unexpectedly, this texture does not originate from the traditional concept of glass, but composite plates. Millet deliberately closes the arc around the plate, and processes the texture of the rear shell surface by unique coating process, so that Millet Play will not have the cheap feeling of plastic on the sense of sight and touch, especially on the sense of sight, which is totally "false and true" glass.

In fact, the middle frame of millet Play is also made of composite material, with a bright imitation metal coating on its surface, and its texture is no less than that of metal.

Because the composite material has more outstanding toughness than glass, millet Play's rear shell will obviously be more resistant to fall and will not have fragile troubles. At the same time, this material is more lightweight, the weight of millet Play is controlled at 150 g, with compact size, holding hands is quite light and comfortable.

Besides,In fact, the back cover of millet Play also has a certain anti-scratch ability. The author tried to scratch with the key, without leaving any obvious scratches. However, considering that the hardness of the composite material still lags behind that of glass, millet is also intimately presented with a set of clear water shells as protection.

Equilibrium Hardware Configuration

In terms of core configuration, Millet Play uses a new Helio P35 processor, 12-nm process, 8 core designs, and Cortex-A53 architecture. Four of them have the highest main frequency of 2.3 Ghz, the other four have the highest main frequency of 1.8 Ghz, and the GPU is PowerVR Rogue GE8320. Its positioning is similar to that of the former God U Mylon 625. It wins in solid performance and controllable power consumption.

At the same time, for Helio P35, the Millet United Development Section integrates CPU and GPU dual Turbo technology, supplemented by continuous optimization of 4 GB memory and MIUI 10, to ensure good fluency.

From the experience point of view, Helio P35 in the operation of the "King's Glory" such as the mainstream hand games is also a good performance, the highest quality of the game frame number can reach 59fps, encounter group warfare and other complex scenes frame number will drop to 40fps, but does not affect the overall smooth game experience.

The millet Play is equipped with 3000 mAh batteries, which is not prominent in today's 1000 yuan machine, but considering the power control of Helio P35, this battery is enough to support ordinary users for a day's use, and it is appropriate to be a hot spot.

Millet Play's standard charging head is 10W (5V 2A), which is acceptable considering its limited battery capacity. It takes about two hours to fill 0-100% of the battery.

12 Megapixel Dual Photography

By looking at the version information, the author found that the main camera used Sony IMX486 sensor, unit pixel area reached 1.25 micron, supporting phase focusing, quality in the 1000 yuan machine is absolutely prominent, directly approaching the current 2000 yuan model.

Sample view, the image performance of Millet Play is very stable, the details of the picture are enough, and the color is also transparent. Even at night, Millet Play still has good details, clean pictures, and is very rare in the same price model.

Flow rate is used casually in one year

Each Millet Play will be accompanied by a "traffic free privilege card" provided by Millet Mobile. After inserting into the Millet Play, the certification and activation will take effect by using Millet Mobile APP (before December 31, 2019). Without any fee payment, the 10GB high-speed monthly traffic package will be available for one year.

In order to further explain to you clearly, the author enumerates the following questions to answer questions:

1. Is traffic really free?

This free privilege card is the same as the ordinary telephone card. It supports the flow of Internet access, short messages and daily calls. Among them, the flow is completely free in the first year of use. The telephone is charged according to the standard of receiving free calls and dialing 0.1 yuan/minute. The short message is 0.1 yuan/piece, and the caller display is 5 yuan/month, which is optional.

That is to say, if you only use this card as a flow card, there is no additional cost in the first year. In addition, it should be noted that this package is only bound to the millet Play model, and after switching to other models, it still has to pay the flow fee according to the "full to eat" fee standard.

2. How about the measured network speed?

This privilege card is a Unicom system, with 10GB traffic per month being 4G high-speed traffic. According to the actual test, the downlink speed of 4G network is 11.3Mbps and the upstream speed is 11.2Mbps in the infrastructure construction of Unicom in the upstream area.

In the course of monthly use, the speed limit will be 1 Mbps (Unicom's 3G level is still acceptable) and 256 Kbps after exceeding the 10GB flow rate in the package.

3. What will happen in a year?

One year later, the privilege card will automatically change to the Millet Mobile "Eat to Satisfy" Unicom package, charging a fixed fee of 9 yuan/month, renting for 1 yuan per day is unlimited, the monthly use flow reaches 20 GB to speed up to 1 Mbps, and the cumulative speed up to 100 GB, the speed limit to 256 Kbps.

Of course, if you don't want to continue using this card, you can also cancel it.

For this price, we might as well make an account. First of all, the annual flow fee. Compare the following tables:

If we calculate according to the set meal provided by traditional operators, how about 1000 yuan of traffic fee per year? If it is based on the standard of virtual operators, it can be controlled within 50 yuan per month and 500 to 600 yuan per year.

At the same time, don't forget that Millet Play is also a thousand yuan machine with excellent quality. It has a light and popular appearance, beautiful gradient color matching, balanced core configuration, and rare imaging quality. Millet packs a mobile phone and a year's traffic at the price of 1099 yuan. Whether it's an entry machine or a hot standby machine, it's very cost-effective. Choice.

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